What’s the Best Browser for Android TV? 5 Top Apps, Ranked

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What’s the Best Browser for Android TV? 5 Top Apps, Ranked

You can use your Android TV to view TV episodes and movies from services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, watch locally-saved media with applications like Kodi and Plex, and even stream games from your computer to your TV screen.

Your Android TV, on the other hand, may be used to access the web. Unfortunately, no browser is included with the standard edition of the operating system. So, which is the best Android TV browser? Here are the best choices.

1. Puffin TV Browser

Many Android TV browsers are incompatible with your device’s remote control. To operate and browse the software, you’ll need to utilize a gaming controller or a smartphone app.

As a result, we begin using Puffin TV Browser. This one works with the basic control on your Android TV, making it a fantastic option for all users.

The Puffin TV Browser features an Android TV box-specific version that isn’t simply a rehashed mobile Android app. Puffin is lightweight, speedy, and easy on the eyes thanks to its carefully designed interface.

Other features include QR codes for adding favorite websites to the app and support for Adobe Flash when necessary.

Because the browser’s servers are in the United States, you will view webpages in English.

Download: Puffin TV Browser (Free)

2. Google Chrome

It’s strange that Chrome isn’t pre-installed on the Android TV operating system. Even worse, there is no specialized Android TV version of the app, nor is it accessible in the Android TV Play Store.

Those peculiarities, however, do not stop you from installing Chrome on your Android TV. Using the online version of the Play Store, you may install the app on your Android TV box. Some gadgets even allow you to install the program with a voice command.

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Using Google Chrome on Android TV offers both advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, if you’re already a Chrome user, you’ll have access to all of your synced bookmarks, browsing history, and other stuff.

One disadvantage is that Chrome is unlikely to function with your current Android TV remote, making it a bit more difficult to use than some other solutions.

Download: Chrome (Free)

3. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is another another popular desktop and mobile browser that you may install on your Android TV device.

Firefox, like Chrome, does not have an Android TV version. Its absence from the Android TV Play Store is owing to Google’s stringent criteria for what qualifies as an Android TV app.

People who use Firefox for Android TV often mention its extensions as one of the app’s main advantages. In contrast to Google Chrome, practically all of your extensions will function on the Android TV platform.

Anecdotally, many users report that accessing YouTube using Firefox for Android TV is quicker than using the official YouTube app. You may not get the same results.

Remember that you can easily control Firefox or any other sideloaded programs on your Android TV, so don’t be put off by the sideloading element.

Download: Firefox (Free)

4. TVWeb Browser

TVWeb Browser is similar to Puffin TV Browser. It’s a web browser created exclusively for the Android TV operating system.

The navigation is straightforward. You can access your preferred search engines, bookmarks, and the settings menu on the left side of the screen, and that’s all there is to it.

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TVWeb Browser has built-in voice search, bookmarks, access to your browser history, User Agent switching, customisable search engines, and an on-screen mouse pointer that you can operate with your ordinary Android TV remote.

TVWeb Browser is free to download and use.

Download: TVWeb Browser (Free)

5. TV Bro

TV Bro is an Android TV browser that was created to function in tandem with your Android TV remote.

Tabs, bookmark support, and even voice search are important features (again, via your TV remote).

There’s also a simple download manager, access to your browser history, and shortcut support.

Most significantly, TV Bro is completely open-source. That means you can go at the code to understand how the app functions, ensure its security, and see what data it collects.

TV Bro makes advantage of Android’s rendering engine and lets you change user agents.

Download: TV Bro (Free)

Other Ways to Browse the Web on Android TV

If none of the Android TV browsers we’ve looked at are enough for your requirements, there are a few of more options.


If you possess an Nvidia Shield (which you should since it is one of the greatest cord-cutting boxes), you can utilize the device’s GameStream capability to access your Windows desktop and therefore use whatever desktop browser you choose.

Because GameStream allows you to manually add any game using the GeForce Experience app on your PC, the procedure is doable. You can see your computer’s desktop in seconds if you include C:WindowsSystem32mstsc.exe (the Remote Desktop Connection software).

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Of course, you’ll have to use your Android TV remote as a mouse, which may be time-consuming. You might use a Bluetooth-enabled mouse instead if your Android TV box supports it.

Cast Your Screen

Chromecast technology is included into Android TV boxes. As a result, you may cast your computer screen to your TV using Chromecast, enabling you to utilize any desktop browser you’ve installed.

The slowness while using Chromecast to access a browser on Android TV is a disadvantage. It is insufficient for certain jobs, but it is more than enough for streaming video and listening to audio.

Which Is the Best Android TV Browser?

We prefer Puffin TV Browser the best after considering all of the choices and balancing the benefits and disadvantages. It’s simple, quick, and strikes the appropriate combination of functionality and usability.

And, if you want to understand more about the Android TV, look into the top Android TV launchers.

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