The Best Video Game Tracker Apps (Like Goodreads for Video Games)

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The Best Video Game Tracker Apps (Like Goodreads for Video Games)

Keeping track of your video game library may be tricky, particularly if it’s digital and spread across many platforms. To address this, you may utilize a video game tracker service to assist you in managing your collection so that you know what you possess, what you need to accomplish, and what you want to purchase in the future.

We’ve compiled a list of the top services for keeping track of your games. Consider them the equivalent of Goodreads or Letterboxd for video games.

These are the best video game trackers.

Grouvee features a great, clean UI that is simple to use. Because it is driven by Giant Bomb’s API, it is guaranteed to contain any game you wish to add (a user-editable wiki).

Each video game entry includes the average rating given by Grouvee users, a brief description of the game, the release date, platforms, publisher, and other relevant information.

Any game may have one of the following statuses: played, in progress, wishlist, backlog, or other shelf. This last option allows you to add as many shelves as you like to better arrange your games. You may also choose which platforms you played the game on, since you may possess it in several versions due to the significant variations between PC and console.

In addition to cataloging, Grouvee allows you to post comments to express your opinions on the game while you play it. The app prominently displays them on game pages, making it a natural pick if you’re looking for a gaming Goodreads. You may also keep track of how long it took you to complete a game and what degree of completion you obtained.

GG is a visually appealing website that concentrates on the essential aspects of a video game tracker.

You may seek for a particular game or browse trending or recently released games. Each game page includes platform information, images, videos, and the option to write a review.

You may also rapidly set your play status for each game. These include possibilities such as playing, being beaten, and being abandoned. If none of these alternatives suit you, you may design your own personalized list.

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One disadvantage of GG is that you must pay to clone existing lists or combine your own. This might be time-consuming when you initially start building your game library since you must manually enter each game. You also cannot mention the platform on which you own the game.

Completionator is an excellent pick for a basic video game tracker, but it also has a slew of added features that elevate it beyond the competition.

Because you can import your Steam library, creating your game collection is a breeze. You may also manually make a list and import it. This makes it simple to rapidly construct your library.

You may monitor video games in a variety of ways, including what platform you own them on, what condition they’re in, your current play status, and more. You may also get an estimate on the worth of your collection.

Completionator is distinguished by its social component. It offers a forum where you may talk to other people. More intriguing is the chance to accomplish tasks set by others. This is similar to a book club in that you all agree to play a game and then discuss it.

HowLongToBeat, as the name suggests, was created to determine the duration of a game. That’s crucial to know if you just have a limited amount of time to play or want to go through your backlog as quickly as possible—which is one approach to pick what game to purchase next.

The website also serves as a video game tracker. You may add games to your backlog and mark them as finished in different stages, such as whether you merely tackled the main plot or whether you went all out and accomplished the bonuses as well.

You may import your Steam games, which is quite useful, and HowLongToBeat will add them to your collection. You may then sift among them to discover how much time you’ll spend on each one.

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Because the site runs on community contributions, make remember to let others know how long it takes you to play a game after you’ve done it.

When the majority of our games are now digital, it’s a pity to lose out on the gratification of seeing everything neatly arranged on shelves—an key consideration when comparing physical games to digital games. That’s where Darkadia, a video game tracker, comes in, bringing your virtual library to life.

When you add a game to your shelf, you may quickly browse through all of them. When you click on a game, you may learn more about it, such as its release date and developer.

Importantly, there are several methods to categorize your collection. You may indicate various play states (such as finished or mastered), as well as the date and time it takes to reach them.

Two good features are the option to add private comments to a game (maybe to record the game’s digital game key) and the ability to export your collection so that you are not limited to Darkadia’s platform.

Backloggery is a basic service compared to the others described here, but it does the job of cataloging your video games.

Backloggery differs from the other systems in that it does not integrate with a video game database, therefore you will not see box art, screenshots, or other wonderful features. Instead of adding individual game entries to your account, you’re given a bunch of blank spaces to fill up.

You may enter the game’s name, system, and area before adding its status, ownership status, and review information. You may keep track of how many accomplishments you’ve obtained, if you’re presently playing the game, and whether it’s on your wishlist of video games.

Although this allows you to manage your games anyway you like, the manual nature makes it a more laborious experience than the other sites. Backloggery, on the other hand, fulfills its function as a basic video game tracker.

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Backloggd is a free tool that allows you to monitor your video games across all platforms. You can keep track of the games you own, are now playing, and have previously played. Because Backloggd’s portfolio contains unreleased titles, you may also create a wishlist.

You can simply search your library using filters and sorting techniques, and you can rate and review games to remind yourself of what you thought of them. Furthermore, there is an active community where you can interact with other players and compare your libraries.

Backloggd has you covered if you like data. It includes detailed statistics about your library, such as your favorite genres, how the library has grown over time, your preferred platforms, ownership split (digital, subscription, or physical), and much more.

All of data is available on a video game tracker website that is well-designed, simple to use, and constantly updated. It’s a fantastic option.

Organize Your Collection With Game Launchers

The game tracking service you choose will be determined by your requirements, such as if you want to import from Steam or seek social features. Examine all of the options we’ve discussed and decide which one is best for you. Then have fun keeping track of your video games!

We’ve already discussed how to keep track of your whole video game library across all platforms. You could also try collecting all of your PC games into a single launcher for simple access.

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