What Is Level Scaling in Video Games?

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What Is Level Scaling in Video Games?

There are a variety of factors that contribute to your gameplay experience. One of those factors is level scaling, which can tie into progression mechanics and game difficulty.

But what exactly is level scaling in video games? Let’s find out.

Level Scaling in Video Games

Level scaling is when enemies dynamically level up alongside you. It’s a feature that you’ll find in role-playing games (RPGs), but that doesn’t mean it’s restricted to just that genre.

Focusing on RPGs, level scaling can be an excellent mechanic because it allows you to explore any part of a game world at your own pace. Sure, there may still be tough enemies and different enemy types that warrant leveling up to gain or upgrade more skills, but no area should be near impossible and no enemy should feel too easy.

When done correctly, level scaling can keep a sense of constant challenge as you level up your character, meaning that you might have a bunch of new skills and equipment and still have a combat arena that tests you. And, as mentioned earlier, you’ve also got the freedom to explore the game world and its quests at your own pleasure.

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However, in games with level scaling, you may feel as though you’re never advancing, despite your abundance of new abilities and equipment. This means you may never enjoy the sense of success and pleasure that comes from readily defeating foes that previously caused you problems.

So, although level scaling might be beneficial, it can also diminish the sense of development and risk changing your gaming experience into one that is unsatisfying, which can paradoxically conjure sensations of video game grinding.

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Explore Level Scaling in Different Genres of Video Games

That is level scaling. It’s a mechanic that may keep you on your toes in almost any battle scenario, but it can also leave you feeling uninspired and unfulfilled.

Depending on the type of video game, level scaling may take numerous shapes. So keep an eye out for it when you’re playing the game.

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