What Are Mods in Video Games?

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What Are Mods in Video Games?

Mods are an essential component of gaming since they enable gamers to contribute to the games they like. At the best of times, modifications provide an almost limitless source of material in practically every area you can think of.

So, what exactly are mods? Let’s find out.

Mods in Video Games

A “mod”—short for “modification”—is new in-game material created by gamers rather than creators. Mods are mostly found in PC games, with a few sneaking into console titles here and there—Skyrim, for example—and mostly in role-playing games (RPGs).

Mods are created by people by changing existing in-game material, as the name implies. This isn’t as limited as it sounds: modifications may include everything from minor bug patches to whole new locations, animations, gameplay systems, enhanced visuals, and much, much more. Mods’ scope is basically restricted to whatever notion you or other players may have.

The quality of modifications might vary since anybody with the necessary skills can create and distribute them. However, building a mod for a game because you like it and want to contribute to it is not a negative thing. Mods are also an excellent tool for budding developers to polish their talents while building a portfolio.

Mods may therefore not only correct faults in a game, but they can also add an infinite amount of content to it. And nearly usually for nothing. Incredible.

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But Aren’t Mods Just DLC?

You could be thinking as you read this, “oh, so modifications are really just DLC.” You’re technically correct—you download and install modifications, which add new content to your game.

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When people refer about DLC in video games, they typically mean original, official content created by the video game developer, publisher, or an affiliate. Mods, regardless of their breadth or attention to detail, are developed by players and are not official additions to a game.

Enjoy Both Mods and DLC in Your Game

That is what modifications are. Passionate player-created enhancements to a game that can include almost whatever the modder desires.

Though comparable to DLC, modifications are unique in their own right and should be celebrated as such. So, the next time you’re playing PC games and feel like your game could use a little something, check into modifications and DLC.

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