The 8 Best Slack Games and Fun Apps for Remote Teams

The 8 Best Slack Games and Fun Apps for Remote Teams
The 8 Best Slack Games and Fun Apps for Remote Teams

With the advent of remote and hybrid work models in recent years, companies have required to discover solutions for communication and collaboration.

Slack was one of the work communication systems that was up to the task. However, gazing at your computer screen all day during working hours without engaging in social activities might reduce your productivity.

Didn’t we say Slack was up for the task? Here are a few interesting integrations for your remote teams:

You’ve undoubtedly played this game on paper before, and you can now do it digitally in your office using Slack. Just be cautious since this game may easily consume a whole day, particularly because sessions have no time restriction.

To begin playing, go to your Slack App directory and install the game. To fill the board, slide into a channel of your choosing and click /ttt. Then, using the @mention command, you may start playing with any of your coworkers on the channel.

The game’s rules are straightforward. Each player takes turns putting a “x” or a “o” on the board until one person has three letters in a row, column, or diagonal.

Another timeless favorite that you will love playing on Slack with your coworkers. Simply install the game from the Slack App Directory, then enter /codenames to launch it and begin playing. If you know the game’s rules, you can get straight into the action.

After starting the game on a channel, you must have at least two players join the red and blue teams before pressing the Start Game button. You can easily learn how to play the game if you are unfamiliar with it.

We’re sure you’ve missed the strange talks around the water cooler. Those unplanned social events let you get to know your coworkers better and boost teamwork.

It, if you’ve been wondering how to set up a virtual water cooler at work, you can do so right here on Slack using Donut. Simply add it to your Slack workplace, and it will invite members and start conversations. This tool may match workers from various departments to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak with one another.

Donut may also assist in connecting new recruits with onboarding colleagues to ease the transition.

Answering Slack icebreaker questions is a quick and easy method to get to know your coworkers and welcome new staff. But you don’t have to worry about coming up with questions on your own. Simply install Icebreakers in your Slack workplace, add it to a channel, and it will create entertaining questions for you and your coworkers to respond.

To add to the fun and make it more competitive, you may give points for unique replies based on the complexity of the questions. This is not only for enjoyment. Knowing your coworkers will increase employee engagement and productivity.

Do you like learning new languages? You may add Word of the Hour to your Slack workplace to help you and your coworkers enhance your vocabulary. Every hour, this Slack software produces a new word and its translation in a variety of languages, including German, Italian, French, and Spanish.

After installing Word of the Hour, launch it with the following commands:

  • /getword to display the word of the hour
  • /getword help to show you all the commands
  • /getword to display the word of the hour in the specified language
  • /getword channel to send the current word to a channel

This Slack app could come in helpful on your next international trip.

Celebrating your coworkers’ birthdays is a terrific opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them while also sharing a pleasant experience or cherishing a memory you had with them. The issue is that you may not always remember everyone’s birthday.

BirthdayBot may be added to your Slack workplace to notify everyone about impending birthdays. Begin by adding BirthdayBot to your workplace and creating a channel through which you’d want to greet your coworkers a happy birthday. If your workplace is overcrowded, you may set up distinct channels for various departments.

People who choose to keep their birthdays secret may unsubscribe at any time.

Chess is one of the world’s oldest and most popular games. Those well-known checkered boards bring individuals from all countries and experiences together for a pleasant and demanding intellectual challenge.

ChessBot in Slack may provide a nice brain exercise and challenge. If you’ve installed ChessBot and challenged a coworker, the program will display a playing board once your invitation is accepted.

Move the pieces whenever ChessBot announces your turn until a winner is determined, or move them whenever you take a brief break and return to work. ChessBot also offers computer analysis at the conclusion of the game, allowing you to learn from your errors and improve your playing style.

You can’t go wrong with Giphy if you want to make internal communication more enjoyable. This integration gives you access to a large collection of animated GIFs to let you express yourself more entertainingly.

After installing Giphy in your workplace, you may customize its integration settings depending on the sort of GIFs you want to share. You may then input /giphy /topic> to obtain a GIF for that subject. For example, /giphy dog will show a GIF of a dog. You may also shuffle through the alternatives.

Boost Team Building and Productivity With These Slack Apps

Working from home may be hard and lonely at times. Making a virtual water cooler and playing games may help your remote staff connect and de-stress.

Thankfully, Slack is not merely a digital platform for corporate communication. Typing a few commands gives you access to some fun integrations that can help you have a relaxing break, know your colleagues better, and level up productivity.

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