YouTube Comments Not Loading on Chrome? Try These 8 Fixes

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YouTube Comments Not Loading on Chrome? Try These 8 Fixes

YouTube is our go-to source for learning new skills, keeping up with the news, and watching cat videos, with over two billion subscribers. The failure of Chrome to load YouTube comments, on the other hand, may detract from the entire experience, particularly since YouTube eliminated the dislike count.

By reading the comments, you may immediately determine if the video is worth your time or seek for further information on the subject. Here, we’ll look at how to remedy this problem so you don’t spend time watching ineffective how-to videos or reading obsolete material.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Before we look at your browser settings, ensure sure your internet connection is working properly. Even though the video continues to play and you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you may not have internet access.

To discourage hate speech, bullying, racism, and other forms of discrimination, YouTube sometimes disables comments on certain videos. Additionally, the video producer has the option to disable comments.

If the video accepts comments, a Comments are turned off notification will usually appear underneath it.

3. Update Chrome to the Latest Version

It’s possible that Chrome isn’t loading YouTube comments because you’re running an old version. Whether you have any additional problems when surfing, go to chrome:/settings/help and check if Chrome is up to date.

If an update is available, install it and restart Chrome.

4. Clear Your Chrome Browsing Data

If your computer has too many cookies, browser history, or cache data, it will cause a slew of problems. Clearing your browser data in Google Chrome is quick and will help you resolve the issue that is preventing YouTube from loading comments.

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5. Use Chrome’s Incognito Mode to Weed Out Nasty Extensions

Open an Incognito session to see whether one of your browser addons is causing the YouTube comments issue. To do so, press Ctrl + Shift + N or open the three-dot menu and pick New Incognito Window from the drop-down menu.

If Chrome displays YouTube comments when in Incognito mode, an addon is preventing your browser from functioning correctly. Disable all installed extensions by going to chrome:/extensions. Then, one by one, enable them to detect the problematic Chrome extensions.

You might begin by deactivating any ad blocker extensions you may have installed. These are known to cause website errors, particularly when using Chrome.

However, not having an ad blocker extension may jeopardize your clean surfing experience, therefore we suggest seeking for a more effective ad blocker.

6. Turn Off Any Proxy Servers

If you utilize a proxy server on your laptop, you may have connection troubles. You should disable the current proxy connection in this scenario.

  1. Select Settings from the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.
  2. Extend the Advanced menu on the left pane and pick System.
  3. Click Open the proxy settings for your machine. This will open the network settings page on your machine. Disable your active proxy connection there.

7. Disconnect From Any VPNs

Chrome may fail to load YouTube comments if the VPN connection is broken or incorrectly setup. Examine your VPN settings and reconnect if necessary.

While YouTube may not be affected, several websites prevent sections from loading when a proxy or VPN connection is identified. This is a method of deterring network or spam assaults, so keep this in mind if you have similar problems.

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8. Reset Google Chrome to the Default Settings

If you’re still unable to read YouTube comments on Chrome, try resetting the browser. This will restore its original settings, deactivate all extensions, and delete temporary data. You may reset Chrome without fear of losing stored passwords or bookmarks.

Follow these steps to reset Google Chrome:

  1. Head to chrome://setings.
  2. Select Reset and clear up from the Advanced option on the left.
  3. Reset settings to their original defaults by clicking Reset settings.

Sometimes merely refreshing the page does not cause YouTube comments to load. In this scenario, the remedies provided above will assist you in resolving the issue. Additionally, when launching a new feature or upgrade, YouTube may disable comments. All you have to do in this scenario is wait.

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