Zoom Is Shutting Down Its Chromebook App: What This Means for Users

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Zoom Is Shutting Down Its Chromebook App: What This Means for Users

Zoom is one of the go-to platforms for catching up with family members, acquaintances who live overseas, or coworkers. Students use its Chromebook app to check in on homework, attend lectures, and more. If you use Zoom’s Chromebook app, you’ll soon have to make other arrangements to keep utilizing the platform.

This is because Zoom is discontinuing its Chromebook app. Here’s why and what you can do to keep using your Chromebook’s video conferencing software.

Zoom Is Shutting Down Its Chromebook App

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Zoom’s Chromebook app will be discontinued shortly. According to 9to5Google, the video conferencing platform has notified Chromebook users that the software would be discontinued in August 2022. If you continue to use Zoom on Chromebooks until then, the app may begin to malfunction if it hasn’t already. If this occurs, see our tutorial on how to solve Zoom freezing or crashing.

Users should not be surprised that Zoom is discontinuing support for Chromebooks. For starters, the app has been out of date for years due to the technology it was developed on. As a result, it lacks the functionalities included in Zoom programs for other platforms like as Windows and macOS. Instead, it just provides minimal capabilities, such as the ability to join Zoom meetings.

However, Google is also following through on earlier threats. Google announced plans to phase out Chrome applications on all devices by 2020. It then discontinued support for Mac, Windows, and Linux in June 2021. Google will phase out Chrome applications on Chrome OS a year later, in June 2022. Google’s Chrome Web Store, meanwhile, is no longer accepting new applications and has made current ones private and hidden.

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What to Do Now That Zoom Is Shutting Down Its Chromebook App

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If you wish to keep using Zoom on your Chromebook, you must utilize the new Zoom for Chrome PWA. This is an updated version of the original software with a similar user interface that is compatible with Chrome OS. It includes capabilities that Zoom for Chromebook does not have but can find on macOS and Windows, such as background blur and live transcription.

Do you want to include subtitles in your Zoom calls? Learn how to activate auto-generated captions on Zoom by reading our tutorial. Unlike Zoom for Chromebooks, Google maintains Zoom for Chrome PWA by frequently upgrading it and correcting issues to guarantee that it functions properly.

Zoom for Chrome PWA may be installed on your Chromebook in a variety of ways. The first approach is to get it from the Google Play Store. Simply search for “Zoom for Chrome – PWA,” install the app, and you’re ready to go.

Download: Zoom for Chrome PWA for Google Play (Free)

However, since not everyone has Google Play installed on their Chromebook, the second approach is to install the Zoom for Chrome PWA website as a web app. You may accomplish this by going to pwa.zoom.us in Chrome and selecting the Install option. This will make it look as a Chromebook icon. If you don’t have that choice, you’ll have to manually build the shortcut.

Click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the Chrome browser to access the Zoom for Chrome PWA website > More Tools > Create Shortcut… > Create > Open as window Before selecting Create, you may rename the shortcut to Zoom if you like. That’s all. Zoom may now be found simply searching for it in the app launcher on your Chromebook.

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Enjoy the Best That Zoom Has to Offer

While you may be upset about having to delete the Zoom app you’ve been using for so long, the silver lining is that you’ll be able to utilize an upgraded and more efficient version of Zoom.

That means you won’t have any big problems with the platform since Zoom for Chrome PWA is regularly updated, providing you with the finest user experience Zoom has to offer. If you want to keep using Zoom on your Chromebook, consider upgrading to Zoom for Chrome PWA.

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