The Best TV Remote Apps for Android and iPhone

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The Best TV Remote Apps for Android and iPhone

Did you know that you can control your TV with your smartphone? All you need is one of these Android or iPhone TV remote applications.

TV remote applications may or may not work with all TVs. However, if you choose the finest remote control software for your requirements, you’ll be able to manage your TV, smart home gadgets, set-top boxes, and other devices.

This post will show you how to choose the best TV remote app for your smartphone.

1. Android TV Remote Control

The Android TV Remote Control app is a Google-approved product. It can control any Android TV device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone.

If your Android TV device connects by wired ethernet (which is often suggested for better video playing), you may also connect over Bluetooth if your Android TV box allows it.

The D-pad and touchpad controls are available in the remote app. You may use your voice to search by touching on the microphone button (again, assuming your Android TV box supports voice search).

The Android TV Remote Control app is compatible with all Android TV boxes, regardless of brand.

Download: Android TV Remote Control for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Amazon Fire TV Remote

If all you need is a remote app for your Amazon Fire TV, you should use the official app.

It can operate the device using a mix of touchpad and voice inputs, much as the Android TV remote app. There’s also a text input tool, which will spare you from having to carefully type every online URL or YouTube search query using the Fire TV’s on-screen keyboard.

The Amazon Fire TV Remote app organizes all of your Fire TV applications into a single list for easy access.

Don’t worry if you have many Fire TV devices in your home. The remote software makes it simple to switch between units.

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Download: Amazon Fire TV Remote for Android | iOS

3. Universal Remote For RCA

So far, the two TV remote applications we’ve looked at both concentrate on managing a single device. But what if you want a remote control software that can handle numerous devices at the same time? A universal remote app is required.

In such case, you should look at the Android version of the Universal Remote For RCA. It is compatible with your TV, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, and a variety of streaming devices.

Be aware that the setup procedure may take some time; you may need to try out many different RCA TV models before finding one that works.

Download: RCA Universal Remote for Android (Free)

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4. Roku

Roku, like the other major streaming players, produces a smartphone version of their physical TV remote. It is free to download on both Android and iOS.

The remote app is equally feature-rich as its physical counterpart. Netflix, The Roku Channel, and your other Roku applications are accessible through on-screen buttons. You may also listen quietly with headphones and use voice search. You may also use the mobile app to cast material straight from your Android or iOS smartphone.

Download: Roku for Android | iOS (Free)

5. TV Remote Control for Samsung

Some readers may be unsurprised to hear that several TV makers’ official remote applications are underwhelming. They have received uniformly negative feedback from other users.

But aid is on the way. Some developers have taken matters into their own hands and created third-party IR applications. One such example is the TV Remote Control for Samsung app.

There are no flashy visuals or ridiculous gimmicks. The picture of a real Samsung remote has been duplicated and transformed into a touch-friendly version by the author. The feedback has been overwhelmingly good.

Unfortunately, the software is only accessible for Android users.

Download: TV Remote Control for Samsung for Android (Free)

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6. Universal Remote TV Smart

Screenshot of Universal Remote TV Features
Image Credit: Apple

Our next suggestion is an iOS-only software called Universal Remote TV Smart. It can operate TVs from all major brands, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, and Hitachi.

The program is quite simple to install. The remote app will automatically recognize all TVs on your network as long as it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV.

You may use Universal Remote TV Smart to control your TV’s volume, channels, play/pause video, power on/off, and access settings menus and other on-screen components.

Download: Universal Remote TV Smart for iOS (Free)

7. Remote Control for Hisense Smart TV

If you own a Hisense smart TV, this Android app serves as the digital remote. It has the same aesthetics as the actual remote but converts it to digital form.

That means you’ll have access to the red, green, yellow, and blue buttons, as well as Netflix and YouTube hot buttons, on-screen menus, and input choices.

The program is free to use, but it contains advertisements. Make a one-time payment inside the app to eliminate the advertising. The purchase will eradicate advertisements for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, this Hisense remote is only available for Android; there is no iOS counterpart. Your Hisense TV must be IR-capable, and your phone must have an IR blaster.

Android Remote Control for Hisense Smart TV Download (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Lean Remote

Lean Remote is a popular and dependable universal remote software for Android. The software was once available on iOS, but support has since been discontinued.

The versatility of the Lean Remote app is its finest feature. You may use it to operate Android TV boxes, Roku boxes, air conditioning systems, soundbars, DVD players, and other smart devices in your house, in addition to your TV.

It supports both Wi-Fi and IR devices.

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The app is ad-supported, and there is no option to eliminate the adverts, unlike the previously described Remote Control for Hisense Smart TV.

Download: Lean Remote for Android (Free)

9. Yatse

Yatse is intended as a remote control program for Kodi, but it also supports Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, and files on your own hard drive. It is, once again, exclusively accessible on Android smartphones.

Using the remote, you may stream content from your favorite app straight to UPnP, AirPlay, Chromecast, FireTV, Roku, and Smart TV devices.

Android Wear devices, offline media, and audiobooks are also supported.

An integrated audio player with gapless playback and support for numerous codecs, a mechanism to write custom commands, voice commands, and various themes are among the features.

Yatse may be downloaded on Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

10. Official Kodi Remote

The official Kodi remote for iOS is the last app on our list. You may use this app to control playback and interact with the numerous on-screen menus if you have Kodi installed on your smart TV or set-top box.

Volume controls, the option to connect to numerous Kodi installations on various devices, simple playlist management, artwork displays, a means to switch between stored media and any TV channels you run via Kodi, and support for Kodi’s DVR/PVR capability are among the app’s noteworthy features.

All-In-One Universal TV Remotes

Apps for TV remote control are useful. They can help you if you lose the actual gadget or if the batteries run out. Even the greatest TV remote applications, however, lack the versatility of the best all-in-one universal TV remotes.

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