The 9 Best Color by Number Apps for Android

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The 9 Best Color by Number Apps for Android

Coloring books are a common pastime among children. Coloring is a beneficial pastime since it relaxes the mind and relieves tension.

This pastime, however, is not limited to children. You may also enjoy digital coloring on your phone without the need for real coloring books or equipment.

On Google Play, you’ll discover several fantastic color or paint by number applications that assign a number to each color and designate the locations where you should apply that number. These applications provide simple features that allow you to express your creativity.

So, here are nine of the finest color by number applications for Android phones.

1. ColorPlanet

ColorPlanet is an adult paint-by-numbers software. It contains a large selection of over 5000 coloring pages, so you’ll never be bored. Designs are available in a variety of categories, including flowers, people, animals, buildings, cartoons, landscapes, and cuisine.

The app gives useful instructions to assist you during the game. You may also see your most recent artworks, works in progress, and finished works.

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ColorPlanet also provides some premium features. You can eliminate adverts from the app and receive limitless tips to aid you with intricate designs if you upgrade to the premium edition. In its premium edition, the software allows for offline painting.

Download: ColorPlanet (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Paint by Number

Paint by Number is an art drawing tool for coloring in your favorite artworks. It has many design categories, including animals, flowers, locations, and personalities.

The program has a section for renowned paintings where you may color numerous great artworks. The top photographs of the year may be found in the Explore menu.

Some of the artwork and photographs may need payment, but the app will also provide you daily reward points to access premium artworks.

Musical graphics is a terrific feature in Paint by Number that enables you to color dynamic musical images with background music. The premium edition eliminates watermarks and provides an ad-free experience with limitless hints.

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Download: Paint by Number (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Coloring Book

Coloring Book is another another color-by-number software packed with features. It gives suggestions to folks who have never colored before and offers a fresh artwork to color every day to keep your daily streak going.

From the Discover option, you may look for popular animations, artist packs, and top-of-the-year artworks. The software maintains track of your ongoing and finished tasks.

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Coloring Book contains several features that may be unlocked by viewing advertisements. It also lets you choose from some of the world’s most renowned paintings, such as the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, The Last Supper, and many more.

Download: Coloring Book (Free)

4. Happy Color

Happy Color has over 15 categories of unique patterns, including hobbies, holidays, horoscopes, personalities, locations, and many more. There are also three unique categories: Blend, Rare, and Mystery.

By checking the app on a regular basis, you may get a unique artwork via the daily prize. It can automatically choose appropriate colors for your artwork; all you have to do is fill in the corresponding numerical field.

Happy Color’s free edition contains advertisements that may be eliminated by upgrading to the premium version. All in-app features are completely free.

Download: Happy Color (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Colorscapes

Colorscapes is a coloring software with a large selection of photos and drawings to color. It contains 33 distinct categories and hundreds of different designs. You may also see the gallery’s Editors’ Choice content.

It also suggests celebratory designs, such as artworks for Independence Day, Halloween, Easter, and other holidays.

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You may examine the work of other artists by visiting their profiles. The app tracks your progress and lets you join the community to share your artwork.

You may view all of the images, get limitless tips, and have an ad-free experience by purchasing its annual and monthly premium subscriptions. It should be noted that certain VIP artworks are paid for and may only be obtained via subscription.

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Download: Colorscapes (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Tap Color Pro

Tap Color Pro is another another coloring book app featuring a plethora of coloring sheets. It has a paint by number capability that allows you to color any picture with only a few touches. It contains several categories where you may look for a photo of your choosing.

You may create a daily streak by taking part in daily challenges and saving the photographs you like for later usage. The software will automatically store your progress under your profile.

Tap Color Pro also features animated pictures that you must unlock by watching an advertisement. You may also use this app to connect with other artists by joining the Facebook group. Signing up with Facebook also grants you free tips.

Download: Tap Color Pro (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Art Number Coloring

Art Number Coloring is a simple painting software that includes a color-by-number function. It includes several different categories to pick from, such as plants, animals, and many more. The software also includes shading effects and hint layer flashing.

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Your progress and projects are saved in the My Works area of Art Number Coloring. It also has an offline coloring mode. Simply download the image you wish to color and color it offline.

This app’s coloring sheets and features are all free. You may share your work on social networking sites with a single touch. Its premium version has no advertisements.

Art Number Coloring (Download) (Free, in-app purchases available)br />

8. No.Pix

No. Pix is a color-by-number software for adults and children that focuses on pixel art. It is unusual in that it enables you to color photos per pixel. Because the software enables offline mode, an internet connection is not required.

This app, like several of the others on this list, features a daily mission element to help you develop your streak. It has a plethora of coloring sheets and categories for you to explore. You may build bespoke artwork from your gallery photographs in addition to the built-in designs.

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No.Pix only provides certain features in its premium edition. The premium edition includes video images and watermark removal.

Download: No.Pix (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Pixel Art

Pixel Art, as the name indicates, is a color-by-number program for pixel art enthusiasts. It contains various 2D and 3D artworks for you to choose from, and you can even make your own pixel art.

The app features a library that is routinely updated and displays seasonal and occasional designs at the top. Pixel Art Camera may also be used to pixelate your own images. Simply upload any image and tweak the complexity to prepare it for pixel coloring.

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It should be noted that certain designs are restricted and may only be viewed by purchasing the premium edition. If you like the free edition, you can unlock all of the app’s content with an in-app payment.

Download: Pixel Art (Free, in-app purchases available)

Discover the Artist Inside You With These Apps

Color by number applications allow you to escape from the stresses of life and engage in a pleasurable hobby for a short period of time. These applications might be helpful in relieving tension.

The applications described above cater to a variety of interests, including basic photographs, historical paintings, pixel art, and bespoke pictures. These applications were chosen from among the hundreds of coloring apps available on Google Play.

If you don’t like the notion of coloring by numbers, try these basic coloring applications for Android.

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