What Does This Emoji Mean? Emoji Face Meanings Explained

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What Does This Emoji Mean? Emoji Face Meanings Explained

Emoji faces, formerly known as smileys and sometimes mistaken with emoticons, are used on SMS and social media platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp. But what exactly do emojis mean? The meaning of each emoji is occasionally up to interpretation, which is compounded by heart and hand symbols.

Unicode offers guidelines on what emojis imply, however they are not always used correctly. They might have different connotations in different groups. Snapchat, for example, has its own collection of Snapchat emoticons. So, what do different emojis mean?

The following are the most frequently acknowledged emoji interpretations for popular emojis.

Happy Face Emojis

Here are the meanings of many happy-faced emojis, from those with grins to those with laughter…

Smiley Faces

Face with a Smile The most widely used emojis are Smiling Eyes and Smiling Face. They just represent pleasure or optimism. They’re also referred to as Shy Face and Blushing/Blushed Face.

They are sometimes used to alleviate the sting of a moderate insult or criticism.

Other Smiley Faces

Smiling Face With Open Mouth has many variations, including:

  • Face Smiling With Open Mouth And Smiling Eyes
  • Grinning Face.
  • Face Smiling With Open Mouth And Tightly Closed Eyes

All of these are variations on the two basic smiling faces. They are, nevertheless, often employed to indicate higher degrees of delight. Normally, a message containing one of these emojis will be exceedingly pleasant. They are almost never used as an insult or criticism.

Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat

The Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat depicts happiness as well, but with relief. Messages using this symbol often express delight at how a potentially unpleasant incident turned out. You may use this emoji, for example, if you send a message saying that you just passed a challenging test or received the all-clear from the doctor.

It might also be used to signify uneasiness or shame.

Face With Tears of Joy

The Face With Tears Of Joy emoji is used to express joy. When someone sends a joke, it has mostly supplanted the usage of “LOL.”

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face

Rolling on the Ground The newest variation of “ROFL,” one of the online slang words you should know, is Laughing Face.

Upside-Down Face

Upside-Down Face signifies that you are not serious or are discussing something that seems to make no sense.

It may also communicate sarcasm or a passive-aggressive attitude.

Zany Face

Zany Face is also flippant. If something is foolish yet humorous, use this. It’s also known as the Drunk Face, but mainly because it denotes a relaxed mental state.

Smiling Face With Sunglasses

Smiling Face With Sunglasses is a great expression. It’s occasionally used ironically or to suggest “deal with it.”

Flushed Face

The Flushed Face expresses shame at an embarrassing circumstance or blunder. It is commonly used to belittle oneself in reaction to praise.

Face Savoring Delicious Food

The Face Savoring Delicious Food may be used before, during, or after a delicious meal. It’s also referred to as the Hungry Face emoji.

Nerd Face

Nerd Face denotes intellect or a strong interest in a certain topic. It’s also used humorously at times.

Smirking Face With Starry Eyes

Smirking Face With Starry Eyes indicates that you are enthusiastic or starstruck, such as when you are about to meet someone or accomplish something.

Face With Party Blower And Party Hat

When celebrating an occasion, the Face With Party Blower And Party Hat emoji is used. It’s most appropriate for a friend’s birthday.

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Flirty Face Emojis

Smirking Face

The sexual connotation of Smirking Face is prominent. It is usually used in conjunction with sexual innuendos or recommendations.

Winking Face

The winking face indicates that the statement was intended to be funny. Any message sent by a Winking Face should not be taken too seriously.

Winking Face, like Smirking Face, is often associated with provocative sentiments.

Stuck-Out Tongue Faces

Variations of Face With Stuck-Out Tongue include:

  • Face with a Stuck Tongue and a Winking Eye
  • Face with a protruding tongue and tightly closed eyes.

To convey amusement, they are used interchangeably with Winking Face.

Relieved Face

As the name implies, Relieved Face is intended to convey relief. However, it is usually used to express happiness.

It may also show aloofness or innocence in reaction to a provocative emoji.

Smiling Face With Halo

The Smiling Face with Halo represents innocence. It may be taken seriously or jokingly.

This emoji, for example, might be ideal when emailing pals on a Friday to express that you would be remaining at home for the night.

Devil Faces

The Smiling Face With Horns and Imp may be used interchangeably to convey mischievousness or naughtiness.

They reveal slightly different things because one is smiling and the other is frowning. The Smiling Face With Horns emoji is more often associated with little mischief or suggestive remarks, while Imp (the one that seems angry) suggests greater malice.

Kissing Faces

There are various popular Kissing Face emoji versions, such as:

  • Face Throwing A Kiss.
  • Face Kissed With Smiling Eyes
  • Face Kissing with Closed Eyes

They express passion or devotion. Because of the little red heart, Face Throwing A Kiss is often more romantic.

The other three can also be used to show innocent whistling.

Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes

A heart-shaped smile with heart-shaped eyes expresses love, affection, or thanks. It may be directed towards a person, location, or item.

Hugging Face

Hugging Face implies sending the receiver a virtual hug.

Negative Face Emojis

Not all emojis convey joy or mischief. There are several unfavorable emojis as well.

Blank Faces

The neutral and expressionless faces are devoid of feeling. They may be used to convey dissatisfaction, indifference, or awkwardness.

Unamused Face

Unamused Face conveys displeasure or distrust. This emoji conveys a negative feeling rather than actual rage or grief. For example, if you are dissatisfied with someone’s explanation for being late, you may tweet this emoji.

Face With Cold Sweat

The emoji Face With Cold Sweat represents stress or hard labor. It usually relates to a certain circumstance. This emoji is appropriate for texting a loved one to express that you need to remain late at work.

Sad Faces

The two primary sad face emojis are Pensive Face and Disappointed Face. Both express grief, remorse, regret, disappointment, or any other equally unpleasant feeling.

Pleading Face

The Pleading Face indicates that you are requesting a favor. It’s known as “puppy dog eyes,” and it’s seldom seen in severe circumstances. If someone has praised you or you are overwhelmed by anything the other person has said, it may indicate that you are on the point of tears.

Disappointed But Relieved Face

Disappointed However, I am relieved. Faces are often used to express fear or pain. Some individuals use it to express nervousness.

Crying Face

Crying Face is related to the Pensive Face and the Disappointed Face. It demonstrates a greater sensation of pain than typical melancholy.

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Loudly Crying Face

Crying Face is a more powerful variant of Crying Face. It conveys anguish, agony, and distress. In contrast to the other sad expressions, it is often used humorously.

Worried Face

Worried Face shows shock, horror, disgust, and fear.

Grimacing Face

Grimacing Face expresses concern, shame, or awkwardness. On iOS, if you enter “oops,” this will be offered, and you may use it if you’re worried about a message, similar to how you would use SMH.

Face With A Raised Eyebrow

Face With A Raised Eyebrow expresses doubt or disapproval—ideal for when you don’t accept someone’s explanation.

Face With Monocle

Face With Monocle conveys skepticism, as though you’re examining a message.

Lying Face

Like Pinocchio, Lying Face portrays a nose expanding. If you suspect someone is lying, use it cautiously.

Face Without Mouth

Face Without Mouth indicates that you are mute. It may be used humorously, but it usually indicates that you don’t know what to say during an unpleasant discussion or that you are too ashamed or upset to speak out.

Zipper-Mouth Face

Zipper-Mouth Face might indicate that you are unable to communicate effectively at this time. However, it is more often used to demonstrate your ability to maintain a secret.

Face With Exploding Head

Face With Exploding Head conveys astonishment to the receiver, indicating that you have been completely blown away. It’s often used to express admiration for something.

Face With Symbols Over the Mouth

A curse word is naturally replaced by Face With Symbols Over The Mouth. Use this to indicate irritation or rage.

Tired Faces

Both Weary Face and Tired Face depict exhaustion; they are often used to express world-weariness and tension, as if you’ve reached the end of your rope.

Sleepy Face

Sleepy Face is seldom used to symbolize fatigue. Instead, it indicates that the sender is ill. Emojis are supposed to be more intelligible than emoticons, although this isn’t always the case!

Sleeping Face

To express weariness or ennui, Sleeping Face is used instead of Sleepy Face. It’s tough to deliver a message when sleeping…

Confused Faces

To express perplexity, the terms Confused Face and Confounded Face are interchangeable. The Confused Face may also convey embarrassment, disappointment, or an apology. If someone has to cancel arrangements, for example, they may use this emoji.

Face With Look of Triumph

Face With Triumphant Look is one of the most overused emojis. It’s typically used humorously to express wrath or frustration rather than victory.

Angry Faces

Both the Angry Face and the Pouting Face express wrath, with the red Pouting Face being the most powerful of the two. Unlike Face With Triumph, they are seldom employed in a comedic context.

Persevering Face

Persevering Face indicates that you are frustrated with a circumstance but are persevering.

Shocked Faces

Anguished Face and Frowning Face indicate astonishment, terror, and disappointment. They are often used in place of Pensive Face or Disappointed Face.

Scared Faces

You’ll find slight differences in the Scared Faces:

  • Fearful Face.
  • Open Mouth And Cold Sweat
  • Fearful Expression (sometimes known as the OMG Face).

Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat, Face Screaming In Dread, and Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat all indicate varied degrees of fear. All of these may be used humorously.

Other Face Emojis

Every emoji does not depict a real emotion or face. Here are some more emojis you’ll encounter…

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The Monkeys

See-No-Evil Monkey, Hear-No-Evil Monkey, and Speak-No-Evil Monkey are all cheeky expressions for shock and discomfort. The kind of monkey utilized is determined on the message’s contents.

Pile Of Poop

The phrase “pile of poop” is nearly usually used ironically. It may be used to substitute a curse word or to criticize a person or message.

Hand Symbol Emojis

Hand emojis depicting various motions are accessible in texting and online communication.

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Sign

Thumbs Up Sign shows acceptance or agreement.

Thumbs Down Sign shows rejection, dislike, or disagreement.

OK Hand Sign

The OK Hand Sign indicates approval, pleasure, or that everything is well. It may be used to indicate that something is little or tiny. It is also used to represent the “chef’s kiss” gesture.

However, you should be warned that this might be seen as a hate sign by certain racist organizations. However, most people still interpret it as “fine” or “excellent.”

Victory Hand

Victory Hand is more often associated with the related peace sign. It conveys calm, relaxation, or enjoyment.

Person Raising Both Hands In Celebration

Individual Raise Both Hands Celebration, also known as Praise Hands, is a gesture used to express support or admiration.

Open Hands

Open Hands implies warmth and openness. It might also suggest you’re sending a hug, as the Hugging Face emoji implies.

Person With Folded Hands

Person With Folded Hands, although not specifically religious, is used to express gratitude or to symbolize prayer or begging. You might use it to request a favor.

Call Me Hand

Despite its name, Call Me Hand may have a variety of connotations depending on context.

It looks like a standard telephone handset and may be used to signify that you wish to converse on the phone. Pilots also use it to wish one another luck. It’s also known as the “Shaka” sign in Hawaiian culture, which means “hang loose”—an endearing gesture showing togetherness.

Heart Emojis

When interacting online, you’ll come across a variety of heart emojis, with various variations having distinct meanings.

Red Heart and Sparkling Pink Heart

The traditional love heart emoji, Red Heart, expresses liking, friendship, or passion. However, if you want to add something special to the discussion, let your heart shine with the Sparkling Pink Heart.

Colored Hearts

What about all those Colored Hearts? There’s:

  • Purple Heart.
  • Yellow Heart.
  • Green Heart.
  • Blue Heart.

They’re all comparable to Red Heart, however the object of their adoration is usually associated with the hue of the heart. Blue Heart, for example, is often associated with sports teams that wear blue jerseys. The Yellow Heart is often connected with the sun and summer.

You’ve undoubtedly seen these emoticons before on Snapchat.

Broken Heart

The Broken Heart emoji is the epitome of melancholy. It may also be used in a sarcastic sense.

Emojis Are Changing the Way We Communicate

Emojis are constantly changing as a communication tool, and their meanings remain variable.

They’re also very personal, which means you have to be on the same wavelength as the receiver to avoid upsetting them.

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