The 8 Best ProtonMail Alternatives for Your Email Security

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The 8 Best ProtonMail Alternatives for Your Email Security

Despite the fact that ProtonMail is the market’s biggest secure email service, some customers may find its features uninteresting, despite its capacity to assure maximum data protection.

There are currently other email services competing with ProtonMail that provide similar, if not greater, email security. Here are a few ProtonMail alternatives to consider and learn how they secure your online privacy.

1. Tutanota

Tutanota, widely regarded as one of the greatest privacy-focused alternatives to ProtonMail, offers iOS and Android users an encrypted method to handle their email.

It encrypts all of your data so that snoopers can’t exploit it for commercial gain. According to the site, even administrators cannot decrypt or view your data.

The basic secure email plan is free to use. To register for an account, you do not need to enter a phone number or other personal information.

Tutanota also provides a completely secured calendar and contacts service. This site is a wonderful place to start for novices interested in learning more about internet privacy.

2. Disroot

Disroot provides internet services based on the principles of freedom, privacy, federation, and decentralization. They do this by deleting all tracking, advertisements, profiling, and data mining from your account.

Disroot relies on contributions and community support rather than investments or companies to fund their operations. They provide a range of data security services, including emails, spreadsheets, the cloud, and forums.

The Android app is accessible on their website and includes all of their services. You may not even need to register depending on the service you want.

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3. Posteo

Posteo is a for-profit email service based in Berlin, Germany, where data privacy rules are stricter than in other countries. Their subscription includes up to 2GB of storage, but you may upgrade to up to 20 GB.

Posteo is compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and registration requires no personal information. Posteo has even created its own payment mechanism.

Posteo does not accept advertising revenue, thus you will not see any advertisements while using their service or visiting their website. All of their services are free and provide a variety of customization possibilities. The only drawback is the lack of customer service and custom domain possibilities.

4. Mailfence

Mailfence has been in operation since 2013. It is a great alternative to ProtonMail since it offers a free and fully encrypted email system.

Because the service is private, you will not be traced, spammed, or exposed to government monitoring. They are headquartered in Belgium, which has strict privacy regulations.

You may confirm that an email was sent solely by you by using digitally signed emails. In addition to an encrypted email, you will get privacy-focused messages, calendars, documents, and contacts.

The Mailfence platform is browser-based and requires no extensions or plugins. Mailfence’s service may be improved by providing open-source code, but it’s still worth investigating.

5. Fastmail

Fastmail is the only provider on our list that does not offer a free subscription. It may be accessed by computer, smartphone, or PC.

You may also use this platform to encrypt your email, calendar, and contacts. Fastmail provides many custom domain email addresses from a single account if you want to keep your primary email address confidential.

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You can offer the appearance of professionalism while keeping private. Fastmail does not monitor your personal data, thus there are no advertisements. It provides a free 30-day trial of their platform, however it does not provide end-to-end encryption.

6. Vivaldi Mail

In reaction to Opera’s decision to discontinue its mail web client, Vivaldi launched a mail client service to their platform in November 2020.

Unlike ProtonMail, the new platform supports direct PGB-based email encryption and the import of your own PGB keys.

Vivaldi mail is not as complex as the other email systems on our list and needs a prior email address and phone number to get started. It’s compatible with all browsers and Android smartphones.

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7. Mailpile

The Mailpile platform is completely free and supported entirely by its community, allowing it to stay loyal to its objective of safeguarding your privacy. The program is open-source and does not show adverts while in use.

Mailpile can be used even if the internet is down, and it is quicker than cloud services. You may also utilize its search tool to swiftly locate your emails. It uses open PGP signatures to encrypt all of your emails.

Mailpile may be downloaded as a browser add-on and used with macOS, Windows, and Linux.

8. Barracuda

Barracuda is a well-known corporation that provides consumers with secure email services. They’ve also created a slew of additional secure services, including application and cloud security, network security, and data protection.

Because Barracuda is aimed at companies, it is not a natural alternative for ProtonMail because their core service does not offer encryption. Barracuda, on the other hand, tries to defend your email against 13 of the most hazardous email attacks.

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Barracuda defends you against digital dangers such as spam, phishing, and dangerous websites. Barracuda, on the other hand, is not the most secure email system available.

Take Advantage of These ProtonMail Alternatives

These ProtonMail alternatives provide at least as much privacy and security as ProtonMail.

All of these platforms provide encrypted services, and many of them are crowd-funded, which helps to prioritize your privacy. Now that your email is safe, it’s time to protect your web surfing.

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