What Is an Android Phone?

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What Is an Android Phone?

The Android operating system is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. An Android phone is a phone that runs the Android operating system.

Android phones are considered smartphones since they can do much more than simply make phone calls and send and receive text messages. The Android operating system enables you to install a broad range of applications and utilize your device as a mini-computer.

In this post, we’ll go deep into what Android phones are and how they vary from other types of phones.

What Is an Android Phone?

To properly comprehend Android phones, it is necessary to first grasp what Android is. Android is, at its heart, an open-source, Linux-based mobile operating system. It was created by the Open Handset Alliance, a group of several firms led by Google.

Android was intended to power touchscreen mobile phones and was initially launched in 2008. Soon after, a tablet version was produced, and the design language has remained consistent throughout the mobile and tablet versions.

As a result, any phone with Android as its operating system is an Android phone. Despite the fact that Google created and owns Android, the operating system is not unique.

Because Android is open-source software, anybody with coding skills may download it and adapt it to their taste. Anyone may obtain the source code for new versions from the Android Open Source Project and read the documentation.

Are All Smartphones Powered by Android?

Despite accounting for more than 70% of the worldwide market, Android is not used in all devices. iOS, Apple’s closed operating system, is Android’s closest rival, accounting for 27.5% of the market.

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Essentially, this implies that about seven out of every 10 mobile devices sold globally will be powered by Android, albeit in the United States, the figure is closer to four out of ten.

Because it is open-source and extremely adaptable, Android is popular among developers and manufacturers. Any firm that wants to produce mobile phones and adapt the Android operating system to their specifications.

Samsung is the best illustration of this, since it runs Android on practically all of its products. Instead of stock Android, they utilize a bespoke software overlay called as One UI. While the fundamental Android operating system stays unchanged, Samsung may deploy updates, offer new security measures, and integrate its own applications as part of One UI.

The majority of manufacturers personalize Android using their own skins. It assists brands in differentiating themselves from one another.

The Biggest Android Phone Manufacturers

Samsung isn’t the only company in the market. Unlike Apple, which manufactures all iOS devices and maintains strict security controls, any corporation may utilize Android.

According to AppBrain, the top Android phone manufacturers by worldwide market share in April 2022 were:

  1. Samsung (34.7%)
  2. Xiaomi (14.1%)
  3. Oppo (10.0%)t
  4. Vivo (9.2%)
  5. Huawei (8.1%)

Huawei was formerly the second-largest Android phone maker, before Google terminated relations with the company and barred Android from functioning on its handsets owing to privacy concerns. As a consequence, the business started producing phones using HarmonyOS, its own operating system. This is likewise a customized version of Android, however it lacks Google applications.

How Do You Know if a Phone Is Running Android?

Regardless of aftermarket skins and launchers, the fundamentals of Android remain the same. For example, all Android smartphones have the Google Play Store and built-in applications. If you still want to check, the simplest thing to do is go to Settings, then About Phone. Your smartphone will display the Android version.

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Google has named new Android updates after sweets in alphabetical sequence for over a decade. Previous Android versions, for example, include Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean.

However, beginning with Android 10, the firm changed to a generic naming system, adding a number to identify each subsequent iteration. In 2021, Android 12 was launched.

Does Android Also Make Phones?

Android is the name of an operating system, not a firm. Google, the firm that basically designed and runs Android, does, however, issue its own Pixel line of handsets.

These are often regarded as the closest thing to an official Android phone, and Pixel smartphones are among the first to get Android upgrades. They do, however, provide a number of features not seen on other Android devices, most of which are based on Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities.

Should You Buy an Android Phone?

Yes, if you need a smartphone that is very adaptable and adjustable. Android phones are also available at a variety of price points, so if you’re looking for a low-cost handset, any phone you purchase will almost certainly run Android.

However, if you’re considering purchasing an Android phone, it’s a good idea to check over its feature list, particularly if you want to future-proof your purchase for a year or two.

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