What’s New in Chrome 100 Now That It’s Available?

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What’s New in Chrome 100 Now That It’s Available?

The long-awaited Chrome 100 update has finally come, bringing with it a slew of new features and improvements, such as a new version number, a redesigned logo, and modifications to the user-agent string, among other things.

This most recent Chrome version was published at the end of March, few weeks after Chrome 99 was introduced to the stable channel. Chrome 100 is currently available in stable channels for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Here are some of the important characteristics and features of Chrome 100 that you should look at.

1. Three-Digit Version Number

Chrome 100 is the first in the Chrome browser’s three-digit version number series, with over 28 security updates. It is the most noticeable difference between Chrome 99 and Chrome 100.

Other popular Chromium-based browsers, such as Firefox and Edge, are also on track to reach version 100 in the coming months. This is a watershed moment in the evolution of contemporary web browsers.

Chrome 1 debuted in September of 2008. Google has reduced its major update release frequency from once every six weeks to once every four weeks over time. However, minor updates are being issued on a regular basis in the meantime.

2. User-Agent Strings

You can now determine if your site is Chrome 100 compatible. We previously highlighted that Chrome 100 may disrupt certain websites owing to compatibility concerns caused by the switch from two to three-digit user-agent strings, as well as Google’s response.

To resolve site breakage or malfunction caused by Chrome 100, go to chrome:/flags in your Chrome browser and look for and activate the #force-major-version-to-minor Chrome flag.

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In a related development, if you’re Chrome 100 compliant or have enabled the #force-major-version-to-minor option, the #force-major-version-to-100 flag (which allowed you to force the major version from any of Chrome 96-99 to Chrome 100 before the Chrome 100 release) may no longer operate.

3. Logo Refresh

The updated logo is another important change in Chrome 100. At first sight, it seems to be quite similar to the old symbol, as seen in the picture below.

Closer inspection, though, will reveal small variances. In Chrome 100, for example, the middle circle seems larger. Colors have also been corrected and improved.

Shadows have been removed, and the logo has been flattened. This makes the Chrome logo seem more current. The new symbol will be platform-specific, with separate looks on Windows and Mac.

4. Lite Mode Removed

If you used Chrome Lite to compress websites and conserve mobile data, you should be aware that Lite Mode has been eliminated with Chrome 100. This is because Google feels it has completed its mission.

Chrome’s Support Manager, Craig Tumbilson, noted in a blog post that Lite mode has become less important as Chrome has gotten more data-efficient, requiring its retirement.

Lite mode was initially introduced to the Android platform in 2014 in order to speed up page loading and conserve data. It was formerly called as Chrome Data Saver, but it was removed from Chrome in version 100.

If you’re a developer, Chrome 100 includes several intriguing Chrome Dev Tools, such as a Digital Goods API and a Multi-Screen Window Placement API.

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Other noteworthy Dev Tools changes include the option to examine and modify @supports at rule in the Styles pane, improvements to the recorder panel, the ability to preview class/function attributes on hover, and partly shown frames in the Performance panel.

More information on these dev tools may be found on the Chrome Dev Tools website.

Chrome 100 Leading the Way

The popular Chrome browser, now in its 100th edition, has come a long way since its inception over 14 years ago.

With Firefox and Edge both approaching centennial upgrades, anticipate greater browser performance and intense rivalry across the board.

If you prefer anything other than these browsers, we’ve also reviewed the top alternative browsers for browsing the web and getting things done online.

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