You Can Now Share Your Screen on Google Duo

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You Can Now Share Your Screen on Google Duo

You Can Now Share Your Screen on Google Duo

Google Duo is going to become much better, as it now allows you to share your screen with it.

Duo video talks are receiving a huge upgrade, with the business introducing screen sharing.

Screen Sharing in Google Duo

Google Duo screen sharing was unintentionally disclosed in September. The company’s tweet was shortly removed, according to Android Police. The tweet stated:

“Google Duo allows you to share more moments with your pals. You may now utilize screen-sharing while on a video conference to explore images and movies together and organize events.”

The functionality has now begun to trickle out to Android devices, and Google has publicly announced it on The Keyword.

It’s as simple as hitting the overflow button at the bottom menu in the midst of a call and selecting Screen Share. From there, you’ll display the other person whatever is on the screen of your Android smartphone.

While sharing your screen, your display will seem normally, but a “Ongoing screen sharing” message will appear in the status bar or as a notice. In addition, when you first begin sharing your screen, you will get a notice. On your screen, you’ll receive a warning about possibly disclosing personal information. While this may seem self-evident, it’s a good reminder.

Screen Sharing in Google Duo Availability

The functionality is now being sent out to Android smartphones, however some users are claiming that they haven’t gotten it yet. You’ll have to wait a bit longer if it’s not accessible on your version of Google Due.

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