What Are The Best Gmail Plugins For Chrome?

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What Are The Best Gmail Plugins For Chrome?

Gmail may be customized to perform precisely as you want it to. Whether you want to include social network symbols in your signature, learn more about your contacts, or deal with an email later rather than now, Chrome’s apparently limitless variety of extensions has you covered.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you want to get the most out of Gmail.

We take great pleasure in our list of the finest Chrome extensions and strive to keep it up to date. There are a few Gmail-related extensions there, but not all of them – and there is no way to filter to solely Gmail-specific plugins. This list is an effort to rectify the situation.

Some of these extensions I use, while others I frequently hear about from friends and coworkers. Because everyone’s workflow is unique, not every addon will work for everyone. If you like Gmail, at least one of these tools will make you happy.

Of course, email is simply one method to communicate with others online. Integrating social networking sites with your email makes sense if done correctly. Google understands this, so they integrated a single social network – Google Plus – with Gmail.

Rapportive, on the other hand, is available if you need to connect with folks who do not work for Google. This browser plugin displays the social accounts — as well as current activity – of everyone with whom you are interacting online. If you’re interested, it even provides a simple method to connect with the folks you’re approaching.

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This plugin has just been bought by LinkedIn, thus there’s a good probability it will turn bad at some point. For the time being, though, it’s a fantastic Gmail plugin for Chrome.

Boomerang: Schedule Emails For Future Reading

Email may be overwhelming, and the majority of it is from individuals who want you to do something. If you want to keep your inbox clean and have a message that you need to deal with in the future, Boomerang for Gmail is definitely for you. You’ve thrown away an email just to have it come back to you later.

It’s especially beneficial if you’re an Inbox Zero practitioner, but I believe everyone may find a use for it. More information regarding Boomerang for Gmail may be found here.

Use Gmail While Offline

Sometimes you’re just not available. Many people use third-party email applications in addition to Gmail for this reason, although it’s not strictly essential. If you use Chrome, you can use Gmail offline from inside the browser; all you need is the right Chrome app.

This straightforward official Chrome tool allows you to download as much of your email as you like. The UI is considerably different, so you won’t get the complete Gmail experience. You may, however, read and react to emails knowing that everything will be synchronized the next time you connect to the internet. Learn more about Gmail Offline.

WiseStamp: Create Fancier Signatures

Gmail, like other email applications, lets you add a signature, but it’s tedious. That’s how many Gmail users feel, and it’s why WiseStamp exists. This Chrome extension makes it simple to add photographs, social networking symbols, and other elements to your Gmail signature.

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If you want to spice up your email signatures, this is a must-have addon. Find out more about WiseStamp.

Attachments.me: Explore Your Attachments Like A Pro

Gmail’s built-in search is fantastic…if you’re looking for anything inside an email. If you want to discover text inside an attachment, you need remember the file name.

Unless, of course, you have Attachments.me loaded. This extension adds a variety of extension-specific capabilities to Gmail, including improved search:

If you have trouble keeping track of attachments, this is a must-have addon. Attachments.me has further information.

Any.Do: A Better To-Do List

Do you think Gmail’s default tasks service is too limited? You’re not alone yourself. Any.Do, a popular alternative, is now available for Chrome.

So, technically, this isn’t a Gmail extension. It is, however, a substitute for a feature of Gmail that many people feel inadequate – and hence worthy of mention here.

Gmelius: Make Gmail Minimalist

Love Gmail but wish you could disable certain features? Gemlius enables you to accomplish exactly that.

The plugin is just a set of checkboxes that you may deactivate to eliminate certain Gmail features. It also removes formatting from incoming emails and adds attachment icons to your inbox. This one is worth investigating if you like tinkering, which I’m guessing you do given you’re reading this post. Find out more about Gmelius.

Anything Else?

I could never develop an exhaustive list of the best Gmail plugins for Chrome. However, with our combined abilities, this should be quite achievable. So, tell me, which excellent Gmail addons for Chrome did I overlook? Please leave them in the comments so that we can make this a true selection of the top Gmail plugins for Chrome.

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