What Are Easter Eggs in Video Games?

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What Are Easter Eggs in Video Games?

If you’ve spent any time playing video games, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “Easter egg.” But what exactly is an Easter egg, and how do you go about finding one?

The following section looks at Easter eggs in gaming, including their history and various instances.

What Are Easter Eggs?

Easter eggs are hidden pieces of media that game makers hide throughout their games (as well as other mediums, like movies and computer software).They may take the shape of words, visuals, exceptional scenes, references to other works, and other elements.

Easter eggs are often buried and discovered for their own reason. They are entirely optional and provide no gameplay benefits. This distinguishes them from hacks or in-game treasures.

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The video game Easter eggs are named after the real-life tradition of Easter egg hunts, in which youngsters look for eggs laden with candy and other delights.

The History of Video Game Easter Eggs

Developers have been placing Easter eggs in their games since the medium’s inception. The first well known Easter egg, which served as the term’s genesis, was concealed in the 1980 Atari 2600 game Adventure. It was one of the earliest action-adventure games, with basic key-collecting and sword battle paving the way for classics like The Legend of Zelda.

Its creator, Warren Robinett, was dissatisfied with Atari’s habit of not crediting its programmers at the time, which the firm used to keep rival companies from snatching their expertise. He covertly included the words “Created by Warren Robinett” within the game, accessible only by a difficult-to-find technique.

This was found after the game had been launched, by which time Robinett had departed Atari. The firm chose to keep this language in the game rather than remove it; Steve Wright, the company’s software development director, said that finding it would be like “searching for Easter eggs,” and that he wanted all future Atari games to feature it.

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Examples of Easter Eggs in Video Games

Easter eggs of all sizes have featured in hundreds of games since Adventure. These are divided into many groups. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular, as well as some gaming examples.

References to Other Games

Some Easter eggs are references to other franchises or games, generally from the same creator. These are often a little reward for franchise aficionados or attentive gamers who know a lot of games.

In Uncharted 3, for example, there’s a newspaper with the headline “Scientists are still battling to explain dangerous fungus.” This is a nod to the narrative of The Last Of Us, which was also created by Naughty Dog. Interestingly, since The Last Of Us hadn’t been revealed yet, the developer failed to delete this allusion before the game premiered.

Persona 5 having mild allusions to characters from Persona 4, Animal Crossing: New Leaf enabling you to eat a “Famous Mushroom” item and grow gigantic like Mario, and Overwatch characters’ voice lines referencing hundreds of movies and games are other instances.

Fun and Silly

Many Easter eggs are merely amusing little gags that linger only a few seconds before moving on. They often reward players for going out of their way to experiment with unusual combinations of actions.

In Crysis 2, for example, engaging with an inconspicuous panel on the wall in a certain level may activate an elevator across the way. For a few seconds after it opens, you’ll witness troops dancing.

Another Easter egg in this line is the ability to move the 64 symbol around the screen as the character’s heads follow it on the Star Fox 64 title screen. In the instance of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, an actual chocolate Easter egg was hidden in the game.

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Developers’ Room

A delightful Easter egg pattern is an unique chamber that allows you to communicate with in-game avatars who represent the game’s designers. They may teach you more about the game’s history or provide you with different incentives for locating the chamber.

Fun Gameplay Challenges to Liven Up Your Video Games

The Dream Project in the SNES RPG Chrono Trigger is one of the most well-known instances of this. In one of the game’s various endings, you find yourself in a room with many of the game’s creators, where you may converse and learn more about their experiences.

In most Pok√©mon games, you may interact with characters that represent the game’s creators. The Insomniac Museum in numerous Ratchet & Clank games is another comparable example. For a behind-the-scenes peek, these extra rooms offer abandoned material and developer comments.

Ongoing Jokes

You may find Easter egg trends in the games of the same studio or creator if you play a lot of their games. Totaka’s Song, a little song that Nintendo composer Kazumi Totaka buries in many of the games he works on, is a charming example of this.

The melody is frequently found by waiting for another recording to conclude, making it difficult to find. It’s a lot of fun for people to attempt to locate it in each game they play using Totaka’s compositions.

Why Do Developers Hide Easter Eggs?

You may be wondering why game developers bother including Easter eggs in their games. After all, they just add additional labor to an already overburdened development timetable.

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As we’ve seen, Easter eggs may be used by developers to connect directly with players, even if their bosses aren’t on board.

But, more significantly, they are merely a method to bring some flare to games today. Developers like concealing these secrets, and it might take players years to unearth them. It’s exciting to be the first person to find something like this and share it with the rest of the world as a gamer. Even less concealed Easter eggs, such as references to past games, provide a satisfying “aha!” moment for devoted series fans.

Easter eggs provide a lot of excitement to games that might otherwise be boring. Having a hidden message solely for the sake of having one may be refreshing in many games, keeping them from becoming too serious.

Time for an Egg Hunt

We’ve taken a brief survey of Easter eggs in gaming, including their origins, some common types, and why they exist. Their definition is pretty broad, so you might find other kinds than what we’ve mentioned here. Next time you play a game, keep an eye out for hidden rooms, nods to other media, or other little goodies. You might be surprised what you find!

And don’t forget that video games aren’t the only place where you’ll find Easter eggs. They exist in software, on websites, and much more.

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