Why Your Android Phone Is Overheating (And How to Fix It)

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Why Your Android Phone Is Overheating (And How to Fix It)

Your phone has overheated. But is it occurring on its own, or is it caused by a particular app? Are you watching a lot of video, or is the weather just too hot? It’s tough to establish the exact cause of your smartphone’s overheating.

When a phone becomes overheated, it slows down. In certain situations, it may shut down automatically until it has cooled down. You don’t want to miss an important call, do you?

Let’s look at how to repair an overheated phone and how to prevent it in the first place.

Why Is Your Phone Overheating?

Before proceeding, it is worthwhile to assess what is hot and what is not. Under normal circumstances, your phone should not be hot. If this is the case, you have a problem.

Warm, on the other hand, should not be interpreted as hot. It is natural to feel somewhat warmer after playing a game for 15 minutes. However, if your phone has an overheating protection software, such as Device Heat Cooling Master, and it shows an alarm, or if you notice the device is unusually hot to the touch, you should look into it.

To troubleshoot, you’ve probably already closed a few applications or rebooted your smartphone. You could have even Googled a few error messages.

Almost every time, you’ll come across the same old list of causes for your phone overheating:

  • The brightness of your display is set too high.
  • Your Wi-Fi has been connected for an inordinate amount of time.
  • You’ve been playing too many games (frequently with the added caveat that “it’s not a gaming console”).

However, these explanations apply only to older phones. For any of these reasons, no smartphone on the market today should overheat. If your brand-new Samsung phone is overheating, it’s most likely due to something else.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what brand of phone you have—if you want to know what causes your phone to become hot and how to stop it, keep reading.

Buggy Apps Can Cause Phone Overheating Issues

You scratch your brow and think, “Why is my phone overheating?” It might be due to one or more faulty applications.

Perhaps you installed a new app that isn’t compatible with your phone. Perhaps a frequently used app has been upgraded, and the new version is causing Android to overheat.

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Automatic app updates are convenient, but they may sometimes create issues like this. You have two choices:

  • Remove the program in question.
  • Check for an update

After uninstalling the app, restart your phone and wait a few minutes before checking it again. If the phone is still hot, try another remedy from the list below.

Intensive Camera Use Can Overheat Phones

Using your phone’s video camera for extended periods of time might cause it to overheat. This does not occur in all circumstances and is usually dependent on the following factors:

  • Resolution and frame rate were chosen.
  • Screen brightness
  • Prolonged camera use

Simply recording a video for a few minutes using the front-facing camera may cause your phone to overheat.

To prevent this, make sure you only use your phone’s camera when necessary, that the screen isn’t too bright, and that you’re not recording at an excessive quality.

Why Is Your Phone Overheating? You Left It in Direct Sunlight

Even iPhones become heated and need to be repaired, although the device’s temperature may have nothing to do with it. Environmental variables might cause your phone to overheat.

It is usual to leave the phone in direct sunlight. If you leave your phone installed on a vehicle dashboard on a hot day, it will almost surely overheat. In this case, utilize your vehicle’s air conditioning system to keep the phone cool.

Keep the phone out of sight and out of direct sunlight in such cases. If you really must use it, try to keep it in the shadow. When you’re finished, keep your phone cool by placing it someplace cool.

Slow and Overheating? Check for Malware

Malware on your Android smartphone may cause it to overheat. After all, malware creators aren’t concerned with the health of your gadget; they’re just interested in your data. Malware may infiltrate Android smartphones via malicious advertisements (malvertising) or phony applications downloaded from the legitimate Google Play Store. It’s tough to predict when and where malware will attack.

As a result, you should understand how to identify and delete malicious programs. There are various free antivirus applications for Android that may help keep your phone from overheating.

Is Your Case Heating Up Your Phone?

If you’re still wondering “why is my phone heating up?” check the battery. This is especially likely if you keep your phone in a case.

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Many cases are made of plastic or contain a significant quantity of plastic. Even those made of leather have the same issue: the phone is insulated, allowing heat to enter and cold to escape.

As the phone warms up (especially during high-performance jobs), it must disperse the heat away for safety reasons, and the existence of an insulating shell prohibits this. It’s like working out in a duffel coat.

What can you do to keep your Android from overheating? Removing your phone from the case is a fantastic start, but if you’re uncomfortable with it (maybe because you want to optimize your phone’s potential resale value), it’s not a long-term solution.

Phone Overheating When Charging? Check Your Charger Cable

Another factor that might contribute to Android phone overheating is the battery’s state. The charging cord may also be a source of contention.

If you have an older phone that has been repeatedly overcharged (you should never charge to 100% if you can avoid it; charge to 80-90% on a regular basis to maintain the battery healthy), smartphone overheating might occur.

Apply our top recommendations for increasing the battery life of your Android phone, and you’ll be less likely to stress about why your phone is hot.

Finally, phones should not grow hot enough to create difficulties while charging. If this happens, the cause might be a faulty battery, a poor-quality charging cable, or a port issue. What are your options?

  • Replace the cable and the power adapter.
  • Replace the battery (which is not always doable).
  • Repair the charging port

A charging port repair will cost roughly $30 if your phone is out of warranty. If your phone is broken, fixing it should keep it from overheating all the time. Is my phone still under warranty since it overheated? You may be eligible for a free repair or exchange.

Do Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Overheat Your Phone?

Overuse of internet services may cause your smartphone to overheat. This covers, in particular, Wi-Fi and mobile internet. Older devices may potentially overheat as a result of excessive Bluetooth usage.

Android users are vulnerable to background applications that use resources like as CPU, Wi-Fi, or mobile internet. Apps that operate in this manner might cause your smartphone to overheat.

The battery settings on Android allow you to see which applications are using resources. Navigate to Settings > Battery and then to Battery Usage. This utility will determine which applications are wasting the battery and will allow you to disable them.

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You can also monitor data use by specific apps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Applications > (See) all apps.
  2. Select the app you want.
  3. To see its activities, choose Mobile data & Wi-Fi.
  4. To deactivate internet access, toggle Background data.
  5. When utilizing the data saving option, toggle Unrestricted data use to allow or block data, since this might also have an influence on the battery.

While this disables background functions, you can be certain that it also reduces resource use. This may assist in preventing your smartphone from overheating.

Cool It Down: How to Fix an Overheated Phone and Keep It Efficient

Have you ever experienced your smartphone overheating and slowing down, or worse, shutting off? If this is the case, attempt the following steps to restart your phone:

  • Remove the phone’s case
  • Turn on airplane mode to turn off all connection.
  • Remove it from direct sunlight.
  • Use a fan to chill your phone (but not in a fridge, freezer, or cooler).
  • Reduce the brightness of the display.

After that, you’ll need to know how to keep your phone from overheating again:

  • Use Battery Saver mode
  • Clean up your phone to get rid of unwanted data and infections.
  • Reduce camera use
  • Use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS only when absolutely necessary.
  • Repairs or replacement of the charging cord or battery

Not only should your phone’s battery survive longer in the future, but it should also cease overheating!

Take Good Care of Your Android Device

Phones and tablets are built to shut down at severe temperatures as a safety measure. You only need to wait for it to recover from the high temperatures before implementing the aforementioned recommendations.

Aside from the well-known overheating concerns, there are other applications available to test the functionality of your Android smartphone. The question “Why is my phone hot?” might have a far more sophisticated explanation.

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