TwitrCovers Helps You Find The Perfect Cover Image For Your Twitter Profile For Free

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TwitrCovers Helps You Find The Perfect Cover Image For Your Twitter Profile For Free

New features were introduced to your Twitter profile approximately a month ago, in case you missed it. The new header picture, which is Twitter’s take on Facebook’s Timeline cover, is one of the most noticeable new additions. With the new header image, you may pick any image to show above your avatar, username, and bio, giving your profile a new and fresh appearance.

These banner photos aren’t required, at least for now; if you want your profile to appear the same as it always has, don’t change anything. However, you can do some fun and helpful things with this new header picture, and it does make profile pages appear snazzier. A new feature, as predicted, comes with it a new problem: where can you obtain good, high-quality, free photographs to utilize for your header?

There are several solutions available, and now I’d want to present you to one in particular -TwitrCovers.

To begin with, if you haven’t seen the new Twitter covers/headers, they look like this:

As you can see, when done correctly, the header picture should merge with your bio text and improve the overall look of your Twitter profile.

TwitrCovers is one of several websites that provide free header photos, but it stands out for some really good features as well as one slightly bothersome aspect. Fortunately, the unpleasant function is easily ignored, leaving you with a nice website and some high-quality photographs to utilize.

All of the most recent contributions to the collection may be found on the TwitrCovers webpage. You may also go through the most popular covers, or if you want to stand out, look through the whole collection by category.

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I highlighted several extremely unique features that set TwitrCover apart before, and now we get to the finest one. It’s difficult to fathom what these photographs would look like on your Twitter profile simply by looking at them. They may be lovely, but will they work with text on them? It’s simple: mouse over any picture to get a preview of how it will appear as a Twitter banner image.

Isn’t it cool? So, when you’ve browsed and found a picture you like, it’s time to add it to your Twitter profile page. There are two approaches: the quick, inconvenient route and the lengthy, safe route. I’ll show you both, but if you have the option, I suggest going with the second one.

So you’ve discovered a picture you like and want it to appear on your profile. What happens next? TwitrCovers makes it incredibly simple to alter your header picture without even touching your profile settings. Scroll down to locate this button after clicking the picture you like:

Yes, you must follow TwitrCovers on Twitter to use this method, and it will also ask for some other permissions when connecting to your Twitter profile, such as following new people (I guess it needs that to follow itself), updating your profile (I guess it needs that to change the image), and posting tweets for you (why does it need that?).

Nothing terrible will happen if you chose to do this. You will be led back to TwitrCovers, and your Twitter header picture will be updated permanently. You will also see that you are now following TwitrCovers, as promised. Despite my greatest fears, TwitrCovers doesn’t really publish any tweets for you when you do this, so it’s not spammy, but the permissions it requested make me uneasy.

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You may use this technique if you’re lazy, but you should definitely disable the app’s access from Settings -> Apps after you’re through.

So you may delegate the heavy work to TwitrCovers, but doing so is optional, which I love. If you like, you may download the picture you want and manually modify your header without providing anybody any powers. To do so, choose a picture you like and, rather than clicking the large, blue, sparkly button, click the tiny “Download Image Manually” option in the right bottom corner.

This will enlarge the picture, and you will be able to right-click it and choose “Save Image As.” Remember where you saved the picture; you’ll need it shortly. Go to your Twitter profile and choose Edit Profile from the menu.

Select “Design” from the left-hand menu, then scroll down to the “Change Header” button. When you click it, you’ll be able to choose the picture you just saved and make it your banner image. You may also pick how zoomed in you want the picture to appear using this approach, so it doesn’t have to look precisely as it did on TwitrCovers.

Yay! Your Profile Is Now Beautiful

Regardless of whatever approach you used, your profile should now look something like this:

If you put some thought into it, it may even be somewhat better. Do you already have a Twitter profile header picture or are you still seeking for ideas? Do you know of any more amazing sites for high-quality free photos that we should be aware of? Tell us everything in the comments.

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