Will Apple Ever Bring iMessage to Android?

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Will Apple Ever Bring iMessage to Android?

Every iPhone user is aware with the irritation of the blue bubble against the green bubble. When you send a message to someone and get a response in the shape of a green bubble, you know the other person is not using an Apple device.

Because of MMS, the interaction will be confined to texts and low-quality photographs or videos. As a result, the depth of the communication experience is severely limited.

As a consequence, Apple is under a lot of pressure to offer iMessage to Android smartphones. But will Apple ever agree to it? Let us investigate.

What Is iMessage?

Apple launched the iMessage service in 2011 and integrated it into the iPhone’s default Messages app. It is free to use, but it sends messages through the internet. If you use your phone’s cellular connection, you will be charged for data, but it is free to use via Wi-Fi.

Apple’s iMessage service enables you to communicate encrypted text, videos, and photos. It includes read receipts, typing indications, and message consequences such as responses. So it’s really similar to WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications.

When an iPhone user sends a message to an Android phone, the iMessage software automatically converts to SMS. When the Android user answers, their content appears as a green bubble, indicating that the receiver does not have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Why Is Apple’s iMessage Not on Android?

There are no technological barriers to implementing iMessage on Android. If Apple so desired, it could make iMessage available as a downloaded app on the Google Play Store, similar to WhatsApp or Signal.

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Apple, on the other hand, has purposefully erected hurdles to prevent this, which is consistent with Apple’s broader plan of building a closed environment that functions as a “walled garden.” So, if you don’t possess an Apple device, you won’t be able to use its services. There are certain exceptions, such as Apple Music and Apple TV, but iMessage is not one of them.

Internal emails from an Apple official, according to The Verge, indicated that the firm could simply make iMessage work with Android so that users of both iOS and Android smartphones could interact seamlessly. Apple, on the other hand, opted not to create iMessage for Android as early as 2013.

Will Apple Ever Bring iMessage to Android?

According to The Wall Street Journal, the “dreaded green text bubble” is the primary reason young people choose iPhones over Android handsets, causing the CEO of Android to respond with a series of animated tweets. Simply said, iMessage assists Apple in selling more iPhones.

According to internal Apple emails obtained by The Verge, Apple has no plans to bring iMessage to Android.

One email said:

iMessage is the most difficult [reason] to quit the Apple world app… iMessage equates to substantial lock-in.

Another email said:

Moving iMessage to Android will hurt us more than help us.

Apple might add RCS compatibility into iMessage as a potential compromise (RCS is a universal text messaging standard developed by the GSMA for all devices, and it would allow Apple and Android phones to message effectively).Google’s #GetTheMessage campaign aimed at persuading Apple to implement RCS communications.

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However, apart from iPhone sales, Apple is unlikely to include the RCS protocol inside iMessage. Google’s RCS version would be sent via Google’s Jibe servers. Given how Apple is pushing customer privacy to new heights, why would the corporation suddenly change its tune and go to a Google platform?

Apple has no inclination to open up its environment even slightly, particularly when it comes to a cash cow service like iMessage, which keeps customers inside its walled garden.

iMessage Is Not Coming to Android Anytime Soon

iMessage assists Apple in selling more iPhones and other Apple products such as Macs and iPads. Opening up iMessage to Android would hurt Apple’s business line.

Unless and until the government compels Apple to open up iMessage to Android smartphones, the service will most likely stay inside the company’s restricted environment.

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