The Top 7 Websites To Find Unique Or Unknown Free Audiobooks

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The Top 7 Websites To Find Unique Or Unknown Free Audiobooks

We already released a complete list of the top ten websites for free audiobooks. The world hasn’t changed, and many of us are still much too preoccupied to read. As a result, we seek shelter in audiobooks, which may make reading easy even for the busiest of people.

However, most large websites provide comparable options. Should we be confined to the mainstream just because we like to read with audiobooks? Absolutely not. You may still play the free audiobook game if you like unusual novels, obscure authors, and works that aren’t usually included in traditional book collections.

These seven websites have a lot of fascinating books, but the user experience isn’t always great. The books are there, and they are all of good quality, but you may have to search for some really unique gems. But, hey, it’s all part of the game!


Lit2Go is an audiobook initiative maintained by Florida’s Educationsl Technology Clearinghouse that includes both novels and poetry. You may explore this selection of fiction books, instructional books, poetry, short tales, and more by author, title, reading level, or topic matter.

Because each book is accessible for download as an MP3 or PDF, Lit2Go may also be utilized as an intriguing source for eBooks. If you want to listen and follow along while reading, you may access each book as plain text on a website.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has a large collection of audiobooks and poetry, among other things. While not the most user-friendly site, you may concentrate your attention on either ordinary browsing by title/keyword/subject (no author, for some reason), or check out the right sidebar for a list of the most downloaded audiobooks as well as some staff recommendations.

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Because the website merged different collections, not all books are accessible in every format. Some are exclusively accessible in MP3, while others are also available in Ogg. Typically, the files are for separate chapters, however some books are offered as a single download.

The Story Spieler

If the Internet Archive seems busy and confusing, one reader, The Story Spieler, keeps his files on the Internet Archive but also has his own site where you may explore just his books. The Story Spieler’s books are narrated by a former TV and radio announcer, and his selection of tales is both wide and engaging.

Browse the books by genre, which includes everything from history to Rudyard Kipling to children’s tales to science fiction. Seriously, this man has a wide range of interests. There are many books by well-known classic writers as well as many titles you’ve probably never heard of. The books are in MP3 format, and the files are often modest, as is acceptable for blog articles. Longer novels are separated into chapters, which may be downloaded separately.

Voices In The Dark

Despite its small size, Voice in the Dark is one of those locations that you can’t help but fall in love with. This is a fascinating collection of mystery, imagination, and poetry, as well as folklore, fairy tales, and other stories. All of them are read by genuine persons and are accessible in both low and high quality MP3s.

While the whole website seems to be from the 1990s, the book collection is really intriguing, and the readers are highly diversified. The collection may be conveniently browsed by genre, title, or author. It’s difficult to say if the website is still being updated, but one may hope. This is a real one-of-a-kind treasure.

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If you want something more popular, FreeAudioBooks is perhaps the most traditional selection on our list. This is a broad collection that includes many real masterpieces as well as children’s tales, a large number of non-fiction audios, and many more genres to pick from. Whether you like dramas, biographies, or vintage comedy, you’ll find it all here.

All materials are available in ZIP format, with a distinct MP3 file for each chapter.

If you like science fiction and fantasy, make sure to visit This is a big collection of short tales by renowned and not-so-famous writers, all of which are accessible in MP3 format for download. Most novels are also available in Kindle, Nook, and iPad versions if you prefer eReaders. There are a few comic strips strewn throughout amid the narrative. These are not accessible in audio, but they provide a wonderful touch to the whole experience.

When you click on an article, you generally receive the text. To obtain the audio, look for the term “listen” on the left sidebar. You may get the audio from this page. Not all tales include audio, but a significant number of them do.

Pulp Daily

Do you remember the days of pulp fiction? I, for one, do not. Pulp tales provide an intriguing peek into the 1930s and may be a lot of fun to read. I’ve heard a lot of these pulp magazine tales, but who has time to find and read them all? This is where Pulp Daily can help.

Pulp Daily is a blog that hasn’t been updated since January but still has a lot of recorded pulp magazine tales. The author used to update a chapter every few days, and you may go through the archives to find some intriguing tales from the blog’s history. You’ll have to download each narrative chapter by chapter, but it could be worth it to hear a piece of entertainment history.

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You’ll find links to numerous additional free audiobook blogs on the left; these are all intriguing discoveries, and you should go ahead and check them all out.

Bottom Line

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t discover a nice read on these websites’ main pages. Part of the joy is in the searching and discovering, and all of these websites have some fantastic treasures. And if you’re pressed for time, you may always choose anything at random!

Do you want to share your website experience? Do you know of any other interesting audiobook websites? We eagerly await your feedback!

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