Why You Can No Longer Buy Kindle Books via Amazon’s Android App

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Why You Can No Longer Buy Kindle Books via Amazon’s Android App

Users of Amazon’s Android app may no longer purchase Kindle books. This breakthrough comes more than a decade after iOS users were denied the choice.

When consumers add a new Kindle book to their basket, they are led to a screen that informs them that this option is no longer accessible. The change comes as Google prepares to tighten down on applications that do not follow its charging policies.

Why Ebook Purchases Are Off the Table

Amazon discontinued digital book purchases using their iOS app in 2011. They took this step to avoid paying additional taxes on digital products, as required by the Apple App Store.

While Google has comparable guidelines for its Google Play Store, they are seldom followed. Google wants applications to utilize the company’s own billing system to buy digital items, according to the Play Console Help page. As a result, Google receives a cut of the sale.

Of course, as everyone knows, not all retailers, including Amazon, have followed this guideline. However, beginning of June 1st, Google committed to compel these firms to follow their billing system guidelines, threatening them with removal if they did not.

Amazon has finally chosen to cease enabling people to purchase Kindle books through its app, sensing that Google was finally serious about the threats. After all, it stands to lose a lot more.

How to Buy Kindle Books and Other Ebooks from Amazon

While customers may be upset that they can no longer make simple purchases using the Android app, this does not imply there are no alternative options. Instead, you may complete your purchase by visiting Amazon through browser.

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You may keep reading Amazon’s Kindle book list and adding titles to your favorites list. When you go to a computer, you may add those books from your favorites list to your basket and buy them. All of the time spent perusing books while commuting doesn’t go to waste this way.

The titles are added to the Kindle library after the transaction is complete. Android users may still use the Kindle app to read books on the move from there.

Amazon Bypassed Rules for Years

The laws governing Google Play and its invoicing mechanism are not new, but Amazon has managed to avoid them up until this point. Unfortunately, there will be an additional step between searching for books on cellphones and purchasing them.

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