You Too Can Benefit From The Power Of Email Signatures

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You Too Can Benefit From The Power Of Email Signatures

A signature reveals information about a person’s personality. Just as no two people write the same way, no two individuals sign the same way. That is how the “science” of Graphology was born. However, the digital era and the email signature have reduced the method of signing off on a message to a footnote. Just a written name and perhaps a phone number or a Twitter handle – very boring. There are legitimate methods to compose and structure emails, and there are also suitable ways to conclude them.

I demonstrated how to use Firefox add-ons to generate personalized signatures in Gmail a few years ago. Much of that information is still correct. So, too, do the six recommendations for making the most of your Gmail email signatures. The common thread is to produce not just a style impression, but also a personal brand or promote a corporate brand.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how email signatures might help you.

The Benefits of an Email Signature

  1. An email signature demonstrates your willingness to interact.
  2. A professionally designed email signature displays professionalism via your communications.
  3. An email signature may be used to promote a company, a website/blog, a book, or a social cause.
  4. Your brief biography is an email signature with pertinent information.
  5. Like a business card, an email signature serves as a social networking tool.

The Absolute Basics of an Email Signature

A nice email signature implies just one thing: you care about how you communicate. So, a simple email signature with no pretense should explain who you are, what you do, and how you can be reached. Personally, I like an email signature that is brief and does not take up too much space. Given our short attention spans, I believe you should begin with these principles…

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your contact information.
  3. Personal or professional website or blog.
  4. Your company’s address (or any other you might want to include).
  5. Include connections to your social media accounts only if they are relevant.
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Designing a Simple Text Email Signature

Simple text email signatures enable you to produce crisp lines of information without the need of elaborate images and logos. They are also constant between devices and are unaffected by image blockers (as in Gmail or Outlook).Because you can only deal with fonts, font sizes, symbols, spacing, and the colors available, designing a basic text signature for your email requires some creative thinking. The picture below shows a nice text signature produced in Gmail:

This is a basic signature that I put up in Gmail in 3 minutes. To make my name stand out, I just used the Verdana typeface and some gap between the letters. If you choose, you may use the colors from your business logo to create your own signature. Here’s another look at it with the address placed differently:

You may use Gmail’s rich text editor to add hyperlinks and graphics to your usual Gmail signature to make it more than just text.

Take Your Gmail Signature beyond Simple Text

Gmail’s rich text signature editor also allows you to create HTML logos. Small translucent logo icons for the services you wish to represent in your signature may be included. Such symbols may be found using a sophisticated Google Image Search. Many services, such as Twitter, offer media logos in various sizes. Preferably, use transparent icons that are 16px by 16px in size. Upload and place them correctly. Here’s a little example signature I made:

Also, if you send mail “from” many addresses in Gmail, you may specify a distinct signature for each address under the General tab of your settings (as stated on this Gmail support page). You may also utilize prefabricated answers to create several email signatures inside the same account.

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Create a Signature with LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a robust signature generator that allows you to add HTML signatures to your emails. The signature generator includes a variety of colored themes to give your emails a more styled appearance. As seen below, the LinkedIn signature generator displays a JavaScript window. Copy and paste the code into any email program that supports HTML signatures.

The signature generator makes no mention of supporting online email clients. There is, however, an easy solution for Gmail. Simply copy and paste the content from your LinkedIn signature into a new compose window. Gmail shows the signature with the LinkedIn theme selected precisely intact. This signature may be saved and reused as a programmed answer.

WiseStamp is a browser extension that works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Thunderbird. The browser extension includes a variety of email signature themes that you can personalize with your own information such as a profile photo or logo, IM and social accounts. The unique aspect of WiseStamp is that it provides you with a selection of applications from across the social web that you may link to with your signature. For example, you may include a Facebook email app to advertise a Facebook page or a WordPress app to increase blog reading.

The free version supports two signatures (personal and company), but the commercial version with various plans supports numerous signatures.

Tina wrote a thorough evaluation of WiseStamp last year. Since then, other applications such as Pinterest and Instagram have emerged. is a supported webmail platform. The Sidebar Apps are an important addition.

With Sidebar Apps, you may display your content alongside your emails. The sidebar placement enables you to showcase your material on the right-hand side of your emails, perhaps attracting additional attention. For the time being, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest have sidebar apps.

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Another third-party program that may assist you in creating an attractive signature is Sigwich. It is compatible with email programs such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo, as well as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Sigwich features a sophisticated signature engine that allows you to simply create a customized signature. It offers six distinct trademark layouts that allow you to create a unique appearance. After you’ve tweaked your signature, you may install it and use it with your email client. Please keep in mind that you must first sign up for a free account before you can click on the download button.

The alternative signature layouts are nice, but Sigwich did not meet my expectations. One of the minor problems I discovered when using Sigwich was that the Image Cropper was not functioning correctly. I only I could color the typefaces. In comparison, WiseStamp is significantly more powerful and user-friendly.

There are several dos and don’ts when it comes to constructing the ideal email signature. Using the proper tool is probably at the top of the list. Number two should be to keep it basic and thin. The advantages of utilizing an email signature are often intangible. But you never know where the good news will spread. So, how about you? Do you always use an email signature? Mention how it will help you. How did you create it? If you haven’t already, it’s about time you did.

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