Yes, AirPods Work With Android: But Here’s the Catch!

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Yes, AirPods Work With Android: But Here’s the Catch!

Since its introduction in late 2016, AirPods have quickly become among of the most popular earphones on the market. They’re a handy method to listen to music, podcasts, and more on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac since they debuted with the trend of phones losing headphone jacks.

However, you may be wondering whether AirPods work with Android. Perhaps you’ve converted from iPhone to Android and want to utilize your Apple AirPods with an Android tablet. We’ll go through how to connect AirPods to Android and what they have to offer on that platform.

Can AirPods Connect to Android?

In a nutshell, AirPods are compatible with Android. AirPods are compatible with Samsung and other Android smartphones since they are just Bluetooth earphones. The buds are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, which includes most Windows computers and certain smart TVs. However, while linked to an Apple smartphone, you can’t enjoy all of the useful functions of the AirPods, as we’ll see below.

This is true not just for the regular AirPods, but also for Apple’s other current headphones. You’ll be relieved to hear that the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are also compatible with Android. However, considering the expense of these gadgets and the fact that you won’t be able to use all of its capabilities on Android, we’d advise against purchasing them if you don’t already own an Apple device.

How to Pair AirPods to an Android Phone

It’s simple to pair your AirPods with an Android handset or anything else that supports Bluetooth. To do so, do the following steps, which may vary somewhat depending on your Android device:

  1. Open Settings > Connected devices > Pair new device on Android. This will activate Bluetooth pairing mode on your phone.
  2. Make sure your AirPods or AirPods Pro are in the charging case and that the case is open.
  3. Remove the AirPods Max from their case if you have them.
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  • For a few seconds, press and hold the little button on the rear of the casing.
  • Hold the noise control button on the AirPods Max.
  • When your AirPods are ready to connect, a light on the inside or front of the case, depending on your model, will begin to flash.
  • The light on the AirPods Max is located at the bottom of the right earcup.
  • In your Bluetooth pairing menu, you should see an entry for AirPods. Tap it to connect your AirPods to your Android device.
  • That’s all you need to do to make your AirPods compatible with Android. You may now use them just like any other Bluetooth earphones.

    See how to use AirPods on a Windows device to connect them to your computer.

    Downsides of Using AirPods With Android

    While AirPods are compatible with Android smartphones, Apple manufactures them exclusively for Apple devices. As a result, when you use AirPods on Samsung smartphones or other non-Apple platforms, you miss out on a number of useful functions.

    You’ve already encountered one of the disadvantages: the matching procedure. Connecting AirPods to your iPhone or iPad is as easy as opening the case near them and pressing Connect, thanks to a unique chip in the case. Furthermore, after you accomplish this, your AirPods will be ready to use with additional devices associated with your Apple ID.

    Other AirPods features that do not operate on Android include:

    • Siri access: As you would assume, there is no Siri control for managing your music or asking questions on Android. You can’t use AirPods to access Google Assistant either.
    • Customizable double-tap functionality: You can alter what happens when you touch an AirPod twice on an iPhone. Skipping tracks, contacting Siri, and playing/pause are all shortcuts. Because this doesn’t function on Android, you’re left with double-tap for just playing and stopping.
      • If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you may use one of those devices to change this feature and then use the custom control with your Android phone. This is a significant barrier for folks who do not own an Apple device.
    • When used with Apple devices, AirPods detect when you remove them from your ear and halt your music until you replace them.
    • When you connect AirPods to Android, you cannot ask Siri about battery life or simply check it on your phone. Some Android versions show the battery life of linked Bluetooth devices, however this does not indicate if the buds are at various levels or the battery life of the case.
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    Improve AirPod Compatibility on Android Using Apps

    While some of the greatest AirPods features aren’t accessible by default on Android, creative developers have compensated for a handful of them. A few Android applications might help you extend the capabilities of your AirPods.

    Some of these programs, such as AirBattery, haven’t been updated in years. We propose AndroPods for an all-in-one solution. It displays the battery level of your AirPods as well as the charging case. When your AirPods connect to your phone, a popup appears.

    When you tap your AirPods four times, you’ll have access to a Google Assistant shortcut if you upgrade to the pro version for a few bucks. This purchase also enables you to stop your music when you remove your AirPods and resume it when you insert them.

    While not flawless, this software significantly improves the experience of using AirPods with Android. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, there’s a comparable service called Assistant Trigger. It also has in-ear detection and double-tapping to activate Google Assistant, albeit certain functions are only available in the premium edition.

    AndroPods for Android may be downloaded (Free, premium version available)

    Assistant Trigger for Android is available for download (Free, premium version available)

    Superior AirPods Alternatives for Android

    As previously stated, using AirPods with an iPhone is a seamless experience that connects both devices. However, when used with Android, the AirPods are reduced to a rather typical set of Bluetooth earphones.

    If you don’t currently own a set of AirPods and want to use earphones mostly with Android smartphones, we suggest researching the best AirPods alternatives.

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    Other wireless earbuds are available at a variety of pricing ranges, so you may choose a cheap pair or a high-quality pair with excellent sound. Furthermore, many of them enable Google Helper or Alexa, so you won’t be without a wireless assistant.

    Do AirPods Work With Android? Yes, With Some Caveats

    You now understand how to use your AirPods with Android (or another Bluetooth device).While the experience on Android isn’t as fluid as it is on iOS or macOS, you can still get the advantages of Apple’s renowned earphones.

    However, as previously said, AirPods aren’t the ideal option if you don’t own any Apple products. Consider purchasing a solution that integrates better with the platforms you use.

    Meanwhile, keep in mind that Bluetooth on Android can be used for much more than simply music.

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