The Hardest Online Games to Play in Your Browser

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The Hardest Online Games to Play in Your Browser

Do you like playing a hard game every now and again? There’s a thrill in tackling a challenging game and beating it.

So, to help you get your fix, we’ve rounded up the hardest online games that you can play in your web browser.

These games all run in native tools like WebGL, meaning you don’t need to install any outdated plugins like Adobe Flash.

Exit84 is a platformer with a difference. Instead of using directional keys to move your character, you instead have to type specific sequences that appear on the screen. Once you type it, your character transports there.

The game quickly ramps up in difficulty, with increasing number of enemies firing all sorts of obstacles at you. Get stretching those fingers.

Wave Run is a fast-paced platformer that is all about completing the 33 trials in the fastest time possible.

The controls take some getting accustomed to, but that’s half of the fun. You’ll soon be soaring over spike pits and bouncing off walls. To prevent recurring death, you’ll need quick response speeds.

In Singled Out, galactic super criminals are on the loose, and it’s up to you to take them out amid a throng of innocents.

You are given three distinguishing characteristics and a limited amount of time to identify and shoot the culprit. The game quickly becomes difficult as the number of faces increases and they all start to seem the same. If you shoot the incorrect individual, the game is over.

Color Filler is a grid-based puzzle game in which you must put all of the various colored boxes into their appropriate positions. If you make a mistake, you may have to restart the level.

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Color Filler begins simply, but the challenge gradually rises. To get to the finish of this one, you’ll need to completely activate your reasoning.

Pix Hop may seem easy, but it is far from it. In this infinite platformer, you control a bouncing white square. The more coins you gather and the more you move, the better your score.

Of course, there are several adversaries flying at you, and the floor is randomly sliding away. Continue to bounce!

It’s difficult to deliver the mail in the wind and rain, but how about on a pogo stick? Pogo Postman puts you in such predicament, and you must navigate challenging terrain while bouncing to deliver mail.

You may choose a user-submitted desire to convey before you begin, and you can even submit your own.

If it wasn’t so tough, Zig Zag would be soothing. You’re not going to be able to survive more than a minute or two in this game.

You are in charge of a colorful line inside a zigzag form. The screen is continually rotating, and you must use the arrow keys to move the line in the correct direction. However, with the orientation changing all the time, this is no simple task.

Rockets aren’t normally launched from catapults, but Rocketpult isn’t concerned with logic. You must spin the catapult and then launch your rocket, controlling its course using the boosters.

Slow motion may be enabled for more precise control, but be cautious not to fall in the water or run out of fuel. Bonus points are given for ability and flair.

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Dodge is a reaction game in which you use your cursor to manipulate a circle. Enemies are continuously flying at you, which you must dodge, and the constantly changing scenery adds to the complexity.

If you want to make Dodge even more tough, go into the options and increase the difficulty. You may even vary the color palette; each style has its own leaderboard, which will keep you occupied for a long time.

In Insane, you control a rolling square that you must lead to the course’s finish. You may slow the square down, but be cautious not to slide over the edge or fall into the traps.

Insane has 50 stages that become more challenging as you continue. It’s also got a wicked sense of humour, so you’ll be chuckling when your square rolls over the edge for the hundredth time.

This challenging browser platformer’s name and goal are both You Have to Win the Game. This is an exploration platformer that seems to be played on a 1980s computer display.

The game is difficult enough as is, but you can make it much more difficult by selecting the Extra Spicy campaign and activating YOLO Mode, which eliminates checkpoints and prevents respawning.

Streamline’s goal is to expand the line until it reaches the purple square. The direction is within your control, but not the distance. As a result, you must collide with other blocks and power-ups to avoid being stuck.

The game begins off simple, but quickly becomes devilishly challenging. If you complete all of the stages, there is an unlimited mode with randomly created puzzles.

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In Divine Trials, get into your chariot and face some powerful Greek culture opponents. This is a bullet hell game in which your screen is continually strewn with bullets that you must avoid.

You only have three lives, so you’ll have to be quick with your chariot. Amusingly, after each boss, you must choose which present to deliver to the gods in return for power.

He Almost Killed Me is a game about the obstacles that creative individuals experience while creating anything. It’s also, predictably, really difficult.

It’s a 2D platformer in which you control a bouncy figure that jumps across an attractive landscape. You just need to move and leap. Isn’t it simple? Just stay away from the spikes.

More Online Browser Games to Play

These difficult online browser games will keep you occupied (and maybe irritated) for a long time. So we wish you well and good luck.

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