The 8 Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

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The 8 Best Chrome Privacy Extensions for Better Security

Google Chrome is the most used web browser on the planet. But it isn’t the world’s most private browser by any means. Chrome’s approach to privacy routinely earns negative feedback. Google, as the world’s biggest advertising corporation, is in a good position to capitalize on the millions of Chrome users worldwide.

Fortunately, you can boost your Google Chrome privacy by installing plugins. Here are the top 8 Google Chrome privacy addons.

Online advertisements abound. They keep the internet running in a variety of ways, including by keeping many of the main sites and services you use every day entirely free. Ads come with tracking. Tracking scripts track you throughout the internet, monitoring your activities and exploiting that information to tailor the advertisements you see.

Many of those unwanted third-party tracking scripts may be blocked using uBlock Origin. The extension includes a number of useful pre-built third-party tracking lists that you can turn on and off. You may also quickly whitelist additional websites and services while you explore the web (since many companies depend on advertising revenue to keep afloat and do not show objectionable advertisements!).

The addition of malware and malvertising blocking to uBlock Origin is a plus. uBlock Origin has the ability to block known harmful domains as well as sites known to show malicious advertising and other nefarious content.

Download: uBlock Origin (Free)

Blur is a handy app that offers two important functions.

First and foremost, Blur is a password manager addon. It generates a secure, one-of-a-kind password for each online account you establish, enhancing your security and privacy. The extension preserves your password by encrypting it with the super-strong AES-256 algorithm.

Second, Blur adds an extra layer of security between you and the services you sign up for. It works as follows: whenever you require an email address to sign up for a service, Blur delivers a one-time disguised email address, which you use as your login. Any emails or notifications provided to you by the service will still be sent to your normal email account. However, if there is a data breach and a hacker obtains your one-time address, your true address is safe. Only your Blur address is obtained by the hacker.

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Blur is also available in two varieties. The Premium edition also includes credit card masking, which is similar to email masking but protects your credit and debit cards. You can also utilize Blur disguised phone numbers to give an additional degree of anonymity to your Chrome experience.

Download: Blur (Free)

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The HTTPS Everywhere plugin ensures that every website you visit use the significantly more secure HTTPS protocol rather than normal HTTP. HTTPS encrypts your internet connection to a website, ensuring a safe and private browsing experience. The standard HTTP connection does not provide the same level of security.

Google stated in 2018 that Chrome will begin adopting the more secure HTTPS protocol to provide users with more privacy and protection. Many websites are now set up to utilize HTTPS. However, millions of websites are not and will continue to use HTTP. When you try to visit a site through HTTP rather than HTTPS, Google Chrome will show a warning and prompt you to continue. And it is precisely for these millions of sites that the HTTPS Everywhere addon is beneficial.

Download: HTTPS Everywhere (Free)

The url A basic yet helpful function is provided by the Chrome addon. It returns any truncated link to its original length. Shortening a link makes it simpler to conceal a malicious URL, making it easier to deceive someone into clicking something they shouldn’t.

When you hit a shortened link after installing, it redirects you to its secure website. You may view the real destination URL and evaluate whether or not the link is secure.

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Download: (Free)

DuckDuckGo is Google Search’s privacy-focused rival. DuckDuckGo performs the reverse of what Google does by using your data to deliver you customized advertisements. Switching to DuckDuckGo for your internet searches is a terrific simple alternative if you want a quick privacy increase.

However, you can take it a step further by installing the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials Chrome extension. The Privacy Essentials plugin includes script and tracker blocking options, ensures that you always access the HTTPS version of a site, and adds a convenient privacy rating for each site you visit. The privacy grading scale spans from A to F, and it allows you to quickly grasp the amount of privacy to anticipate on a website.

Download: DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials (Free)

6. Disconnect Facebook

Facebook is notorious for its privacy violations. Facebook, like Google, monetizes your data and sells it to advertising. But the social media behemoth doesn’t only collect your data on the Facebook website. Any website that offers a social login option is also selling your information. Sites with social media plugins that enable you to Like or Tweet also cause the same problem.

Disconnect When you are not using Facebook, it prevents it from following you across the internet and enhances your privacy.

Download: Facebook Disconnect (Free)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation created the Privacy Badger Chrome addon to prevent scripts and trackers (EFF).Privacy Badger is not designed to stop adverts, however it may prevent certain advertisements from appearing.

The EFF places a high priority on privacy protection, and Privacy Badger is regularly updated to ensure that it is blocking as many trackers as possible. Once installed, you may click the Privacy Badger icon to view how much monitoring is happening on each site you visit. Trackers are color-coded based on their state, such as whether they are an invasive third-party tracker or not.

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Download: Privacy Badger (Free)

Click & Clean is an excellent privacy tool for keeping your browser clean of personal and private information. With a simple click, you may remove all existing browser data, thereby wiping your browser.

The drop-down menu in Click & Clean has a plethora of possibilities. You may manually pick which data to clear or have it clean everything. Another useful Click & Clean feature is the ability to see the data that other Chrome extensions are utilizing and keeping. You may discover that an extension is concealing confidential data without alerting you.

Finally, you may utilize Click & Clean to clear any data that Google Chrome may have stored after you use Incognito Mode. One popular misperception is that Incognito Mode prevents your browser from saving any data. That, unfortunately, is not the case.

Download: Click&Clean (Free)

Or Try a Privacy-Focused Alternative Browser

Chrome offers several amazing features. However, it may be a bit of a privacy concern and a system resource eater at times. VPN Proof recommends switching to a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, if you actually want to improve your privacy. Firefox has some good privacy features, and many of the same Chrome privacy plugins are also available for Firefox.

Firefox is superior in terms of crucial privacy changes and settings, in addition to improved security.

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