What Is “Onion Over VPN” and How Does It Work?

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What Is “Onion Over VPN” and How Does It Work?

VPNs provide an additional degree of protection to your connection by routing all traffic via a secure tunnel. The Onion network, on the other hand, routes your data via at least three relays, masking your identity and encrypting your internet traffic. Aside from the separate technologies, there is also Onion over VPN.

What exactly is Onion over VPN, and how does it function? Continue reading to discover out.

What Is Onion Over VPN?

Onion over VPN is a privacy and security technology that combines a VPN with the Onion network. When accessing the web, both the Onion network and VPNs offer you with security and anonymity.

As the name implies, Onion over VPN combines the two by routing your internet traffic via a VPN server first, then through the Onion network before reaching the internet.

As a result, you can be certain that your online behavior is safe and that your identity stays hidden.

In brief, the idea is to access the internet over the Onion network on top of a VPN. Onion over VPN is a service offered by NordVPN, one of the fastest and most dependable VPN companies.

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How Onion Over VPN Works

The fundamental workings of Onion over VPN are quite simple to grasp. You begin by connecting to a VPN server, which encrypts your traffic and conceals your true IP address (a VPN replaces your IP address with the address of the VPN server you connect to).

Your communication is then routed via at least three relays or nodes (the entry node, a middle node, and an exit node).You obtain optimum privacy and security this way.

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What Is Tor, and How Does Onion Routing Protect Your Privacy?

You can only access the Onion network using the Tor browser. However, if you use a VPN service that has Onion over VPN capability, such as NordVPN, you may use whatever browser you like. All you have to do is press the connect button, and NordVPN will take care of the rest.

As a result, NordVPN’s specialized Onion over VPN functionality guarantees that all of your traffic is routed via the Onion network, providing total protection and anonymity.

Advantages of Using Onion Over VPN

If you value your privacy, you should use Onion over VPN for various reasons.

The first and most apparent argument is that using an onion over VPN gives optimum security and privacy when surfing the web. First, your VPN will conceal your home IP address from the Onion network’s entrance node. Second, it encrypts your traffic before it is sent via the Onion network. Furthermore, because of the extra encryption levels, your VPN provider will be unable to observe what you’re up to within the Onion network.

Onion over VPN makes it difficult for anybody to trace a connection back to you by crossing numerous levels. Even if there is an untrustworthy node in the Onion network, your VPN will protect you. All of these things ensure your privacy and anonymity.

The convenience of adopting Onion over VPN is the second argument. You don’t need the Tor browser to utilize the Onion network with NordVPN’s Onion over VPN service, which includes dedicated Onion over VPN servers. Simply press the connect button, and NordVPN will do the rest.

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Third, since you’re utilizing Onion via VPN, your ISP won’t know you’re on the Onion network. Tor has always been linked with unlawful activity, therefore it’s no surprise that some ISPs limit or even block Tor traffic. However, you may circumvent such limitations by using Onion over VPN. However, you should be aware that the Tor Browser has extra security and privacy features, so we don’t recommend you start exploring the dark web using your ordinary browser.

Enjoy Maximum Privacy and Security With Onion Over VPN

The combination of onion and VPN offers the best of both worlds. It ensures that your internet behavior is safe and that your identity remains anonymous at all times.

Because, as you may already know, you can still be tracked when using a VPN.

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