The 7 Best Video Games That Don’t Focus on Violence

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The 7 Best Video Games That Don’t Focus on Violence

In almost every video game, players must shoot, slice, or stomp their way through stages. Whether it’s leaping on mushrooms or mowing down hordes of zombies, violence has always been an element of video games.

However, there are a few diamonds that are completely devoid of hostility. Here are seven games that are absolutely non-violent if you prefer a more relaxing gaming experience.

1. Journey

Few could have predicted the effect that Journey would have when it was released in 2012. It’s difficult to pin down a genre for Journey.

You play as a mystery stranger wearing a poncho with a crimson trailing scarf in this game. The goal is straightforward: climb the summit of a distant mountain.

There are no adversaries, and as you explore the bleak countryside, you may encounter other players. There are certain riddles that can only be solved by two players working together.

The trick is that you can never genuinely communicate with the other player. Instead, you form a bond with these faceless strangers by communicating purely via your actions. It’s one of the most inventive games ever published, and the experience is absolutely therapeutic in more ways than one.

2. Abzu

Abzu is, by definition, an underwater exploration game. The game, developed by Giant Squid Studios, is about swimming over the enormous ocean.

The primary character has no name and does not talk. To say the least, it’s like playing an animated movie, since the ocean simulation is very gorgeous.

There are places throughout the underwater realm where you may just pause to contemplate and marvel at the vast diversity of fish in the game. For want of a better phrase, the music in this game is really fantastic.

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There will be times when you lose all sense of direction, just to discover that it doesn’t really matter amid the great expanse of the ocean. Abzu is a visual gem that should not be missed.

3. The Secret of Monkey Island

Veteran gamers may be familiar with this one. The Secret of Monkey Island was a magnificent point-and-click adventure that debuted in 1990.

Players direct the protagonist across Monkey Island by using various verb commands to interact with the items on screen. There is a lot of dialogue and cutscenes, and the game is built in such a manner that the player’s death is almost impossible.

The Secret of Monkey Island has an enthralling plot, and it is highly recommended for those who prefer an interactive experience than a fast-paced game. If you like vintage games and aren’t too bothered about visuals, this is certainly worth a try.

4. Firewatch

Firewatch is a 1989-set first-person adventure game set in Wyoming. You take on the role of a fire lookout attempting to investigate strange and inexplicable happenings. Delilah, your supervisor, is your sole point of contact while you explore the jungle.

You communicate with Delilah via walkie-talkie, and your conversation choices ultimately define how your connection with her develops. Firewatch differs from other video games in that you do not level up.

There is also a shadow person that you meet, which adds a layer of mystery to the game. It’s a fantastic experience that emphasizes the significance of character development in video games.

Firewatch garnered a slew of accolades upon its first release, and it’s well worth a look if you’re seeking for a game that perfectly blends mystery and intrigue into a visually stunning experience.

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5. Portal and Portal 2

For good reason, many people regard Portal and Portal 2 to be genre-defining games. Portal, created and distributed by Valve, places you in the shoes of Chell, a voiceless protagonist.

You have a Portal Gun, which allows you to build portals on various surfaces. Throughout the game, you use your Portal Gun and other game features like as lasers, bridges, and funnels to solve platform-based puzzles.

The fact that the player’s speed does not alter as they travel through portals is intriguing, since a vertical leap in a portal at the bottom of the floor might assist players traverse larger horizontal distances if the second portal is created on a perpendicular surface.

Portal and Portal 2 have some of the greatest writing ever seen in a video game. The dialogue, particularly from antagonists like GLaDOS and Wheatley, is fantastic. If you like easter eggs in video games, you’ll find lots of them in these!

6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of the most addicting games you’ll ever play is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You play as a human character who settles into a hamlet full of adorable, anthropomorphic animals.

There is no set goal after you arrive; you may do anything you want. Animal Crossing is a game that will keep you entertained for hours, from capturing bugs to fishing to creating your community, modifying the terrain, and performing jobs for inhabitants.

The game makes use of the internal clock of the Nintendo Switch, so time advances accurately. You may visit other players’ islands, speak with them, and make friends with the locals. You may also enhance your game experience by using the greatest Animal Crossing: New Horizons tricks and tips!

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7. Flower

Flower is a visually stunning work of art that is more of an experience than a video game. The game is divided into six stages, each beginning with a flower in a pot on a windowsill.

As you begin a level, you are taken inside the “dream” of that flower. You basically control the wind, moving the petals in various ways, soaring through flowers, and leaving a trail of petals behind you.

There are no adversaries or ways for the player to fail a level. The cityscape grows increasingly vivid and lively as you move through the stages. It’s a gorgeous experience that solidifies that gamecompany’s reputation as one of the top independent creators in the world.

Video Games Can Be a Therapeutic Experience

Some creators have shown how creative video games can be, particularly when they do not use violence. These are just a few instances of video games that value their players’ time while providing a genuinely great experience that is well worth their money.

Of course, there are non-violent video games worth examining, such as The Witness or What Remains of Edith Finch. If you like video games that don’t need you to shoot your way out of every situation, you should look at stealth games as well!

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