The Best Free Email Accounts Worth Considering

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The Best Free Email Accounts Worth Considering

Everyone is familiar with Gmail. But what about the other free email services available? Gmail may be the most popular and well-known, but it doesn’t always mean it’s the finest.

So, what more is available? Here are some of the top free email accounts available today.

Outlook (previously known as Hotmail) was one of the earliest free independent email systems. In fact, it was the most used email service in the world until it was dethroned by Gmail in 2012.

The service has undergone various rebrandings throughout the years, with the present version being one of the finest in terms of aesthetic and use. It looks and feels a lot like the other online programs in Office Online, so if you’re used to them, you’ll feel right at home here.

It provides a lot of complex features, including as 100 GB of storage, OneDrive integration, and support for custom domain names.

Yandex is a Russian corporation active in several online endeavors, including web search, where it presently ranks as Russia’s leading search engine. Yandex Browser, Yandex Launcher, and Yandex Disk for cloud storage are among the other services available.

You’ll receive 10 GB of storage space, as well as message timers, customized interfaces, and a unified inbox.

The UI is also solid. It’s not just sleek and easy to use, but it also contains most of the features you’d need for a smooth experience, such as labels, categories, reminders, message templates, and programmable hotkeys.

The Zoho Corporation is best known for its Zoho Office Suite, an excellent free alternative to Microsoft Office, but their free email service is also not bad. The greatest part is that it is really free—there are no commercials! With Zoho Mail, you can even set up email at your domain for free.

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Zoho Mail is designed for professionals. It has numerous essential features like as multi-level folders, complicated rules and filters, tabbed and threaded views, advanced search, message templates, and a power user interface.

You’ll receive 5 GB of email storage after signing up for Zoho Mail. If you want more space, you must pay for a premium membership.

Yahoo! Mail was one of the major three free email account services back in the day, and although it’s still widely used, it’s definitely gone out of favor in recent years.

The UI is plain and simple, yet not so simple that it seems obsolete or missing. Its feature set is obviously minimal, but it’s not awful for a web-based email service.

And, with a 1 TB storage capacity, Yahoo! Mail effectively provides infinite storage. Attachments are restricted to 25 MB in size, so even the most ardent email user would struggle to take up that much capacity in a single lifetime.

If security and privacy are important to you in an email service, ProtonMail is the one for you. ProtonMail is one of the greatest free encrypted email solutions online, created by a CERN researcher and his research team of Harvard and MIT students.

ProtonMail is secured by Swiss privacy regulations and a two-password mailbox encryption method. Emails are likewise encrypted before storage, and no metadata is retained (not even your IP address).If you choose, you can even send self-destructing texts.

Users on the free plan receive 5 GB of storage and 1,000 messages each day. Labels, custom filters, folders, and custom domain support are among the other features.

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GMX Mail has been in operation since 1997, yet surprisingly few people have heard of it. It has grown in popularity to the point that it was able to buy and its subscribers in 2010, bringing it to 11 million active users in 2015.

You receive unlimited email storage, a 50 MB attachment file size restriction, 65 GB of file storage, and up to two layers of nested folders with GMX Mail.

GMX Mail includes cloud file storage, which is a huge plus. The online client also includes a contacts manager and a calendar organizer, which are both handy.

We bet you had no idea AOL (previously known as America Online) was still in business. In reality, it now maintains a large number of goods, such as a search engine, a video player, and a free email service.

AOL Mail provides 1 TB of email storage with a 25 MB attachment file size restriction. AOL Mail doesn’t provide much more than the essential functions you’d expect from a free email provider.

The UI is a little rough around the edges, and it is ad-supported. Overall, it’s neither good nor bad.

Tutanota is a free email service with a heavy emphasis on privacy.

Encrypted transmission, end-to-end encrypted email storage, contact storage, end-to-end encryption of all internal communications, TOTP for second-factor authentication, and a no-log policy are among the outstanding privacy features.

You will also receive multi-user support, custom domain support, and alias addresses.

The free version of the software has 1 GB of storage and only supports one calendar. Paid plans begin at €12 per month.

You will have an iCloud email address if you have ever signed up for an Apple ID account (depending on how old your account is, your address may be or, but they all come under the iCloud umbrella).

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Everyone gets 5GB of iCloud storage, but bear in mind that the capacity is split between iCloud Photos, iCloud Drive, and your macOS/iOS backups, so you may hit the limit sooner than you think.

We’ll finish with Guerrilla Mail. It gives you a disposable email account to use when you don’t want to submit your actual email address on a web form or sign up for a service.

You do not need to create an account to utilize the service since it is a burner email. Moreover, unlike some of its rivals, the email address will never expire. Instead, only the emails themselves will become obsolete. They will be inaccessible one hour after they arrive in your email.

It’s crucial to know that emails sent to Guerrilla Mail are not private, so don’t use it for sensitive conversations.

Should You Dump Gmail?

Gmail is good unless you have a particular issue about one of its features, don’t trust it to respect your privacy, or wish to avoid Google as much as possible. In such case, you should give these a go.

We encourage you to experiment with different options whenever possible. You never know when you could come upon an option that you simply like.

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