The 7 Best Game Launchers to Launch and Organize PC Games

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The 7 Best Game Launchers to Launch and Organize PC Games

When Valve’s Steam launcher took off, we temporarily relished the ability to start practically any PC game from a single location. Then each corporation appeared to launch its own launcher. There are now far too many game launchers to keep track of, and you most likely own games on all of them.

If you have a large collection of PC games, it might be difficult to remember which game you loaded on which launcher. Fortunately, there are many methods for launching all of your PC games without switching between game launchers.

These are the greatest PC game launchers and library managers.

GOG Galaxy began as a launcher for games bought from the GOG shop, but it has evolved into much more. GOG Galaxy is now the greatest universal game launcher available.

This is because you may connect with games bought not just on PC platforms such as GOG, Epic Games Store, Origin, Steam, and Uplay, but also on console platforms such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Of course, you won’t be able to play those console games via GOG Galaxy, but you will be able to examine information about them, such as your accomplishments, game statistics, screenshots, and more.

It also produces a unified buddy list across all platforms, provides leaderboards, allows you to design custom library views to order your games, and much more. Looking for the best PC game launcher? Don’t look any further.

The Razer Cortex promises to be capable of a wide range of tasks. It functions as a game performance booster, a system performance booster, a system cleanser, and much more. It’s also a universal PC games launcher, offering a library of all of your installed games from other launchers.

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The Razer Cortex seems to be quite good at finding games. The main issue is that you don’t have many choices for how your game collection is displayed. Although you may alter the cover image and build a favorites list, there is little organizing and personalization.

The Razer Cortex does have one standout feature. It will search and provide you bargains on games regardless of the launcher they use. This feature alone makes the software worth getting if you want to extend your game library while saving money.

Unlike the other game managers on this list, LaunchBox began with a far narrower objective than what it has evolved into. The launcher was originally merely a front interface for the DOSBox emulator. The creators incorporated several features over time. It’s now one of the most sophisticated launchers available. It can even run all of the classic PC games that you can get from the internet.

This has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, LaunchBox is quite customizable. If you like tinkering with settings, there is a lot to choose from. On the other side, the app lacks some of the automation seen in other applications on our list.

You must add each of your game accounts one at a time (for example, you may import your Steam library to Launchbox), then wait for the games to be imported. It takes an unusually long time, particularly if you have numerous games, but once completed, it shows a wealth of helpful information about the game.

Launchbox is worth a look if you’re searching for a launcher that can handle Pitfall as well as the next Tom Clancy game.

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The Playnite developer team has done an excellent job with this PC game launcher. It extensively searches your system for games, has a decent range of functions, and has an easy-to-use user interface; all of these factors combine to make an exceedingly polished tool.

Part of this is due to the project’s open-source nature. Playnite has a large number of contributors, which has aided in its rapid growth. Playnite, in addition to launchers, offers a wide range of emulators, so it can meet all of your retro gaming demands.

You also receive a playtime counter that can import your GOG and Steam data, adjustable themes, and extension support. This implies that users can add functionality that we haven’t even thought of yet.

We’d be negligent if we didn’t include Steam, which many people use to purchase and manage their PC game collections. Steam, which was first published in 2003 as a mechanism to distribute Valve titles, has now become the de facto platform for PC gamers.

It also works well as a game launcher, assuming you bought the games via Steam. From the primary hub for each game, you can keep track of game updates, achievements, images, and much more.

While non-Steam games may be added, the process is time-consuming. There is no automated scan, therefore you must add each one individually by browsing to the executable on your PC. It will also not identify additional information or perform anything smart, such as merge buddies from other platforms.

It works wonderfully if you currently use Steam and want to add a few non-Steam titles. Look elsewhere if you want something that aggregates across numerous launchers more fluidly.

Radeon Software is intended for users who own an AMD graphics card. The program essentially changes your universal graphics settings, checks for driver updates, optimizes your games, and tracks performance.

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You may, however, use it as a game launcher. It shows all installed games on your PC automatically. Each game may be launched straight from Radeon Software, and AMD display settings can be customized for each.

Nvidia’s response to Radeon Software is GeForce Experience. You can only use it if you have an Nvidia graphics card, as you would assume, and it also allows you to change global display settings and update your drivers.

GeForce Experience offers several advantages, not the least of which is that it serves as a universal PC game launcher. It automatically recognizes and displays all of your installed games in a grid, complete with box art and game information. With a single click, you can automatically optimize the graphical settings for all of your games.

Manage Your Video Game Collections

These are the greatest universal launchers for PC games that you can get right now. And the greatest part? They are entirely free.

While these launchers are useful for managing your current games, you may want to keep track of your whole video game collection—including those old-school real cartridges and discs! If so, software like Completionator and GG can help you arrange your whole collection.

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