What Is Tesla Sentry Mode and How Does It Work?

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What Is Tesla Sentry Mode and How Does It Work?

Tesla entered the EV game to change it forever, with its Autopilot, Supercharger Network, Gigafactories, and Mega Banks being just a few of its innovations. Tesla engineers brought the same creative thinking to protect your car with Sentry Mode.

If it’s your first time hearing about it, keep reading as we’ll show you how Sentry Mode works and consider some of its limitations.

What Is Tesla Sentry Mode?

Sentry Mode is an anti-theft system used by Tesla that constantly checks your car’s surroundings once you lock it. Compared to a traditional alarm system that uses sound and light, Sentry Mode also incorporates cameras to record any threats.

Sentry Mode is disabled by default. So, if you want to add this layer of protection, you have to access the Safety & Security menu in your Tesla, or you can enable Sentry Mode through the Tesla app.

But, how does Sentry Mode actually work?

How Does Sentry Mode Protect Your Car?

With Sentry Mode enabled, it will constantly monitor your car’s surroundings. Once it detects an unusual move or presence, the system will record the footage for a short period before and during the threat.

The system enters the “Alert” state, and it displays a message saying the cameras are recording on the car’s touchscreen. If the system detects a greater risk, such as someone breaking one of the windows, it will enter the “Alarm” state, which turns on the alarm, blasts music to the fullest, and increases the touchscreen’s brightness.

Most significantly, the car’s owner will be alerted through the Tesla app of a possible problem. The owner may then watch their vehicle remotely using Sentry Mode Live. It’s possible that your children are getting too near to the automobile, and there’s nothing to worry about (besides the paint job!). It’s also possible that someone is attempting to break in via the window, in which case you should immediately call 911.

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What Are the Sentry Mode’s Limitations?

Sentry Mode seems to be an excellent solution to defend your vehicle against keyless auto theft, however the technology is not without flaws. For example, if you activate Dog Mode to keep your dogs comfortable while you run an errand, it will switch off.

Sentry Mode, as one would think, increases power usage. Unless you’re utilizing a Supercharger, Sentry Mode will switch off if the car’s battery reaches or falls below 20%. When Sentry Mode is turned off, your phone will notify you.

On that note, if you wish to avoid Sentry Mode-less times caused by utilizing a typical public EV charger, you should instead install a home charger.

Sentry Mode Keeps Your Car Safe

If you often leave your vehicle in unsupervised public parking and are concerned about someone harming it, Tesla’s Sentry Mode is ideal. However, the system has flaws and should not be relied on as your only means of preventing auto theft. Fortunately, there are more methods to safeguard your car.

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