The legacy of Glup Shitto lives on in Andor’s Keef Girgo

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Great Star Wars names are back

Andor, the latest Star Wars program on Disney Plus, has a lot to appreciate. It seems less like a Star Wars rehash and more like a genuine television program with a story to tell. It’s passionate and piercing, and the breadth of its concepts allows for a lot of study and contemplation.

But, since it’s a Star Wars event, we’re treated to some Very Star Wars Things. Cereal milk that is blue! Droids with attitude! And, of course, absurd names. This leads us to Keef Girgo.

[Editor’s note: This article includes Andor spoilers through episode 7.]

Cassian has come home following the successful theft on Aldhani in episode 7 of Andor, “Announcement.” He begs Maarva, the mother figure in his life, to flee with him and his sizable portion of the take. Cassian is instead disappointed to see that Maarva has been inspired by his efforts and intends to remain to confront the Empire directly.

Cassian travels to the beach planet Niamos in search of a “warm and easy” area in the cosmos to get some sun and make life a bit simpler. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “warm and easy” environment in the Star Wars galaxy, particularly after the robbery and tougher Imperial directives. Cassian is accused of being a part of an unknown squabble in which he had no role, and he is sentenced to six years in jail under the alias Keef Girgo for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There’s a lot to unpack there: the intricate ways in which Cassian’s involvement in the Rebellion and denial of the Rebellion’s power indirectly lead to his imprisonment, the ways in which the Empire’s overreach eventually leads to its demise, and the presence of getaway beach towns in the Star Wars universe. But there’s also Keef Girgo.

That is top-tier Star Wars material, guys. Star Wars naming at the Glup Shitto level. Which is saying a lot given he’s in an episode with a character dubbed “Wullf.” I’d love to see the names Cassian explored and rejected before settling on Keef Girgo. Talk about blending in; he nailed the “Star Wars beach bum” look with this one. George R.R. Martin would be ecstatic.

Keef. Girgo. Keef! Girgo! Say that loudly, and (cantina) music begins to play. It sounds somewhat like (a tauntaun) braying when spoken softly. Keef Girgo! I can’t get Keef out of my head. Girgo!

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