The 7 Best Places to Watch Cartoons Online for Free (Legally)

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The 7 Best Places to Watch Cartoons Online for Free (Legally)

Many individuals spent their childhoods watching cartoons. Either ones that run in the background and you don’t pay attention to, or ones that you’ve been looking forward to seeing all week and absolutely engross you.

Many children’s lives have been shaped by cartoons. So much so that individuals no longer need to be youngsters to appreciate them. Many people find these animated pieces nostalgic and pleasant.

If you’re in the mood for some good old cartoons, here are some of the greatest places to watch cartoons legally and for free.

SuperCartoons is yet another legal portal where you may view animated films for free. It has a library of over a thousand great cartoons to choose from, and who doesn’t like watching those?

You may discover both classic and new Disney and Looney Tunes cartoons. You may also use the site’s simple sections to locate what you want to watch. There are divisions for Series, Characters, Cartoons, and even Studios. The latter allows you to look through cartoons from Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Hanna-Barbera, and MGM, among others. It’s quite simple to use.

One of the most well-known entertainment outlets is Nickelodeon. It contains a large archive of animated and live-action films, as well as a good mix of old and new cartoons, so you may indulge in nostalgia or find something fresh to watch.

The nicest aspect about the streaming platform is that its material is available for free. It’s also quite legal.

Another well-known platform is Cartoon Network. It’s been around for a long and has earned a reputation as one of the greatest locations to view animated films.

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All of the 90s and early 2000s nostalgia series, such as The Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10, are available, as are some newer titles such as The Amazing World of Gumball and Craig of the Creek. Because the platform is free and legal, you can get straight in and have fun.

Boomerang has a plethora of vintage and new cartoon titles that you may peruse. The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, and even The Smurfs may be found on the platform. And this is just a tiny selection of titles.

Boomerang has a large cartoon collection, and the platform is completely legal and usually free. Let me explain.

Whether you want to watch features on Boomerang, you may start a one-week free trial to see if the membership is worth it. After your free trial period expires, a subscription will cost you $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year, which isn’t a terrible deal.

If you feel like you have too many streaming services and don’t want to pay money on others, you may stick to the platform’s free cartoons. Yes, Boomerang has a specific Free Episodes area called Saturday Morning, where you can view all of them for free. It also has no advertisements, which is always a plus.

WB Kids is Warner Bros.’ official YouTube channel for children’s programming. It’s lots with cartoons that you may explore, and everything on the channel is licensed and hence free.

There are several videos available for Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, and Tom & Jerry. Some of the movies are shorter than others, ranging from three minutes to around twenty minutes.

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You may also stay up to date on upcoming Warner Bros. projects since the channel often uploads trailers amid the cartoons.

DC Kids is an official YouTube channel, so you may legally view it. And, since it’s on YouTube, you can watch it for free.

As the name suggests, the channel features everything DC-related, including Teen Titans Go! and all of the main superheroes. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman may be seen in a number of programs.

DC Kids offers a wide range of cartoons. Granted, they’re aimed at children, so the comedy and scenes won’t be explicit or gory, but neither is SpongeBob, and it’s still a Saturday morning fixture. If you enjoy adult cartoon programs, you may always try Netflix or any of the other streaming sites, which have a large selection of such content.

SpongeBob has an official YouTube account, as well. Every day from Thursday through Sunday, it posts new material, all of which is SpongeBob-related.

The YouTube account not only features iconic sequences from the series, which can also be found on the official Nickelodeon channel, but it also features new material starring the titular character. Every video accessible is legal and free to see.

Don’t Resist the Nostalgia of Cartoons

People will always be drawn to nostalgia, whether it’s via old movies, clothing, or cartoons. It doesn’t really matter whether you grew up with the vintage Cartoon Network lineup, the Disney Channel movies that followed, or if you’ve just recently discovered them.

Cartoons, regardless of age, tend to evoke feelings of nostalgia in individuals who watch them. So playing and appreciating them, whether consciously or unconsciously, is soothing. Not to mention that you can stay up with all of the SpongeBob memes that are always being circulated.

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So, give in to nostalgia and don’t deny yourself the pleasure of watching a childhood cartoon just because you’re no longer a kid.

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