The 7 Best Tools to Organize Your Emails and Boost Productivity

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The 7 Best Tools to Organize Your Emails and Boost Productivity

Every day, you most likely get many emails from customers, friends, or relatives. Trying to arrange your email inbox may be difficult, particularly if you have an uncontrollable tendency of saving every message.

Here are a few pointers and resources to help you arrange your inbox so you can devote more time to your to-do list.

Tips to Organize Your Email Inbox

  • Spend a few minutes each day removing unnecessary emails.
  • Unsubscribe from any unneeded subscriptions.
  • Create separate folders for professional and personal emails, then sort messages into these areas as soon as they arrive.
  • To categorize incoming mail by subject, use labels (i.e., finance, travel, etc.).
  • Rather of deleting important communications, archive them for future reference.
  • Adjust your notification settings if your Gmail account is connected to an external email address to prevent being inundated with needless notifications.
  • Use your main email address for crucial communications, and set up a separate account for less important ones, such as email subscriptions.

These suggestions may dramatically boost your productivity. However, if you want further assistance, you may utilize the following tools:

Shift lets you organize your inboxes in one place.

Filters, which are established automatically when you send emails using various email programs such as Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, might help you manage your inbox. You may use these filters to categorize emails by sender, list, subject, and more. When you apply the filter criteria to a message, it is moved to a certain folder with labels.

Shift also has an amazing search engine that works across all of your accounts as well as other applications like Slack and Facebook Messenger, allowing you to easily recover chats when needed.

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One of the most significant benefits of utilizing Shift is that it centralizes all of your processes, saving time moving between programs and email accounts and increasing productivity.

One of the reasons you may be hesitant to download an app or register for a website is because you are concerned about being inundated with emails. Having a throwaway email account is a great method to tidy your inbox and minimize spam.

Instead of providing your personal email address, MailDrop allows you to establish a free throwaway account for apps/websites with a bad security reputation or to prevent spamming adverts.

Inbox by Gmail allows you to create custom categories and puts emails related to those subjects at the front of your inbox. It also has a “snooze” option that enables you to delay the delivery of an email to a certain date or time. You may also rapidly attach critical emails to your Google Task list, where you can add comments and specify due dates, by using the “add to task” option.

“Bundles” is another method for automatically categorizing comparable content from newsletters and social media updates. These tactics help you cut through the clutter, whether it’s from subscriptions or unending stacks of work emails, and get right to the point. is a free service that allows you to unsubscribe from newsletters while also organizing your inbox.

Unsubscribing from one newsletter may not seem to be difficult, but it quickly gets overwhelming when you have to deal with tens or hundreds of subscribers. makes it easy to handle hundreds of emails at once. You may unsubscribe from emails in bulk, organize them with labels, and search for individual messages by keyword with just a few clicks.

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This way, instead of spending time reading through your email each time you get promotion news, you can go through subscriptions all at once.

If you are a competitive person who loves accomplishing things on your own, you may make a bulk email unsubscription campaign into a game. The Email Game is a free program that makes cleaning out your email fun.

Enter your email address and begin the game to manage your email inboxes. The goal is to arrange as many emails as possible in a specific amount of time. If you take too long, you will be punished, but if you handle your communications fast, you will get more points.

The Email Game helps you build the habit of concentrating on one email at a time before moving on to the next, and its built-in timer increases your productivity.

InMoat is a tool that categorizes emails into categories such as financial, productivity, health, and so on. This tool increases your productivity by picking and prioritizing the sorts of emails that are essential to you at the top of your inbox.

After checking in, InMoat will prompt you to choose an industry and vocation to optimize your processes and establish priorities. You may choose the category of emails that will stay in your inbox by using the “Smart Filters” option. It will shift less important emails to your InMoat folder for you to examine at your leisure.

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InMoat will also assess your network and prompt you to choose your trusted contacts’ emails to prioritize, while shifting communications from unknown sources to another folder.

FollowUpThen acts as your personal assistant, reminding you to follow up on certain emails. It’s a lifesaver for folks who are often on the go or who frequently miss critical communications.

When you send an email using FollowUpThen, it will be sent to your inbox on the day and time you select. No more missing important business meetings or social engagements.

Because of the flood of emails you get from prospective customers, friends, coworkers, and those irritating newsletters and promotion announcements you never requested for, your inbox may rapidly sap your productivity.

Take a deep breath the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything in your email, then start adopting these tactics and using these tools to get things under control and level up your productivity.

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