The Difference Between Hide My Email in iCloud+ and Sign in with Apple

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The Difference Between Hide My Email in iCloud+ and Sign in with Apple

As part of its ongoing commitment to increase user privacy, Apple unveiled the Conceal My Email feature, which allows users to hide your email address when signing up for accounts in applications and websites. This functionality, however, is only accessible in two places: Sign in with Apple and iCloud+. And it behaves somewhat differently in each situation.

Here’s an outline of how Hide My Email differs between the two services and how to decide which to use.

What Does the Hide My Email Feature Do?

Hide My Email allows you to create accounts and submit online forms using a randomly created, anonymous email address. When you use Safari to sign up for or sign in to an account, the predictive text bar above the keyboard will include the option Hide My Email.

This feature’s random email address will automatically route messages to the email address linked with your Apple ID. You may disable or deactivate email forwarding from any of these addresses at any time.

Using Sign in with Apple to Hide Your Email

Signing in with Apple is an alternative to other SSO (single sign-on) alternatives like Facebook and Google. When establishing app accounts or signing up on the web, you may utilize Sign in with Apple to disguise your email address.

When you sign in with Apple and pick Hide My Email, your device will produce a random email address and validate it with your Apple ID. Messages from that email will be forwarded to your personal email address.

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These logins may be managed in the Apple ID area of your device’s Settings app. Tap Apps Using Apple ID under Password & Security. You may access your anonymous email address, disable email forwarding, and remove accounts from there.

Using Hide My Email With iCloud+

Hide My Email is also available as an iCloud+ privacy option. Hide My Email differs from the free version with iCloud+. Sign in with Apple since it has far broader applications.

All paid iCloud plans, beginning at $0.99 per month, include it.

Apps and websites are not required to implement the iCloud+ feature; it just produces an anonymous email address that functions in the same way as your real address anyplace else on the web.

In addition, you may construct a random email address in the Settings app at any moment. Simply include a comment describing its purpose, and then use that email address to log in to accounts, sign up for newsletters, and get promotional discounts without being bombarded with spam.

You may also set up an email address to serve as a contact method on your portfolio website, which you can immediately deactivate (and change) if you start getting spam.

Should you pay for iCloud+ or use Sign in with Apple?

Sign in with AppleiCloud+
PriceFreeStarts at $0.99/month
AvailabilityLimited to apps and websites that support Sign in with AppleAvailable anywhere you use an email address

Hide My Email is a very handy tool for security and spam prevention if you already pay for iCloud storage. To utilize Hide My Email, you must enhance your iCloud storage if you are not a paid iCloud subscriber.

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It is up to you whether you should start paying for iCloud+.

You won’t have to pay if you just use Hide My Email in applications and on websites that support Sign in with Apple. iCloud+, on the other hand, may be a desirable purchase if you wish to utilize the function outside of the applications and websites that support Sign in with Apple.

These Are Two Solid Options for Increasing Email Privacy

The distinctions between the two types of Hide My Email may seem complex at first, but really reduce down to cost and flexibility. You may use the free Hide My Email app everywhere Apple Sign in is offered. As a premium iCloud user, you can also utilize Hide My Email in iCloud+ to generate random anonymous email addresses that you may use anywhere you need them.

When determining whether to increase your iCloud storage plan, keep in mind your iCloud storage requirements and how that may be an extra advantage of iCloud+.

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