The 8 Best Multiplayer Online Scrabble Games for Word Game Addicts

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The 8 Best Multiplayer Online Scrabble Games for Word Game Addicts

Crossword puzzles gave birth to one of the world’s most popular board games. It may have been named “Lexico” or “Criss Cross Words,” but James Brunot settled on Scrabble. It was a tremendous success when it debuted in a box, and it is still popular as an online game for word geeks.

Scrabble has also become a catch-all term for word games with similar mechanics. Even when the dust settles from copyright infringements, there remain a plethora of online Scrabble-like games to choose from. So, let’s have a look at some of the top online Scrabble games that are currently accessible.

When you first visit the website, the Internet Scrabble Club (ISC) will not capture your attention. Everything is pretty basic, yet the games are serious. Your greatest opportunity to pair up with skilled Scrabble players is hidden behind the basic surface.

Simply signup and choose your handle. After then, you may play in English, French, Romanian, Italian, or Dutch. You may also lurk and monitor other players, much as in chess.

This online multiplayer game has a professional air because to ISC’s extensive grading system. On ISC, the average rating is about 900, with experienced players ranking around 1,800. That means you should read our Scrabble strategy guide.

Scrabble clone Quadplex has similar gameplay. To play this game, you must have the Java plugin installed. The rules are the same: on a 15 by 15 game board, create words out of individual lettered tiles.

Simply choose Auto Start and you will be matched with an opponent without the need for a rating system. The words are created in a crossword format across and down and must appear in a normal dictionary.

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On Quadplex, you may play as a paying member or as a visitor. Membership provides you with an ad-free experience as well as the ability to participate in tournaments. Chats, playing versus the machine, statistics, and player forums are also available. Unlimited gaming costs $13 per month or $40 per year.

Lexulous (formerly known as Scrabulous) sprang to prominence a few years ago after being named in a lawsuit filed by Hasbro and Mattel. Since then, the uproar has subsided, and it remains one of the finest Facebook Instant games.

Sign up with an email address or your Facebook account, and then choose a handle. Then, for your first word war across the board, choose a room.

Lexulous provides several opportunities to exercise your gray matter. You may compete against opponents from certain nations in order to achieve “global dominance.” You may also compete against machines or play Lexulous Blitz, a fast-paced game. If you’re feeling lazy, you can even play the game by email.

Lexulous also offers an ad-free Pro edition with more gaming features. In any case, the Lexolous mobile applications allow you to play while on the go.

Lexulous is available on Android and iOS for $1.99 with in-app purchases.

Finding Scrabble games to play on the internet may be really tough. This little website addresses the issue by providing a whole gaming room’s worth of word games. This website is not linked with Hasbro Inc. in any manner. It’s a Scrabble fansite that pulls games from different websites.

Not all of the games adhere to the traditional Scrabble rules. However, you get a wonderful mix of multiplayer Scrabble-like games and solitary games to enjoy in your leisure time. Ignore the site’s outdated design and concentrate on the games instead.

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AOL is still there, and you may discover this multiplayer Scrabble game in one of its nooks. Okay, it’s not quite Scrabble, but it’s close. A 13 by 13 spread replaces the traditional 15 by 15 board. In addition, instead of seven letter tiles, you get six to mix into words.

There are three degrees of difficulty. Create your words in the Assembly Area before dragging them on the board. You may also play alone, but without the chatbox on the sidebar, it can feel lonely.

Words With Friends is a game that requires no introduction. The Zynga app may be downloaded through Facebook, the App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store. Play against your Facebook friends or a random person chosen by the app. This is one of the most comprehensive online imitation Scrabble games.

Turn on the weekly challenges or tackle it alone. Rewards and badges will motivate you. Because of its worldwide popularity, Words With Friends is available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and English.

The premium alternative for removing adverts is pricey ($29.99) across all devices. This is most likely a result of its global appeal. If you’re sick of hearing about Word With Friends, check out the greatest free word games for Android and iOS.

Words With Friends for Android | iOS Download (Free, in-app purchases)

When you want to cheat in Scrabble, you usually go for a Merriam-Webster dictionary. Resist the urge. To keep you interested, the dictionary site offers its own Scrabble game. You will be playing against the machine, but with all of the standard rules at your disposal.

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Scrabble Sprint is one of those addicting little games that you may play when you have a few minutes to kill. It’s a race since you only have a minute every turn to fill up the 64 places on the board with word tiles.

Believe me, it’s more harder than it seems. The ticking timer in the backdrop matches your pulse.

In the era of smartphones, an email-based turn-based word game seems archaic. However, Pixie Pit has amassed millions of games since its inception in 1998.

The standard Scrabble rules apply. You only need to submit your thoughts through email. You must make your move within seven days after your opponent’s word, or the game will end. This might result in relaxing games played at your own speed.

The site is ad-free thanks to a nominal yearly membership fee of $15 per player. However, a trial version is available. When this is one of those games you can play behind your boss’s back, that’s a steal.

Play Classic Board Games From Anywhere

Scrabble on a real board is often hampered by a lack of partners. That is why these multiplayer online Scrabble games are so enjoyable.

Scrabble’s popularity hasn’t waned in the least. There are several opportunities to play Scrabble or Scrabble-like word games. In addition to Scrabble, you can play other classic board games on your phone.

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