What Does FPS Mean in Gaming?

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What Does FPS Mean in Gaming?

If you like video games, you’ve undoubtedly heard the letters FPS before, but you may be unsure what they imply. FPS, you see, has two separate definitions, and both may be utilized in the gaming context.

Here’s all you need to know about the gaming term “FPS.”

FPS Has a Couple of Meanings in Video Games

Hearing or reading about FPS might be perplexing if you don’t know what it implies. Without context, it’s impossible to tell whether FPS is a game or something else else.

FPS may refer to either “first-person shooter games” or “frames per second.” And, no, these phrases aren’t linked other than the fact that they may both be used to refer to games and have the same acronym.

What Are Frames Per Second?

Frames per second, often known as “frame rate,” is the number of successive pictures collected or shown each second (i.e., the number of images that appear on your screen in one second).Contrary to popular belief, we do not perceive animations on our displays. Instead, we observe a multitude of pictures moving so quickly that they seem to be moving animations.

This word is often used in video games, but it is also used in other sectors like as cinema and animation.

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to frames per second, but the fundamental premise is that the more pictures per second a movie or game displays, the higher the frame rate and the smoother the overall motion. If a game has a low frame rate, it indicates it is displaying less frames per second than it should, making your game seem choppy.

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The number of frames per second you have will be determined by your device. You won’t have frame rate issues if you have a nice machine with a good graphics card and CPU. Most users with a standard computer will have to choose between a high frame rate and a high resolution, since the smaller the resolution, the higher the frame rate.

For most individuals, 30FPS is sufficient for gaming, while it is not ideal. If you’re not acclimated to higher frame rates, you won’t have any difficulties and will hardly notice any, but you can sense something is odd.

If you desire smoother gameplay, 60FPS will suffice. Consider purchasing a display with a high refresh rate for an even smoother experience.

What Are First-Person Shooter Games?

A first-person shooter, as the name suggests, is a form of first-person game in which you play from the viewpoint of your character. You view the world through their eyes, and you can primarily see their hands, weapons, and sometimes the bottom half of their bodies.

The fundamental distinction between first-person and third-person games is that you feel more engaged in the environment in first-person games. You interact with things and adversaries as the character, which may be both exciting and terrifying depending on the game.

FPS games are popular currently, but they have been around for a long time, with the earliest FPS games accessible in the 1980s. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s when games like Wolfenstein and Doom caught the globe by storm and established FPS games as a genre.

BioShock Infinite, the Call of Duty games, Overwatch, and pretty much every Doom game are examples of famous or well-known FPS games.

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Surprisingly, some people feel that having a high FPS would help you aim better in FPS games. This statement used to be perplexing, but it is no longer.


Things should be clearer now: FPS refers to first-person shooters and frames per second. While not related, having a fast frame rate—and even a high refresh rate—can be advantageous while playing first-person shooters.

Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it eventually. However, you’ll quickly comprehend what someone means when they say ‘FPS.’

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