What Is Google Lens? 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

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What Is Google Lens? 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

Google Lens is basically a virtual reality information-gathering experience for your life’s walking sim. It enables you to reach out and grasp whatever is in front of you. Are you wondering whether the dentist down the block is reputable? Even as you stand at the door, Google Lens pulls up all of their Yelp ratings.

What exactly does Google Lens do? The Google Lens app’s greatest accomplishment is its ability to capture any sample of writing or print around you and convert it to text on your phone.

What more great things can you do with Google Lens? You may have just discovered your new favorite app to play with when you’re bored.

1. Identify Clothes and More With Google Lens

How does Google Lens function? The Lens software essentially allows you to Google anything around you by reading the text you place in front of it, whether it’s a selected picture or one you’ve just taken. The future has arrived. We never imagined we’d live to see this day.

Do you want to read a book that your buddy has just been infatuated with? Simply take the book off the shelf and take a picture of it. You’ll find out more about the plot, the author, and where you can borrow or purchase the book online. You can even find out who wrote a quotation that you see written anyplace in the globe.

You can do the same with any brand around you: food, apparel, pretty much anything you can photograph. If the picture has no text, Google Lens runs a fancy reverse-image search. You may now steal the appearance of entire strangers without bugging them for their brands if your Lens app abilities are stealthy enough.

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2. Use Google Lens to Add Events to Your Calendar

It’s as simple as snapping a snapshot with Google Lens and following the steps to add a new appointment or event that you see promoted to your calendar.

We can certainly all relate to the awkward sensation of rapidly typing information into your phone as individuals in line behind you get agitated and disorderly. What is the purpose of Google Lens? It’s essentially the world’s greatest part-time secretary, here to assist you in keeping your affairs in order at all times.

3. Find Restaurant Reviews on Google Lens

If you’re going through town and are interested about any of the local eateries you come across, you can use the Google Lens app to quickly discover them online. Take a snapshot of the storefront and make sure the Lens app’s Location mode is on by tapping the button towards the bottom and to the left of the UI.

Yelp reviews, menus, and other information are all accessible to you, ready to assist you in making your big choice.

4. Use Google Lens to Translate Text

The days of diligently memorizing the interesting Latin bumper sticker emblazoning the automobile ahead of you are long gone. If you’re stopped in traffic, you can now pull up Google Lens, take a picture, and have the text instantly translated with Translate mode activated.

This may be applicable to anything readable, whether it’s an unusual menu item that piques your interest on a late-night outing or a mystery tattoo in a foreign language that your friend opted to have engraved into himself. If it’s there for you to read, you have a right to know what it says.

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5. Use Google Lens to Identify Buildings and Landmarks

If you love to travel, you’ve probably visited more wonderful locations than you can count. Google Lens, on the other hand, can help you make the most of every journey, without the need for a tour guide.

Some users have apparently utilized this function to identify plants using Google Lens. Are you feeling fortunate?

6. Use Google Lens to Copy Business Cards to Address Book

If you’ve ever been to a conference, trade exhibition, or other networking event, this Google Lens concept will come in handy. The awful stack of business cards that you always gather nearly always meets a fatal end before reaching home to be cataloged.

You no longer need to beg your new acquaintance to waste a card on you. Simply ask them to hold it up so you can scan it into your records.

What Is the Function of Google Lens?

The best approach to utilize Google Lens is up to you. When you see something worth remembering or learning more about, it’s time to let the Google Lens app shine. Many people wrongly believe that the Lens app is only available for Android, however Google Lens for iPhone is just as effective and addicting.

Nobody has been left out of the festivity. We strongly suggest trying out the Google Lens app to see the world through Google’s eyes.

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