What Are All the New Emojis in iOS 15.4?

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What Are All the New Emojis in iOS 15.4?

iOS 15.4 included several new iPhone features, such as mask-friendly Face ID, a gender-neutral Siri voice, Universal Control, and 37 brand-new emojis! More smileys and particular items are included in the new emojis, which you’re likely to find handy.

All of the new iOS emojis are mentioned here, along with explanations of what they may imply and how to obtain them if you don’t currently have them on your iPhone or iPad.

How Apple Added New Emojis to iOS

The launch of new emojis to iOS has been widely anticipated. Emojipedia gave the first glimpse at the new emojis that Apple planned to release in late January.

You may not realize it, but emojis must also be authorized by an outside body before they can be used on any device. The Unicode Consortium, which is in charge of certifying all emoji before they can be used on devices, accepted these additions in September. The emojis were subsequently made accessible to developers as part of the iOS 15.4 beta, and they are now available to everyone who is using all of the new iOS 15.4 features on their Apple devices.

A List of All the New iOS 15.4 Emojis

New Emoji in iOS 15.4
Image Credits: Emojipedia

Here are all of the new emojis available in iOS 15.4 for your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Melting face
  2. Hand across mouth and face with wide eyes
  3. Face with an eye poking out from behind the hands
  4. Half face salute
  5. Dotted line face
  6. Face with a diagonal mouth
  7. Face suppressing joyous tears
  8. Rightward hand
  9. Leftward hand
  10. Palm down hand
  11. Palm up hand
  12. Index finder on hand, thumb crossed (hoping for the best)
  13. Hand with index finger pointing toward the observer (that’s you!)
  14. Heart hands
  15. Biting lip (pretty obvious)
  16. Person with crown
  17. Pregnant man
  18. Pregnant person
  19. Troll
  20. Coral
  21. Lotus
  22. Empty nest
  23. Bird nest with eggs
  24. Beans
  25. Pouring liquid from a tilted glass
  26. Jar
  27. Playground slide
  28. Tire
  29. Ring buoy
  30. Hamsa (a Middle Eastern amulet, with a hand on an eye) (a Middle Eastern amulet, with a hand on an eye)
  31. Disco mirror ball
  32. Empty battery
  33. Crutch
  34. X-ray
  35. Bubbles
  36. Identification card
  37. Equal sign
  38. Multiracial handshakes
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iOS 15.4 New Emoji
Image Credits: Emojipedia

How to Get the New Emojis on Your iPhone

If you can’t see the new emojis on your iPhone, it’s probably because you haven’t yet upgraded to iOS 15.4 or later. Go to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone or iPad to update it. There should be the most recent version of iOS or iPadOS available. To obtain all of the new emojis, download and install the update.

Even if someone sends you emojis in a message, you won’t be able to view them until you download the update. Instead of the emoji, you’ll get a question mark.

Enjoy Your New Emojis

We have to admit, the 38 new emojis look fantastic! We’re certain that they’ll be utilized in many of your discussions, bringing a humorous element to any discourse. With these and the other new features, iOS 15.4 is a must-have upgrade.

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