The 9 Best Compass Apps for Android

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The 9 Best Compass Apps for Android

You may use an Android smartphone to monitor your route, speed, distance, and altitude by downloading a compass app. At its most basic, a compass app should utilize your phone’s sensors to assist you in navigating unfamiliar terrain and returning to your current position.

Here’s our list of nine best compass apps for Android.

1. Compass 360 Pro

Compass 360 Pro is undoubtedly the greatest free compass software for Android to use in regions with limited internet access. The app seems to be correct the majority of the time and works totally offline.

To display readings, the app makes use of your phone’s magnetic sensor. It has magnetic and true north, as well as self-variation and the ability to display your altitude, longitude, and latitude. You may acquire specific instructions by using the tool’s decimal bearing, or you can get broad directions by using the cardinal bearing.

In addition, the Android app includes a dampened compass card that swings naturally to offer easy orientation. This, along with its flexibility to function everywhere in the world, makes it an excellent pick for daring globetrotters. It’s also very configurable, with a variety of skins and languages to select from.

Download: Compass 360 Pro (Free)

2. Compass Steel

Compass Steel is a straightforward, ad-free compass app with true and magnetic heading. The compass is praised for its precision and excellent contrast for easier reading. The self-calibrating software has a tilt-compensation function that aids in accurate measurements. You may also specify and store target directions.

It also has a sun and moon orientation indicator and a selection of colorful themes.

Download: Compass Steel (Free)

3. Digital Compass

If you want a simple design that displays both magnetic and true north, Digital Compass can be for you.

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The app can tell you what direction you’re facing, including bearing, azimuth, and degree. Find your present position, slope angle, altitude, sensor status, and magnetic field strength with the compass.

A magnetometer, accelerator, gyroscope, and gravity are used to construct Digital Compass. As such, you may use it for a variety of purposes, including adjusting your TV antenna, locating horoscopes, and displaying Qibla direction.

You may also add a direction pointing marker and correct less accurate readings using the app. Simply wave your gadget in a “figure 8” motion to calibrate.

Download: Digital Compass (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Compass

The Compass features magnetic and true heading, as well as a variety of longitude and latitude formats. It gives simple-to-remember location codes that may be used in place of street addresses. Even better, you may view readings when the device is closed or while running other programs.

The software lets you note your present position so you can simply return to where you came from. You may also use a map to identify your chosen azimuth and copy and paste GPS information.

Compass by Fulmine Software does not need any further permissions. The navigation app, like these offline GPS applications for Android, functions without a data connection or GPS.

Download: Compass (Free) | Compass Pro ($2.49)

5. Just a Compass

Just a Compass is an ad-free compass app with a simple UI and no extraneous permissions.

It displays your real altitude as well as numerous latitude and longitude formats. However, in order to view the address of your present position, you must connect your Android smartphone to the internet.

The app also displays dawn and sunset timings. It also supports the UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinate system for assigning coordinates on the earth’s surface, as well as the EGM96 (Earth Gravitational Model) for geoid reference.

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Download: Just a Compass (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Compass Galaxy

Compass Galaxy is a simple compass app with no extraneous permissions. It is ideal for beginners because to its basic interface and limited functionality.

The compass has few advertisements and consumes minimal device memory. The app will also notify you when it needs to be calibrated. To calibrate it, just make a “figure 8” motion with your Android smartphone.

Download: Compass Galaxy (Free)

7. Compass Steel 3D

Compass Steel 3D has features such as self-calibration and true and magnetic heading. It’s also ad-free and comes in a variety of color schemes.

The compass seems to move in 3D when you tilt your Android handset, almost as if you were holding a genuine compass.

The app includes a sun and moon direction indicator, as well as sun and moon timings. It does, however, need access to your GPS coordinates. This should not be a source of concern since the program utilizes these to compute the useful true heading.

Download: Compass Steel 3D (Free)

8. Smart Compass

Smart Compass includes a GPS speedometer, a screen capture tool, and a metal detector that uses your phone’s magnetic sensor to assess the magnetic field.

The compass features a regular mode that utilizes the camera on your smartphone to provide a real-time view of your surroundings. Night, digital, telescopic, and a Google Maps mode with satellite and street maps are all available.

To eliminate advertisements, you must upgrade to the Pro version. The premium version includes a vehicle locator, Qibla finder, personal metal detector, and the ability to share your GPS position.

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Download: Smart Compass (Free) | Smart Compass Pro ($2.50)

9. Compass

Compass is an ad-free software that is simple to use and calibrate. For maximum accuracy, the app includes a magnetic declination adjustment tool.

You may install it instantly (even on your SD card) and begin searching for new locations by name or address. This is how to transfer applications to an SD card.

The Android compass app supports several coordinate systems and displays the angle in degrees. It computes elevation using EGM96 and displays horizontal accuracy depending on the GPS sensor on your phone.

It may be used to compute height above sea level or to identify the quickest path to a location. The program also assists you in locating Qibla, saving locations for subsequent tracking, and determining dawn and sunset timings.

Download: Compass (Free, in-app purchases available)

Enjoy the Convenience of a Compass on Your Android Device

Phone compass applications are excellent for determining your position and returning direction. The majority of the applications we’ve mentioned are free and simple to use, with no installation required.

Navigating through the uncharted and unexplored world, on the other hand, may be difficult, and your compass may fail. As a result, you may want to consider using alternative travel applications to make your visits easier and more enjoyable.

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