Why You Should Blur Your House on Google Street View (and How)

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Why You Should Blur Your House on Google Street View (and How)

You’ve undoubtedly seen the Google vehicle with the camera attached, filming video for the Street View feature. It’s incredible that we can use a computer or phone to go to places we’ve never been.

However, if you value your privacy, knowing that Joe Bloggs in Sydney, Australia, can see what kind of vehicle you have parked on your driveway or the color of your curtains may be unsettling.

As a result, you may be considering blurring your home on Google Maps. It’s easy to do, but should you?

Why Are Some Houses and Homes Blurred Out on Google Maps?

When browsing Google Maps Street View, you might see anything from odd animals to the same individual captured many times. Some individuals even go to the trouble of pranking the Google Maps Car, hoping to appear on Street View dressed strangely.

You may have noticed that faces are blurred out when navigating around the streets on Google Maps. This technique safeguards privacy. Why would a property on Google Maps be blurred?

For exactly the same reason.

Why Blurring Your House on Google Maps Can Help Privacy

Strangers cannot see your home on Google Maps if your residence is blurred on Street View.

This is a very helpful choice since it minimizes the information that possible invaders, criminals, or scam artists may discover about you. Strangers can already cross-reference a printed address (essentially, simply a zip code) with a home shot within the last two years using Street View.

Street View has the ability to leak a great deal of information, from modifications to your house and car indicating wealth to discovering where delivery drivers store items.

Online stalkers may discover more about their targets by using Google Maps. People have even been observed having an illegal romance on Google Maps. If this occurred to you, you may be recognized and publicly humiliated, or perhaps compelled to pay hush money.

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In other occasions, Street View has shown the new dwellings of persons fleeing violent ex-partners.

Unfortunately, these are only a few examples of how Google Maps may be abused.

Overall, hiding your house on Google Maps makes sense in terms of security and privacy.

How to Blur Your House on Google Maps

Now that you understand why certain homes on Google Maps are obscured, you may be considering giving it a try.

However, before continuing, it is critical to recognize that merely blurring a property on Google Maps is not sufficient. This is a permanent modification that cannot be reversed.

To blur your house on Google Maps Street View:

  1. Open maps.google.com
  2. Navigate to your home
  3. Drag the Street View icon to the street next to your property.
  4. Concentrate the attention on your property.
  5. Click Report a problem in the bottom right corner.
  6. Check that the address is right here (if not, go back and retry)
  7. Then, change the Image preview to concentrate on your house.
  8. Use the Request blurring feature under Why are you reporting this image?
  9. Select My home to obscure the house.
  10. You must supply more information to enable blurring, up to 1500 characters in length, therefore highlight privacy concerns here.
  11. Enter your email address in the necessary area with the reason given.
  12. Complete the captcha validation and then click Submit.

Shortly after, you’ll receive a message like this:


Thank you for reporting difficulties with the quality of a Street View picture. We’re continually trying to improve our photography, and we’re thrilled to reveal that we’re driving (and re-driving!) in new areas across the globe every day.

We may not contact you personally due to the frequency of these requests, but we appreciate your assistance in detecting this issue.


The Google Maps Team

If successful, the blurring of the property should take just a few days.

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It’s worth noting that the same tool can be used to obscure faces, license plates, and even whole automobiles. In most situations, they are automatically masked before photographs are published to Street View, although this does not always occur.

Why You Might Not Want to Blur Out Your House on Google Maps

As convenient as this is, obscuring your house on Google Maps may not be the best idea.

To begin with, if you want to sell your house, having it pixelated on Street View makes it more difficult to locate a buyer. Furthermore, the new owner may want to see their property on Google Maps, but there is no option to do so. Furthermore, there is no certainty that subsequent Google Maps auto circuits will recognize that the property has changed ownership. Oh, and blurring may be misused in careless “pranks.”

Then you should think about Google Maps alternatives. Photos of your property may be found on Bing, Yandex, and Apple Maps. While you may be able to ask these corporations to conceal your property, this may take much longer.

However, blurring might raise concerns: “Why is this house hazy? What are they concealing?” In many circumstances, it may be desirable for your property to blend in with the others rather than draw excessive attention to itself.

In terms of privacy, other websites may have information about the residence. For example, a recent purchase will remain on a real estate website for some time. Certainly long enough to unearth facts and images of the property.

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Why Is My House Blurred on Google Maps?

Have you ever looked at your own house on Google Maps, turned to Street View, and found that it is blurry?

If this has happened, it could be for several reasons:

  • The former owner of the property asked for blurring.
  • Your landlord made the decision to blur the home.
  • A neighbor has obscured their property incorrectly (either by the neighbor or Google).
  • Someone pulled an ill-conceived prank.

Whatever the cause, keep in mind that Google Street View blurring is now irreversible.

Should Your House Be Blurred Out on Google Maps or Not?

Blurring your house on Google Maps is certainly a valuable feature.

While the capabilities exist to permit the blurring of house and even automobiles, there is no mechanism in place to reverse this transformation. While no one will be able to view your house on Street View, this privacy precaution might backfire in a big manner when it comes time to sell.

Finally, obscuring a property on Google Maps needs some effort and attention.

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