What Is Descript and How Do You Use It?

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What Is Descript and How Do You Use It?

Descript is an all-in-one software solution for video and audio editing, screen recording, and transcription. While several tools with comparable features are available, they are sometimes too complicated.

Podcasts, YouTube channels, and interviews have been created by people from a variety of occupations. Learning a difficult technology or hiring a professional may be onerous if you are not from a media background.

But what if updating a video file or transcription of an interview was as easy as editing a Google doc? Here’s how Descript can help you.

Pricing Plans

The firm provides four distinct options, invoiced monthly or annually: Free, Pro, Creator, and Enterprise. We’ll go through the Free plan’s capabilities, which include the ability to record a screen, comment on a project, and work with others. You may also transcribe up to three hours of audio.

Getting Started

Go to Descript’s official website and click the Get Started for Free button. You can join up with a Google account or with your email address. Install the program on your computer, and then use your browser to view the local or cloud version.

Download: Descript for Mac and Windows | Web-version

Understanding the Layout

The Drive View shows as soon as you begin the program, presenting all of your files and workspaces. In the My Workspace folder, you may invite colleagues to view your personal files. On comparison, all members of your team may access the files in Drive Workspace.

On the screen, you can view the files in a selected workspace. Double-click a file to open it or click the three dots next to the filename to remove, delete, or rename it in the Drive View.

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You can start a new screen recording or create a new project by clicking the New option on the top right. The Composition screen opens where you can add and edit media files.

The left sidebar has all the media files that are part of the project. You can perform multiple actions by right-clicking the file name. The selected media file opens in the central area for editing.

The right panel enables you to alter the composition, script speed, mute the track. To learn about other functionalities, visit the Descript Help page or its YouTube channel. Let’s create a transcription project.

Creating a New Project

  1. Click New>Project in the Drive View.
  2. Enter a name for the project and then click Create Project.
  3. The project’s Composition section provides numerous editing tools.
  4. Select the audio file or drag and drop it. You may pick the number of speakers in the transcript and input their names while the program is processing the data. If you don’t have these information, choose Unsure and then click Done. The names of interviewers and interviewees might be added afterwards.
  5. Once the transcription is finished, you may alter and improve the script.
  6. To examine the actions available on the track, click the + button above the editor.
  7. You may dub over a piece of audio by adding your own voice or using the built-in male and female voices by clicking D.
  8. Insert a marking at a given time.
  9. Make a note on the file for future collaborators.
  • The track’s chronology is shown in the bottom panel. Click the Blade symbol to cut a section of the audio. Use the arrow icon to move around the track.
  • Click the Add Effect button in the right side to equalize or compress the video.
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    On the YouTube channel, you can learn more about creating a transcript and other procedures. Instead of recording your interviews, if you desire real-time transcription, use Google Translate.

    Importing a Transcript

    If the audio is intricate or confusing, you may sometimes have it transcribed by a third party. Follow these procedures to import and sync this transcript with your audio file:

    1. In the project sidebar, choose or add an audio file.
    2. Choose the audio file and then go to More Options > Import Transcript.
    3. Copy the transcribing script and format it as needed. Select Sync.
    4. Drag your audio file to the Composition window. The synchronised transcript is available.

    Recording a Screen

    Descript allows you to record your screen and share it with others. For Windows users, there is no Camera option.

    1. Click New > Screen in the Drive View. It displays the screen recorder configuration and camera view in a circular format.
    2. Configure the recording configuration and then press the Start screen recording button.
    3. To begin the recording, follow the directions in the new window.
    4. Click the red record button on the side of the screen to end the recording. The tape and transcript are both located in the middle.
    5. Send a link to the recording.
    6. You can also modify it by clicking the Open Project icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
    7. You may make changes to the file and add comments. Screen recording editing capabilities are comparable to transcribing editing options.

    You may transfer screen recordings made using Zoom or Loom to Descript for transcription. When you copy a recording link from Zoom, Descript recognises it and enables you to add it to a project.

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    Transcription Options

    The software enables you to transcribe a file in two ways.

    • AI-powered: The program transcribes the file with 95% accuracy and allows you to make changes to the result.
    • White-Glove: You may have the file transcribed by a person. The cost of this service is $2 per minute.

    Is Descript Worth Using?

    For those who wish to transcribe lightly, the free version is enough. It is simple to use, and since it is cloud-based, you may access your files at any time.

    This program has a plethora of learning tools. It includes new updates, instructional videos, and advice. You may also make money as an affiliate partner.

    The free edition of Descript has restricted capabilities that may not entice you to purchase the program. You may try out the Pro version, which has additional features but is only accessible for a short time, for free.

    Now that you’ve learned a little bit about the program, go ahead and start working on your first project.

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