The Most Useful Android Clipboard Tips and Tricks Worth Knowing

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The Most Useful Android Clipboard Tips and Tricks Worth Knowing

Android’s copy and paste feature, like that of other operating systems, is quite simple. Cutting and pasting single things is acceptable, but cutting or copying anything else overwrites what’s currently on the clipboard.

Some people may be satisfied with that, but many will demand more. Let’s go through how to copy and paste on Android before moving on to how to clear and access the clipboard for extra functionality.

How to Copy and Paste on Android

Copying and pasting on Android is straightforward, but it isn’t necessarily obvious if you’ve never used an Android smartphone before. This is how you do it.

First, choose some text. Most programs, such as Chrome, allow you to accomplish this by long-pressing on the text you wish to copy. Then, move the highlighted section’s handles to acquire precisely the text you desire. If you wish to copy all the text in an area, you may alternatively press Select all.

Select Copy to copy the contents of the selection to your phone’s clipboard. If you’re working in an editable text field, such as a note-taking program, you’ll only see the Cut option. While Copy keeps the page’s contents intact, Cutre transfers the text from its present spot.

It should be noted that in certain programs, such as Twitter, their handles will not show. When you long-press on a tweet in such situation, the app will automatically copy the whole tweet for you. This also works with Google Maps addresses.

Navigate to where you want to paste the text once you’ve copied it. Long-press inside the text area, then choose Paste. You may also see the Paste as plain text option in certain circumstances. If you wish to eliminate the formatting while pasting, check this box.

A little blue or black handle should appear if you touch on the field where you wish to paste the text. Tap on it to see the same paste option.

On Android, that’s all you need to copy and paste. But there’s more to know about the Android clipboard.

Important Android Clipboard Tips

Remember that if you switch off or restart your phone before copying anything, it will most likely vanish. As a result, it’s essential to paste the text rapidly before you lose track of it on the clipboard.

In addition, if you copy (or cut) one thing and then attempt to copy (or cut) another before pasting the first, the initial copied text will be wiped. The clipboard on Android can only hold one piece of text at a time. See below for instructions on how to handle additional clipboard items.

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Keep in mind that you can only cut text that is in a text input box. If the text is not editable, such as in a web article, you can only copy it. However, if you’re composing a text message, you may clip the content and paste it elsewhere.

If you’re reading an article and want to copy a link to another article, you may touch the link, long-press in the URL bar, and then copy the URL. However, there is a far quicker method: just long-press on the original link and choose Copy link address. This works in the vast majority of applications.

On Android, you can copy more than simply text and links. Photos may also be copied, albeit the specific procedure varies depending on the program. Long-pressing a picture in Chrome will bring up a menu with a Copy image option. Other programs may need you to open the picture, hit the three-dot menu button, and then choose Copy.

The picture may then be easily pasted into a chat message, note app, or similar.

Where Is the Clipboard Folder in Android?

There is no built-in mechanism to access and see the clipboard folder in standard Android. To view what’s on your clipboard, you can only long-press on a text box and choose Paste. The clipboard is kept in RAM by Android, and even if your phone saves this data in a specific file, it is not accessible without rooting.

On Android, however, you may access and control the clipboard by using your device’s native keyboard app.

Manage Your Clipboard Using Gboard

You can get a useful clipboard manager by using Android’s native Gboard keyboard. Tap the Clipboard icon in the top row once Gboard appears when you tap in any text input field. If you don’t see it, click the arrow on the left side to bring it up.

If you haven’t used the app’s clipboard feature before, you’ll get a warning. To activate it, use the slider or the Turn on Clipboard button. When you do this, Gboard will begin tracking everything you copy.

Return to the Clipboard tab and press any snippet to paste it instantly into the current text box. After an hour, Gboard will automatically erase snippets. If you want to keep any snips accessible for a longer period of time, long-press on them and choose Pin. You may also Delete snips if you wish to manually remove them before their hour is up.

Gboard’s smart recommendations will also display text that you’ve recently copied in the top bar, enabling you to paste without having to fiddle with the long-press option. If you don’t currently use Gboard, this clipboard feature is a terrific incentive to start.

Download: Gboard (Free)

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Manage Your Clipboard on Samsung and Other Devices

If you have an Android smartphone from another manufacturer and do not utilize Gboard, you may access your clipboard using equivalent manufacturer modifications and applications. When you long-press on a text field on a Samsung smartphone, for example, a Clipboard bubble appears. If it isn’t visible, press the three-dot menu on the bubble to see additional choices.

Tap Clipboard to see the most recent things you’ve copied. If you use the Samsung Keyboard, you may access extra functionalities by tapping the three dots (or arrow, depending on your version) on the top-right side of the keyboard. Select Clipboard to get the same panel with recently copied objects.

Other manufacturers’ devices, such as Motorola’s, may feature comparable clipboard capability. If you’re unsure, see the manual for your particular phone.

How Do I Clear the Clipboard History on Android?

Because Android only maintains the last thing you copied on the clipboard by default, you may wipe its one-item history by simply copying another piece of text. When you do this, it deletes any previous copies. If you wish to replace anything important you copied, such as a password, this essentially clears your clipboard history.

Using Gboard, as previously explained, you may remove your clipboard history by selecting everything and choosing Delete.

When you view the clipboard history on a Samsung smartphone or another Android version, you’ll find a Delete All or similar option. Tap it to confirm that you want to remove the clipboard history.

If you end up utilizing one of the clipboard management programs listed below, you may wipe all of your clipboard history using their built-in capabilities.

Alternative Clipboard Managers for Android

As previously stated, Android’s built-in copying and pasting capabilities is restricted, however the clipboard management feature integrated into most keyboards expands on this.

If you don’t like Gboard and don’t already have a clipboard manager built into your device, check out the alternatives listed below.

Clipper: A Clipboard Manager for Android 9 and Below

Unfortunately, Google implemented modifications beginning with Android 10 that make third-party clipboard management applications inoperable. Apps can no longer gather clipboard data in the background, which is a privacy protection designed to protect you from malicious apps that could attempt to steal data from the clipboard.

Clipboard managers, however, continue to function if you are using Android 9 or below. Clipper is the finest overall clipboard manager for earlier Android versions, even though it hasn’t been updated since 2019.

Everything you copy with Clipper is kept in the app. This enables you to copy numerous pieces of text at once without losing anything if you unintentionally copy anything else.

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Simply start the app and choose the text snippet you want from the Clipboard menu to quickly retrieve previously copied words. Clipper will then copy this to your clipboard, allowing you to paste it anywhere you desire. It’s dead easy, and it’s much simpler to find if you activate persistent notifications in the app’s Settings section.

You may also add brief words that you often need to write (such your email address or premade messages) to the Snippets tab for convenient access. Sort your snippets using Lists; the app’s sorting options also make it easier to locate what you’re searching for.

Unfortunately, there is a large banner advertisement at the bottom of the app. Clipper Plus is a few bucks and provides complete capability. This enables you to store more than 20 clips, add dynamic parameters such as time to snippets, eliminate advertisements, and enable the search option.

Download: Clipper (Free) | Clipper Plus ($1.99)

SwiftKey: Alternative Keyboard With a Clipboard Manager

If you don’t want to utilize Gboard and are running Android 10, your best choice for clipboard management is to use an alternative keyboard app. SwiftKey is one of the best options in this category.

Because of its excellent predictions, it’s one of the greatest Android keyboards, but it has a lot more capabilities. One of them is a built-in clipboard manager.

Simply hit the arrow symbol in the top-left corner of your keyboard, like with Gboard and the Samsung Keyboard, and you’ll see the Clipboard icon, among others. Press it to access previously copied text blocks, which you can then paste with a single tap.

SwiftKey automatically deletes text an hour after you copy it, but you may retain any snippet for as long as you need by tapping the Pin button. Simply slide it from side to side to eliminate it. Tap the Manage button to access the app’s settings, where you may remove, pin, and reorganize things more quickly by dragging them.

Download: SwiftKey Keyboard (Free)

Use the Android Clipboard Like a Pro

The built-in clipboard on Android does the job, although it is rather simple. While third-party clipboard management applications are not available on recent Android versions, any current keyboard app will have a clipboard manager.

These are the best ways to access the clipboard on Android, allowing you to save snippets and delete your history as needed.

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