The Best Free Microsoft Office Calendar Templates for Staying Organized

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The Best Free Microsoft Office Calendar Templates for Staying Organized

Are you ready to start the new year? Perhaps you are, but your workplace is not. These useful free calendar templates for Microsoft Office might help you get the new year off to a good start.

You may utilize them in programs such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. If you want, you may just print them and write down your events. In either case, make sure you’re prepared for the new work year by using a handy template to build the calendar you’ll need.

Weekly Calendar Templates

If you are a weekly planner, you will need a calendar template that is restricted to weeks. As you scroll below, you’ll see a constant stream of weeks from Vertex42 for Excel. Each day offers plenty of room for new goods. You may also reuse the template by changing the year in the upper right corner and adjusting the start day for your week.

Vertex42 provides another excellent template for a weekly calendar that divides each day into time slots. Set the week’s start date at the top, and the dates will automatically update. The workbook is divided into two weeks, each with its own tab, and the time slots are divided into 15-minute increments.

Monthly Calendar Templates

This Calendarlabs option is ideal for a lovely and easy monthly calendar for Microsoft Word. Each month of the year is on its own page, is readily modifiable, and includes the important US holidays.

Calendarlabs also provides a Word template for a monthly calendar that just displays dates and includes a space for notes. It’s brilliant blue in color, and the US holidays have already been placed into the notes area for you.

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Vertex42 gives a variety of solutions if you want a monthly calendar for Excel rather than Word. This first one is appealing and functional, with each month in its own tab. You may enter a calendar title and view the surrounding months at the top, making planning simple.

With its black and white style, the next Excel template from Vertex42 conserves colorful ink. You have plenty of area to add your activities and appointments, and you can see the previous and next months, much like the one above.

Would you rather use PowerPoint to create your calendar and include some picture fun? This Microsoft Office monthly template includes a slide for each month as well as two slots for images. This is ideal for inserting an image of your company logo for commercial purposes or treasured family photos for personal usage.

Quarterly Calendar Templates

Calendarlabs’ quarterly calendar is an excellent compact choice, with three months per page. This one, like the monthly one with the notes area, shows the dates per month with a space for comments on the side. Again, US holidays are included in the comments area, and the template is accessible in Word.

If you want a quarterly calendar for Word with more area to write or type your events, this one from Calendarlabs provides that. Instead of a notes section, the months are uniformly spaced out for extra room.

This horizontal alternative from CalendarPedia is another quarterly calendar template for Word, but with a different perspective. The three months featured on each page are in a list format and are titled 2018 Calendar Template 7. So, whether you like to plan this manner or use the template as a supplement, it’s an excellent choice.

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Yearly Calendar Templates

Calendarlabs offers a decent template for a simple annual calendar that you can use to simply check, highlight, or circle events. You may save it as a Word, PDF, or picture file.

Perhaps you have a color printer and would want an annual calendar that is more than just black and white. This portrait Word template from Calendarlabs features a colorful backdrop with US holidays highlighted in red for quick reference.

If you want a calendar that you can use year after year without having to find a new design, go no further than Microsoft Office’s Excel option. Simply choose the year field, enter in the year you want, then press Enter. The calendar will adapt automatically to match the year for you.

Calendarpedia has an excellent year-at-a-glance template called 2018 Calendar Template 9 on their website. The calendar is accessible in Word and presents the year in landscape mode with a splash of color.

Specialty Calendar Templates

In certain cases, you may need a calendar that offers more than simply a monthly or annual choice. These specialized calendar templates might assist you in organizing your schoolwork, money, and employment.

Academic Calendar

If you are in school, planning is essential to your success. Microsoft Office’s Excel academic calendar template might be useful. Simply enter the current year at the top to get the calendar for the whole year starting in August. Don’t forget to include those vital school materials.

Fiscal Calendar

Is a fiscal calendar for the full year really necessary? This template from Calendarpedia allows you to see the fiscal year at a glance. This colorful choice for Word, titled Fiscal Calendar 2018 Template 4, also includes the federal holidays at the bottom.

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Shift Work Calendar

If you work varied shifts at your job, maintaining a calendar for you and your family is crucial. This Vertex42 shift work calendar for Excel makes it simple to stay organized. Enter the current year at the top, then use the color codes to distinguish between day and night shifts, or those in between. You may also specify the start date and utilize a rotating pattern.

If you want to try your hand at making your own calendar template, it’s much simpler than you think. Check out this post on generating an Excel template or this one on developing a OneNote calendar template.

Do You Use More Than One Type of Calendar?

You may utilize one or all of the free calendar template choices available. Perhaps you use a weekly calendar to record meetings but prefer a monthly calendar to view activities at a glance.

Do you use a certain sort of calendar, or do you have more than one? Do you have any additional free calendar layouts to recommend? Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

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