The 7 Best Text-to-Speech Chrome Extensions

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The 7 Best Text-to-Speech Chrome Extensions

Material-to-speech tools may be quite useful, whether you require the extension for reading issues or just like having text read aloud. Chrome extensions are the ideal way to utilize these tools while browsing the web.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven Chrome text-to-speech extensions.

1. Natural Reader

Natural Reader is an intelligent addon that works well with practically any sort of text, including PDFs, Google Docs, eBooks, and emails.

Natural Reader also has an immersive reader mode that allows you to read without interruptions. The immersive reader mode includes dyslexic typefaces to make reading simpler for persons with dyslexia.

You may use the hotkey Alt + R to tell Natural Reader to begin reading. Alternatively, if you just want to hear a portion of the text, pick it and click on the Natural Reader symbol at the end of the text.

The extension contains four tabs: one for altering the voice and speed, one for changing the settings, one for saving to mobile, and one for listening to PDFs or uploaded texts.

Natural Readers is available in 16 different languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German. Natural Reader features web, iOS, and Android applications in addition to the Chrome extension.

Though the extension is free to use, additional voice selections are available with Premium and Pro memberships, which start at $10 per month.

Download: Natural Reader for Chrome (Free, Paid)

2. Capti Voice

Another popular text-to-speech Chrome addon is Capti Voice. The most remarkable feature of Capti Voice is the ability to store whole articles for later listening and listening whenever you have time.

To bookmark an article, press Alt + A. Capti Voice stores all material, except advertisements, to the cloud. You may later use its online app and listen to the stored content. It also allows you to build playlists to arrange your saved items.

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You may, however, listen to any article or document right now. Simply choose the text and click the Play button to the right of it.

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Capti Voice supports a wide range of languages and voices. However, only US English is offered in the free plan. You may also examine word meanings and translate text with the premium plan.

Though the Capti Voice is designed for educational reasons, it is nonetheless a useful tool for individuals who do not want to read lengthy texts or who have problems reading.

Download: Capti Voice for Chrome (Free, Paid)

3. Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

Read Aloud is an open-source project created for those who prefer to listen to material rather than read it. It supports 40 different languages.

Read Aloud can read a variety of formats, including Google Docs, blog entries, PDFs, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, and others. To hear any text, pick it and right-click it, then choose Read aloud selected text. You may also use the keyboard shortcut Alt + P.

The Settings icon allows you to change the reading speed, loudness, and pitch. You may also select whether to emphasize the playing text.

Read Aloud has over four million downloads on the Chrome Web Store, indicating that it is a popular Chrome TTS addon.

Download: Read Aloud for Chrome (Free)

4. Snap&Read

Snap&Read is a powerful reading addon that allows you to listen to any kind of text. Snap&Read can read text from photos and scanned documents in addition to websites, Google Docs, and PDFs.

To listen to any text, click the Loud Speaker button in the sidebar, then click on the text from which Snap&Read should read.

Select the Rectangular Selection icon to listen to text from screenshots or photos. Select the region where Snap&Read should identify and read text.

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Snap&Read may also convert content into other languages and improve text readability. To improve your reading experience, use this plugin to minimize distractions and modify the space and quantity of words per line.

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Snap&Read is an excellent TTS addon, particularly for kids. It costs $4 per month, however there is a free trial period.

Download: Snap&Read for Chrome ($4 per month)

5. Talkie: Text to Speech

Talkie is a straightforward text-to-speech Chrome plugin that supports a variety of languages. Talkie is a fantastic option if you just need a few functions since it is relatively simple.

Pick the text to be read, right-click it, and select Talkie from the context menu. Talkie identifies the languages, chooses a voice, and reads the material for you. You must subscribe to Premium to set a default voice.

It has no word restrictions and may be used offline provided the languages are downloaded. Best of all, you may download more TTS languages and voices for your operating system, and Talkie will identify and utilize them automatically.

The majority of the functions are free, but you may pay to Premium for more possibilities. Talkie Premium is a pay-what-you-want membership with no set fee.

Download: Talkie: Text to Speech for Chrome (Free, Paid)

6. Intelligent Speaker

Intelligent Speaker has you covered whether you want to listen to articles, PDFs, Google Docs, or uploaded text.

This plugin supports 20 languages and recognizes the language automatically. You may read whole web pages as well as specific content. You can enable breathing to make your voice sound more natural.

Intelligent Speaker, which is available on desktop and mobile, allows you to sync your material to a podcast app so you can listen to articles on the move.

You may also use this extension to download the converted audio file. Intelligent Speaker is accessible for all major browsers and works offline.

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The free plan only allows for one hour of listening each month, so you’ll need to upgrade to Premium, which costs $7 per month, to get unlimited listening.

Download: Intelligent Speaker for Chrome (Free, Paid)

7. Text to Speech

Speech to Text Hewzio’s Chrome extension is a basic yet helpful addon. It supports 30 languages and can read the full web page for you.

Simply click on the extension icon or right-click the screen and choose Read Page to listen to any article. The extension will begin reading the page from the top. To listen to the chosen text, start the audio and click on the phrase you wish to hear.

There is also a distraction-free reader mode in Text to Speech. Using Text to Speech by Hewzio, you may sync articles across platforms, including mobile phones, and produce podcasts from articles.

The free plan converts text to audio, but the higher plans provide additional features such as the dark mode. There are three paid options available, with prices ranging from $1 to $10 per month.

Download: Text to Speech for Chrome (Free, Paid)

Let the Extension Read Out the Screen for You

These Chrome extensions can read aloud the screen for you whether you want to read websites, documents, or photos. These extensions are an excellent approach for students to learn new languages while avoiding lengthy research reports.

Similarly, text-to-speech extensions are very beneficial for persons who have visual impairment or reading issues such as dyslexia.

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