The 8 Best Linux Desktop Computers and Laptops You Can Buy

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The 8 Best Linux Desktop Computers and Laptops You Can Buy

The most frequent approach to use Linux is to replace Windows or macOS on an existing machine or to construct a new one.

Times have changed.

While Linux-powered PCs are not commonly sold in shops, they are readily available online. Several firms also specialize on producing Linux hardware. Here are some of the greatest Linux desktops and laptops on the market right now.

Linux is not a completely open-source operating system. There are parts of proprietary binary software scattered throughout the kernel that allow the device to operate on less open hardware (as in, most consumer devices you buy off the shelf).If you want a powerful contemporary system that runs 100% free code at the OS level, the Purism Librem 13 should be considered.

Purism creates hardware with a focus on privacy. Each laptop has physical privacy kill switches that allow you to stop access to your microphone, camera, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth while also disconnecting the connection. Librem computers are likewise essentially unbranded. PureOS, a Linux system supported by the Free Software Foundation, is included with Purism machines.

They also have an open-source BIOS and Intel CPUs that have had a large portion of the management engine removed and deactivated. The gear from Purism is expensive. If you’re solely interested in specifications, this list has both cheaper and more powerful PCs. However, no other choice offers a comparable emphasis on privacy and free software.

If you want to learn more about the laptop before making a purchase, read our review of the Purism Librem 13.

Best Linux Laptop Overall:Dell XPS 13

Look no farther than the Dell XPS 13 for an eye-catching laptop from a traditional PC maker. It is the Linux-powered laptop that is most equivalent in hardware to the Windows 10 laptops available in shops. This is due, in large part, to the fact that the XPS 13 is also available with Windows preloaded. This machine has an aluminum body that comes in a variety of colors.

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The 13-inch display begins at 1080p but can be upgraded to 4K touchscreen if desired. Bezels aren’t for everyone, but those who dislike them will love the thinness found here. The hardware is attractive, and the battery life outperforms the majority of the competitors. As a result, this is an excellent Linux machine for professional usage.

Best Budget Linux Laptop: Pinebook Pro

The initial Pinebook from Pine Microsystems made news for being a sub-$100 Linux notebook. Was it meant to be your go-to every day? Not exactly. However, it was a well-constructed and practical accomplishment. The Pinebook Pro costs twice as much, but in return, you get a Linux system that can be used instead of a Chromebook.

It’s not a powerful laptop, but it can handle office work, stream videos, and browse the web comfortably enough. Pinebooks go out in batches, so you may have to wait before you can order one or for said order to ship.

You can install Linux yourself, but you get something extra when you buy from a company that specializes in Linux machines (and I don’t just mean the special feeling that comes from doing a good thing). You get customer support and access to technicians who likely know both the hardware and the code better than you do.

System76 has gained a reputation for offering some of the best support in the Linux world. Its Pop OS! Linux distribution has also earned respect for being fast to adapt to the issues users face from day-to-day use. The Galago Pro is the thinnest and most portable laptop you can buy from the company.

The specifications won’t blow you away, but it comes at a reasonable price when you consider the support factor. You could technically apply this argument to every laptop sold by System76, so take your choice.

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You may replace a desktop with any laptop and call it a replacement, but you’ll most likely have to accept a power decrease (unless you’re upgrading from an older desktop). Laptops equipped with desktop components in a transportable chassis are true desktop replacements.

The System76 Serval WS is a monster with a desktop Intel CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. This is a laptop that is nearly an inch and a half thick, yet it is capable of handling any game or processing-intensive work you throw at it.

But, like with any desktop replacement, don’t expect it to be disconnected from the power for long. Given the weight, this is probably not a PC you’ll want to carry about all day.

Building your own PC is not difficult if you have the appropriate guidance, but it may take some investigation to determine which components do not need extra proprietary binary code. Viking’s D8 Workstation is a pre-built desktop computer that saves you time and effort. This is cutting-edge gear that has been certified by the FSF as “Respect Your Freedom.”

You have the option of using Libreboot or coreboot BIOS firmware. While the CPU is from AMD and the graphics card is from NVIDIA, you may opt out of a separate GPU if you choose to install one yourself. The default operating system is Trisquel.

Desktop computers used to take up a lot of desk space, regardless matter whether you were a casual user or a serious gamer. If you don’t need all of the more power, you don’t have to take up all of the extra room. Capable computers may now be found in the palm of your hand.

The Zini 1880 is an Intel NUC that comes pre-loaded with Linux. The ZaReason version is expensive, but the business will preinstall whatever Linux distribution you choose. Keyboards and displays are not included, as they are with all of the other Linux desktops on this page.

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The majority of System76’s hardware is not custom-designed. The firm is one of several in the Linux industry that repackages Clevo computers with open-source software. However, the System76 Thelio is the company’s first foray into custom-designed hardware, and most critics think it’s stunning.

Thelio is available in three sizes: Thelio, Thelio Major, and Thelio Massive. The smallest model is sufficient for most of us, while the biggest model is capable of large-scale activities such as machine learning. A Thelios PC may cost more than a new vehicle, with 28-core CPU choices and up to 768GB of RAM.

The wood and aluminum for the casing are sourced from the United States by System76. The OSHWA-certified open-source hardware is licensed under the GPL v3 and CC-BY-SA. The design files are also available on GitHub.

The Best Linux Computers for You

Although Linux can be installed on nearly any computer, there are certain advantages to purchasing a device expressly developed for the operating system. You reduce the possibility of problems and often end up with a quicker, more integrated Linux machine.

While we have selected some of the greatest Linux PCs and laptops, you may be curious about what else is available. In such situation, look into the most recognized Linux hardware manufacturers.

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