Why Wordle Fans Should Google “Wordle” Right Now

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Why Wordle Fans Should Google “Wordle” Right Now

Millions of people play Wordle every single day. It’s an incredibly satisfying, bite-sized game that asks you to guess a five-letter word within six attempts.

Since there’s no Wordle app, nor does the creator plan to make one, you might find yourself Googling “Wordle” to find the website. Or perhaps you’re one of the few who hasn’t played it!

Whatever the case, Google has placed a fun Easter egg on its results page when you search for “Wordle”.

What Is the Google Wordle Easter Egg?

Google is famous for its Easter eggs, which are little surprises meant to brighten your day, such as when you search for “askew” and the website tilts.

Google has now included a surprise for Wordle aficionados (we assume you know what Wordle is by now).To try it out for yourself, go to Google and type in “Wordle.”

The Google logo appears like a Wordle row and changes as though someone is playing the game, complete with tile-flipping motion and everything. The initial guess is “column,” followed by “goalie,” before arriving at the right answer of “Google.”

Of course, this isn’t a legitimate Wordle solution since it has one too many letters.

This amusing Easter egg can be found on both the desktop and mobile versions of Google Search.

So, whether you’re looking for the original Wordle site or some amusing Wordle alternatives, Google has you covered.

Are You Seeking Wordle Strategies?

Wordle is the ideal companion to keep you occupied and tickling your brain when you have five minutes to spare in your day. Its popularity may not endure forever, so take advantage of the Google Easter egg while you still can.

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You’re not alone if you’re looking for Wordle tactics. Take your time, reuse letters, and utilize terms with common letters; just keep in mind that “Google” is not a legitimate guess.

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