The Best Ways to Spell Check in Google Chrome

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The Best Ways to Spell Check in Google Chrome

Spelling correctly is not just a politeness; it is also an indication of intellect and knowledge. Spell checking is also a breeze using Google Chrome.

To create a good impression nowadays, you don’t even need to know how to spell. If you’re wise, you’ll just use one of the numerous free spell check applications available, some of which can also repair your grammar. You may also enhance your native spelling abilities on the fly by paying attention to the corrections made by these programs.

How to Set Up Spell Checking in Google Chrome

Chrome has a built-in spell checker, which should be activated by default. The dictionary is normally set to your operating system’s language, but you may add and swap between various languages. This spell checker also has a more powerful version that use Google search spell checking technologies. This, however, requires your text to be sent via Google’s servers. So let’s go through each option in depth.

How to Enable Spell Check in Google Chrome

Follow these instructions to activate or disable the spell checker in Google Chrome:

  1. Select Settings from the menu button in the upper right corner of the browser toolbar.
  2. To explore more options, scroll to the bottom and select Advanced.
  3. Scroll down to Languages and choose Spell check to open the appropriate selection.
  4. By clicking the slider next to the corresponding language, you may enable or disable Chrome’s spell check. The spell checker is activated using a blue slider.

Note 1: You may add and update custom spellings at the bottom of the list by choosing the appropriate option. You may basically add words to Google’s default vocabulary, which is useful for names or technical terminology that Chrome’s spell check does not recognize.

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Note 2: You may also use an improved spell checker, which can detect problems such as a missing space or hyphen. Go to Privacy and security > Sync and Google services > Enhanced spell check at the bottom of the list under Settings > Advanced.

How to Add Additional Languages to Google Chrome’s Spell Checker

Does Chrome not recognize the language you wish to spell check? Chrome’s spell checker only recognizes your system’s default language.

Here’s how to add another language:

  1. Click Add languages to expand the Language menu.
  2. Select the language you want to add and press the Add button.

Return to the spell check menu and activate the spell checker once you’ve added a language to Chrome.

How to Use Google Chrome’s Spell Checker

After you’ve added languages and activated the spell checker, you may be wondering how Chrome knows when to spell check and which language to use.

Chrome spell checks words in all text fields by default, including Gmail and most third-party websites. When you misspell a word, a red squiggly line should appear underneath it. If you activated the improved spell check, you may also see a grey squiggly line indicating a different issue, such as a missing space.

Find the Right Spelling With Google Chrome

When you notice a misspelled word, right-click it to see Google’s recommendation, which appears at the top of the context menu.

Make sure to enable Ask Google for ideas to get access to advanced results. Google will employ its prediction engine to provide better recommendations for difficult-to-interpret typos or phrases.

Add Words to Your Custom Dictionary

If Chrome misspells a term, you don’t have to go to the Settings menu to add a new word. Simply right-click the term and choose Add to dictionary from the context menu. The spell checker will no longer highlight that term.

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Please keep in mind that your personalized dictionary is the same regardless of the language you choose.

Manage Chrome’s Spell Checker On-the-Fly

Chrome’s spell check function may be turned on or off at any moment. You may also change Chrome’s language at the same time.

  1. Select Spellcheck from the menu when you right-click in a text field.
  2. Check the spelling of text fields is selected in the settings menu.
  3. Select the right language or just All Languages.

Please keep in mind that Chrome may not automatically spell check large sentences. When you activate the spell checker, it will spell check anything you input. To analyze a lengthy text, such as when opening a post in WordPress, you may need to click each paragraph to launch Chrome’s spell check for that paragraph.

Chrome Spell Check Isn’t Working

If Chrome’s spell check isn’t functioning, try the instructions below:

  1. Click the three-dot menu, go to Options, search for spell check, and deactivate and re-enable all spell checking settings.
  2. In the Chrome extensions menu, disable third-party spell checkers: chrome:/extensions/
  3. Check Chrome’s status and restart it if necessary.

Alternative Spell Checkers for Chrome

Even when all capabilities are enabled, Google’s spell checker remains quite rudimentary since it does not evaluate grammar or style. Meanwhile, the Chrome Web Store has a variety of spell checkers. If you want a more complex tool, consider one of these excellent grammar checks.

Grammarly is a writing aid powered by AI that incorporates a contextual spell and grammar checker. It works in all text fields, much as Chrome’s default spell checker. It is the de facto gold standard for spell and grammar checking in your browser, with over 10 million users and a near flawless user rating.

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The free version detects significant grammatical and spelling mistakes. With the premium subscription, you receive access to sophisticated features such as vocabulary enhancement recommendations, genre-specific writing style checks, and a plagiarism detector.

If English is the only language you need to proofread, Grammarly is ideal. It does not, however, support additional languages.

Download: Grammarly (Free with optional paid plans)

Try this grammar and spell checker for Chrome if you need to proofread text in more than one language. It’s one of the most popular and well-rated spell checkers for Chrome, with about 250 thousand users and a 4.5/5 rating.

The free plan allows for 20,000 characters each check in more than 25 languages. Subscribing to a Premium or Enterprise subscription unlocks more features and API access. You don’t need an account to use it, your IP address isn’t tracked, and all data transfers required to deliver the service are encrypted.

Grammar and Spell Checker (Free) (Free with optional paid plans)

How Do you Spell Check and Proofread in Chrome?

A person, backed by technology, will always be the finest spell and grammar checker. Technology isn’t always clever enough to recognize context and may provide bizarre solutions. However, by asking Google for ideas, you may receive near to flawless repairs.

If you want to practice your English writing and grammar outside of the browser, we propose the following apps:

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