Write In Peace With These Distraction-Free Editors

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Write In Peace With These Distraction-Free Editors

Have you ever looked at a plain white piece of paper recently? If you haven’t already, you should take a break from your computer. Nothing is more clutter-free than a blank piece of paper. Perhaps this is why so many people excel at it. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sophisticated text editors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. But isn’t it true that all that visual clutter gets in the way of your writing?

I’ve experienced it. Visual clutter from menus and other markup elements has often contributed to my writer’s block. So, in an effort to chip away, I’ve tried a number of distraction-free text editors. And, yeah, I have won a few skirmishes with the help of minimalist text editors.

So here I am, completing the Effective Eight. Choose from the following distraction-free editors:

Q10 is a simple text editor that is available in two flavors: with and without a spell checker. You may write with a completely dark screen to concentrate your attention only on the writing. The added features are particularly created for authors to make it easier for them to write. The developer is a fiction writer, therefore he understands what is necessary.

Features you might like:

  • The Q10 layout may be totally customized.
  • Q10 may be installed or used as a portable software on your pen drive.
  • Q10 calculates character, word, and page counts. You may also provide your own page count settings.
  • A timer alarm function allows you to schedule writing periods.
  • You may write notes to accompany your work by beginning each paragraph with a “..”
  • Q10 has a spell-checker, auto-corrections when typing, and fast text for commonly used words or phrases.
  • The Q10 includes an excellent typing sound effect that simulates the sensation of a typewriter.

Operating system: Windows only.

Ommwriter [No Longer Available]

Ommwriter is a basic minimalistic word processor for Mac, Windows, and iPad. Dana 1 and Dana 2 are the two variations (with more audio and visual features).Dana 1 is a free version, whereas Dana 2 is a premium version.

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Features you might like:

  • Ommwriter provides a full-screen canvas with a soothing backdrop.
  • The ambient sound effects in the background are undoubtedly the greatest element of Ommwriter.
  • There are four typefaces, four font sizes, three backdrop pictures, three music loops, and three typing noises to choose from.
  • You may also save the final text as a PDF.

Operating system: Mac, PC, and iPad.

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WriteMonkey [No Longer Available]

When it comes to lightweight minimalist text editors, WriteMonkey is as straightforward as they get. However, behind the plain design, there are handy bells and whistles to delight any budding writer. In comparison to Ommwriter’s about 50 MB download, WriteMonkey is just around 1.4 MB. For distraction-free writing, begin with a black backdrop and green letters.

Features you might like:

  • WriteMonkey does not need to be installed. Start it immediately or save it to your portable drive.
  • WriteMonkey’s layout choices are completely adjustable. You may also establish many profiles.
  • WriteMonkey provides extensive data on your work, such as word frequencies, lexical density, and estimated reading time.
  • Language packs, dictionaries, typing sound schemes, and white noise loops are all available as separate downloads from WriteMonkey.
  • WriteMonkey supports markup for styling your content.

Operating system: Windows only.

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Here’s another basic full-screen text file editor that lacks the bells and whistles of a full-fledged editor. It is a cross-platform text editor that requires Java 1.5 or above to function. Java is pre-installed on Mac OS X.

Features you might like:

  • It is one of the most lightweight minimalistic editors available, weighing only at 283 KB.
  • JDarkRoom saves the last file you worked on before exiting the application.
  • JDarkRoom saves your work automatically, so you don’t have to remember to save it every time.
  • You may create writing objectives and monitor your progress using JDarkRoom.
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Operating system: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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TextRoom [No Longer Available]

Because the objective is the same, minimalist, all-black full-screen editors are sometimes likened to dark rooms. TextRoom stands true to its name and provides a plethora of capabilities. You can put photos into your papers, which sets it apart from the other editors on the list thus far. It may be used as a portable application.

Features you might like:

  • Your documents may be exported to Google Docs.
  • There’s a music player for listening to your own music while working.
  • You may enter photographs and set a backdrop image for the writer.
  • The editor is fully customizable, with the ability to alter colors and include a background picture.
  • You may establish writing deadlines using the calendar tool. You may also write goals.
  • To overcome writer’s block, use brainstorming tools such as a scratchpad and a mindmap program.

Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions are supported.

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Typewriter’s download package is merely 146 KB, and it operates on any PC that has Java installed. It is a very simple writing application with features that may compel you to write and do nothing else…because you can’t!

Features you might like (or dislike):

  • You can only write in one way at a time.
  • You can’t take back what you’ve written. You cannot also copy and paste. You may, however, save and print.
  • Typewriter lets you choose between black text on white and green text on black, as well as full screen and window modes.

Operating system: Windows and Mac OS X.

FocusWriter is a portable Open Source text editor featuring a handy ‘hidden-away’ function that enables you to conceal the program menu and then restore it simply dragging your mouse to the top border of the screen. Otherwise, the full-screen UI provides a distraction-free workspace for writing.

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Features you might like:

  • FocusWriter has theme support, allowing you to personalize its look. You may use your own photographs for the backdrop.
  • It supports a variety of document types, including RTF, ODT (Open Document Format), and TXT.
  • If you are working on many documents, you may launch and manage multiple sessions.
  • You may establish deadlines using timers and alerts.

Operating system: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

FocusWriter is a minimalist, distraction-free, and visually appealing text editor.

The only online text editor on the list is DarkCopy. There are more, of course, but let this serve as an example of internet tools. It is a web-based version of the Mac-specific WriteRoom. The feature set is really basic. Simply open DarkCopy in your browser and begin typing. There’s nothing special here, and the sole choice is to have a full-screen window or not.

We’ve explored eight minimalistic text editors in this article, each with its own own selling point. Some of them are simple, while others have extras. However, every text editor has the same goal: to make your work as distraction-free as possible. Which one accomplishes this for you? Any of the eight on this list, or do you have an other suggestion? Fill in the blanks with your name. Let’s see if we can add a few more good names to the list!

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