What’s the Difference Between Samsung and Android Phones?

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What’s the Difference Between Samsung and Android Phones?

It’s easy to get perplexed when it comes to purchasing a new smartphone. There are several cellphones available, each with its own operating system, manufacturer, version, and characteristics. How are you supposed to know what’s what if you don’t keep up with technology?

One typical source of misunderstanding is the distinction between Samsung and Android. People often inquire if Samsung phones and Android phones are the same. Yes, in a sense, but the solution is more complicated than that.

In this post, we’ll explain the distinction between Samsung and Android smartphones.

What Is Android?

Android is an operating system for mobile devices. It is the operating system that allows the phone to execute applications and manage resources. You’ve undoubtedly heard of Windows and macOS. These are computer operating systems that function in a similar manner.

Smartphones, like desktop and laptop computers, may run a number of operating systems. Apple’s iPhone, for example, is entirely based on iOS. These are the two primary smartphone operating systems, along with Android.

However, alternative smartphone operating systems exist, some of which are no longer maintained. Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, and Tizen are a few examples.

Android does not make cellphones. Instead, manufacturers power their phones using the Android operating system. Along with this, they often incorporate Google Mobile Services (GMS), which delivers Google-licensed interfaces and programs like as Google Search and Google Chrome.

However, Android and GMS are not inextricably coupled; a phone may run Android while using proprietary interfaces and apps.

Although Google owns and develops Android, the system is free and open-source, allowing other developers to customize it. More on it later.

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What’s the Difference Between Android and Samsung?

We now know that Android is an operating system. What role does Samsung play in this?

Samsung is a multinational electronics firm that manufactures products such as monitors, smart home gadgets, and televisions. It also produces and sells cellphones.

Samsung offers smartphones under the Galaxy brand, which is divided into model lines such as Galaxy Z (foldable devices) and Galaxy S. (top tier, high-performance devices).

Though Samsung has experimented with different mobile operating systems, the Android operating system is used by all Samsung Galaxy devices.

To put it simply, Android is the operating system, while Samsung is the manufacturer.

Are All Android Phones the Same?

Samsung is just one manufacturer that makes use of Android. Sony, Motorola, LG, OnePlus, and Huawei are among the others. However, just because all of these manufacturers utilize Android on their phones does not guarantee that the experience is the same.

This is due to Android’s open-source nature. Google’s fundamental, unmodified Android experience is referred to as “stock Android.” It used to be difficult to find a phone that provided the pure Android experience. Nowadays, it’s a little more prevalent, thanks in part to Google’s Pixel phones.

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However, manufacturers will often create their own versions of Android. These may range from minor reskins (focused on aesthetics) to more substantial functional improvements.

In the case of Samsung, it features a software overlay known as One UI (formerly called Samsung Experience and TouchWiz).Simply simply, One UI overlays Android to modify the system’s look and add functionalities.

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One UI, which uses Google Mobile Services, is regarded as one of the greatest Android interfaces. Many of Samsung’s software advancements, in fact, have been incorporated into the core Android experience.

Do Samsung Phones Evolve With Android?

Android is a constantly changing operating system. Every year, a new edition is released. Android used to name its versions after sweet sweets (Nougat, Oreo, Pie), but it now uses number nomenclature, such as Android 11 and Android 12.

Samsung’s One UI advances with Android. In general, a new primary version of One UI is released for each major Android upgrade, however smaller upgrades are released within that cycle.

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Your Samsung phone will not continue to get Android and One UI upgrades forever. Samsung routinely provides substantial upgrades to its gadgets for a few years after they are released. After that, your phone will only get important security updates, which will ultimately cease.

Furthermore, you will not get these changes at the same time as everyone else. It is determined by your location and phone provider.

Do Samsung Make the Best Android Phones?

You should now recognize the difference between Android and Samsung. To summarize:

  • The operating system is Android.
  • The gadget is made by Samsung.
  • Samsung’s software, One UI, sits on top of Android.

So, should you purchase an Android-powered Samsung phone? That is a matter of personal choice, but there is a reason why Samsung sells the vast majority of Android phones. According to Statcounter, Samsung will have a 26.93% share of the smartphone market in 2021, behind only Apple.

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There are Samsung phones for every price; if you can afford it, go for the Galaxy S series to get the greatest hardware, while the Galaxy A range is also good.

However, you may decide that, although you like Android, One UI is not for you. In such situation, you should investigate different manufacturers. Google’s Pixel, with its pure Android experience, might be for you.

Alternatively, ditch Android completely in favor of an iPhone—Apple produces both hardware and software with the same high quality you’d expect from the firm.

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Samsung vs. Android: Know the Difference

The Galaxy S series debuted in 2010, with the first phone selling over 20 million copies. Despite a hiccup at the midway mark, Samsung has brought the brand back and is never afraid to innovate. Its phones have included curved displays, biometric identification, and wireless charging.

When it comes time to buy a new phone, you’ll be equipped with the information to assist you determine which one is ideal for you. Who knows, it may be a Samsung phone running Android.

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