What Is Lightshot? How to Take Customizable Screenshots With It

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What Is Lightshot? How to Take Customizable Screenshots With It

Many snapshot applications offer so many features that it’s frequently cumbersome and difficult to use, particularly if you’re in a hurry and need to quickly capture a screenshot to show a friend or colleague.

Lightshot is a free screen capture program for Windows and Mac that can be accessed using a single hotkey. Learn how to utilize Lightshot and all of its editing tools.

What Is Lightshot?

Lightshot is a free program that you may install on your computer to rapidly capture picture screenshots. It enables you to share screenshots, save them to your computer, alter them, upload them to the cloud, transfer data, and do a variety of other tasks.

The program is ideal for students, workers, and contractors that need to preserve critical information off their screen. Other programs are more extensive, but Lightshot is a fast and simple option.

The program is absolutely free to download and use on Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. However, no app for capturing screenshots on an Android or iPhone is available yet.

Once installed, all you have to do is press the print screen button on your keyboard, and the program will launch immediately.

How to Install Lightshot

Head to the homepage of Lightshot and select the specific version you’d like to install. Once you select to install the application, a setup file will be automatically downloaded onto your computer.

Click on the setup file and allow the application to make changes to your computer. Select your native language and accept the terms and conditions.

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Lightshot will automatically redirect you to a webpage explaining how you can open and use their program. You’ll still need to click Finish on your setup to end the installing process.

The application will install on your computer and you’ll be able to take screenshots using one key on your keyboard.

How to Take a Screenshot Using Lightshot

To open the program, press the Function + PrntScr/PrtSC key on your keyboard in Windows or use Command + 9 for Mac, and your entire screen will turn dark.

You will be prompted to choose an area with your mouse, and you will need to click and drag the area you want to screenshot.

The region you choose will expose your brightened screen, so you’ll know precisely what you’re going to record. On the bottom and side of your prospective screenshot, a variety of alternatives will emerge.

You may save or share your screenshot using the icons at the bottom. You may save the picture to your computer, copy it, share it, print it, search for similar photographs, or upload it to the cloud.

All screenshots will be saved to your computer as JPG files, but you may also copy the picture and paste it into another platform, such as Microsoft Paint. When you print the picture, your printer’s settings will be shown.

When you upload a picture to the cloud, you will get a link that, when clicked, will open the image on a new website. There are options for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and VK.

Lightshot works in tandem with Google Images to provide you with similar-looking search results for the picture you’ve recorded. Take screenshots of any photographs that catch your eye, and then click the related images button to see more.

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Before deciding how to proceed, you may alter the picture using the icons on the side of the snapshot.

Other Features of Lightshot

If you want to make your screenshot more understandable to your audience, you may add lines, arrows, freehand drawings, rectangles, or sentences to it.

You can always use a tool like Microsoft Paint to edit screenshots, but having these options at your fingertips is far better.

Adding lines can assist highlight certain aspects in your screenshot, but only one size is available. You may add as many lines as you like to your snapshot.

You may use arrows to attract attention to key items in the screenshot so that your audience is drawn to what you want them to notice. The arrows, like the lines, are only available in one size, but you may customize the colors of the arrows and lines you add.

You may also freehand sketch your screenshot using a pen or marker. The pen has a very tiny tip, whilst the marker has a larger size that is great for highlighting.

When you use the marker, Lightshot automatically sets the color to yellow for easy highlighting on your screenshot.

If you need to add boxes to your screenshot, you may use the rectangle tool to do so. You may place special stuff within boxes to help your readers notice it. Change the color and add as many boxes as you need.

The option to add text to your screenshot is the last feature. The text, like the other features, only comes in one size, which is inconvenient when capturing bigger screenshots.

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At times, the text might be lost amid all of the objects you screenshotted, so altering the color can assist.

If you make a mistake when modifying your snapshot, there is an undo option that allows you to delete any annotations you’ve made, and the giant X will dismiss the screenshot entirely. If you shut it, you will not be able to access it again.

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Capture Easy Screenshots With Lightshot

Lightshot allows you to snap screenshots at any time by just pressing a hotkey to open and run the software. You may download the image in a variety of ways or share it on social media.

Edit the screenshot to highlight key areas or to provide text for clarity. Lightshot is simple to use regardless of whether you’re looking for a browser plugin or want to use it on Mac or Windows.

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